Sep. 29th, 2011

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(Yes, I know - it was deliberate)

Our big fund-raiser at the Tiger Tiger nightclub is tomorrow! *bites nails* While it's not the biggest venue we've performed at (RAH two years ago, naturally) it's the biggest performance we've given to date - we're singing about ten songs, in three sets.

One of the claims staff wanted to be able to sing a special song for the gig, as a specific tribute to Alex and Bethan - Queen's 'Only The Good Die Young', which I absolutely adore. Andrea was initially wary - particularly as there was very little time for us to learn the song - so she said "Fine, but you are going to have to perform it solo." Next thing she knows, Kim has gotten together with Tony and they've turned it into a duet - though not in the same way as the song was originally written, with Brian and Roger taking verses each. This plan was so popular with the rest of us that last week our composer Dave came into rehearsal to listen to them perform it, with a view to perhaps throwing together a two part harmony for the rest of us - despite he and Andrea having a monumentally heavy schedule at the moment.

They stayed up all night last Thursday working on it, before going to London for the weekend for their own gigs/networking/etc, then spent Sunday recording it for us so it could be uploaded to the website by Monday morning. We have then had the rest of the week to learn it in our own time, before the rehearsal today. Naturally Andrea was really anxious whether or not this would be enough time, but you know how people can rally together with enough motivation? Yep. We belted it out, and made her cry *chuckles* Several of the choir were tearing up too - particularly those who actually knew Alex and Bethan, but some just for the sadness of losing a child. To me the song is an open letter to Freddie Mercury, and he's been gone for such a long time now - Sting's 'Fields Of Gold' on the other hand... combine that with the imagery of a certain advert for a cancer charity back when Rowan was a baby? I used to bawl my eyes out!

Anyway, we have a two hour rehearsal tomorrow afternoon when we're gonna run through everything, with the Swansea guys able to join us too. They've been trying to negotiate a once-a-month rehearsal for all of us, to make things easier when gigs come up, but so far it's not happened. Most of the Swansea members haven't gone through the big 'Born Free' medley we did for the Albert Hall, which of course we have to perform tomorrow, so it's really important we have that one nailed.

It's been a bit of a nightmare the last few days though; Mam's having Rowan for the night, as it's a lateish gig at a nightclub, but her cousin's husband passed away suddenly and the funeral is tomorrow. In the Valleys :-/ She wanted me to see if there was anyone could collect him from school for her, but the person I used to be able to rely on moved away over the summer, and Rowan's best friend went to visit his Dad in Crewe for the weekend after school today. Everyone else I could have approached either already has afterschool clubs to deal with, or no longer feel the need to hang around the schoolyard so I don't get to see them at all! So in the end I've had to take him out of school for the day - something I do as rarely as I possibly can - and keep him with me till Mam can get the train back after the funeral. I just hope she doesn't have to stay too long in order to not feel like she's running away and snubbing the family.

I can't wait! I'm excited, nervous.... it's going to be a hell of a night. And then next month we get to record!


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