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I really like this advert for literacy, starring numerous British celebs reading from different books.

Word play amuses me :-)
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This is part of 'Only Boys Aloud's performance at the National Eisteddfod on Saturday, singing 'Sosban Fach' (Little Saucepan). It's an extremely famous Welsh song, particularly sung at sporting events and is the signature song of Llanelli's rugby team (they keep a saucepan atop the goal post! *grins*

The thing about this, though, is that the choir was only formed about five months ago, with the specific goal to perform that night, by the director of our famous South Walian choir 'Only Men Aloud'. These teenage boys come from all over the South Wales Valleys, which was once famous for its Male Voice choirs, but this is now dying out - the idea is to do something about that.

So, just five months rehearsal, and the thing about the Eisteddfod? Everything is in Welsh - English is completely forbidden within the main tent. So they had to get their heads around songs in a pretty much foreign tongue too!

I wish I could show you the rest of the performance - and the epic show done by 'Only Men Aloud', but this is all I could find on YouTube. Some dedicated soul basically videoed the performance off his monitor so he could upload it, but for all that the quality is excellent!

"Mae gath wedi scrammo Johnny-bach..." - That darn cat! ;-)
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I'm quite a fan of song parodies, and this one has turned up in a couple of places today so I wanted to share it with you all!

I like the original 'New York State of Mind', by Alicia Keyes, and I also love the parody done by Comedy Dave from the 'Chris Moyles Show' about North Wales. Alicia actually sang 'North Wales' as she was wrapping up her song at the Wrexham 'Big Weekend', but didn't actually sing Dave's chorus which I thought was a shame.
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Last night we had our second of three rehearsals in Pontypridd with the 'Sing For Life' choir - made up of cancer survivors and family members of cancer survivors/victims. George was videoing us on her iPhone, and while the quality's not good the sound is brilliant!

Stupid LJ won't let me embed the video *raspberries* so here's the link:

I'm in the middle of the crowd, towards the back, behind Laura from my choir who filled in for SFL's Nikki in the solo. The people jumping around at the front are Patrick and Emma, who conduct the SFL choir most of the time.

Such a brilliant, though exhausting, night! Could barely get out of bed this morning to take Rowan to school!
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The Admiral Inspire Choir from Aurora Video on Vimeo.

This is our entire performance at Cardiff's St David's Hall in April - that day when we did three staff meetings in a day, and were absolutely cream crackered by the end. You would not believe how exhausting performing those two medleys is.

The camera is on me soooooo much! *whines* And I look AWFUL!!! I've had my hair cut since, but Iesu Grist.... Can't say as I look any better now, if I'm honest.
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So it occurs to me that I haven't shared with you guys the pics from last years adventures with the choir at work! Despite my horror at how badly I photograph these days, I wanted to share some with you...

Spring 2009 )

Cardiff Race For Life, July 2009 )

The Institute of Directors lunch, Summer 2009 )

The Albert Hall.... )

Also, there's a clip up on YouTube of the guys at the Cardiff Mardis Gras, doing the Michael Jackson medley we're now rehearsing again for the 2010 General Meeting. I couldn't be there 'cause I was in London for Mel's hen weekend, but I wanted to share it anyway.

The sound and picture is ropey, naturally, as it was taken on someone's camera in the audience, but it apparently sounded really good if you were there. George cringes at even the mere mention of it, but I think she did well in her solo. I would have been in the group dressed in red.
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Well, only partially. There's a quite funny advert for UK chocolate makers Cadburys, which goes as follows;

One of our national celebrities, Ant of 'Ant & Dec' fame, did a parody with his wife which is hysterical! I can't embed it off their official website, so here's the link

Hee! :-)
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I absolutely have to share this - hope the US contingent of my flist can see it!

This is the video to '(Barry) Islands In The Stream', staring Bryn and Nessa from 'Gavin & Stacey', with cameos by Tom Jones and Robin Gibb, and it is fabulous!

I would like to point out that everyone except Tom Jones is exaggerating their accents - Nessa most especially. I'm pretty sure no-one in Barry said "O! What's occuring?" before the advent of 'Gavin & Stacey'.

And the opening pan across Whitmore Bay on Barry Island makes my heart glad :-) I may have lived in Cardiff since I was six, but I'm a Barry Island girl at heart.

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The UK people on my flist will have seen this already, but I wanted to share it. Plus this way I can find it again if the mood takes me ;-)

This is an advert for the telephone directory service, 118 118; I've never understood why they dress up as Steve Prefontaine, but this advert is class! Especially Ray Parker Jnr's involvement.

Now, if only my employers could hire a decent advertising company to make their adverts...


Aug. 24th, 2008 03:14 pm
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My parents are currently spending their Saturday evenings watching 'Last Choir Standing' on the BBC. Last night we hung around long enough to watch it ourselves and I wanted to share some examples from the two Welsh choirs - both of whom have made it to the Final next week (ACM Gospel choir, you guys got robbed...*Sympathy*)

From Bangor in North Wales, this is Ysgol Glanaethwy (Glanaethwy School) doing 'Adiemus', a song I've always thought was beautiful;

And, though I'm not sure if anyone outside the UK will be able to see this one, this is them from last night singing 'Rhythm of Life', in a mix of English and Welsh. It's fab :-)

From here in Cardiff, this is Only Men Aloud! doing 'Luck Be A Lady Tonight':

And doing 'Angels' - something I think is risky, since it's every Welshman's drunken karaoke choice and every idiot's X-Factor audition peice, but it didn't do them any harm, thankfully!

Not the best choices to show you from my fellow Cardiffifians, but there's nothing else YouTubed for them... :-/
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Just been watching a tribute to Morcambe & Wise on tv, and I had to share these sketch with you all;

If you don't know who Morcambe & Wise were? Look through the YouTube footage. Trust me on this. I doubt you'll be sorry.


Mar. 6th, 2008 07:02 pm
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This so must be shared!

John's so funny! *grins* And I still can't get my head around the idea of Denise Van Outen as a West End star...

Incidentally, the kid at the start? He was in the Doctor Who season three episode Utopia, and also an episode of 'Carrie & David's Popshop', that I mentioned a few days back.

Speaking of which! *grins*;
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Guys, I have got to share this - it was posted to my friend Robert's facebook, and it is so funny!

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I've been forcefeeding Carol YouTube of the two High School Musical movies tonight, and I came across this music video of the HSM2 song 'I Don't Dance, where they've edited in footage of baseball games and MLB players mouthing along to the lyrics!


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Right this moment, we're watching Freema Agyeman, Martha Jones of Doctor Who, reading 'Guess How Much I Love You' for the CBeebies bedtime story.

Naturally, the YouTube of it must be shared.


Jul. 20th, 2007 09:53 pm
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You know, I shouldn't find Chris Moyles funny but I do!

These have got to be seen - they're awesome! The second one's my favourite.

He'd been talking about these videos on his show, but wouldn't tell anyone where on YouTube they actually were, so that we'd find them for ourselves. Luckily for me, I was trawling the fansite, ChrisMoyles.Net, for the latest parody songs and there they were!

Gonna be listening to The Arrow in the mornings for the next fortnight though - he's on a break, and they have bloody Scott Mills covering for him as usual *mutters* Can't stand the prick.

Comedy Dave'll be a dad by the time they get back on air though! Yay!


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