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I think my Torchwood fic is finished. I've read it and re-read it a couple of times, and there's nothing glaringly in need of fixing, and I'd rather avoid over-editing it anyway. So now I need to wait for a good time to send it to the lovely person who agreed to beta for me.

About time I got the damn thing finished anyway - it's taken me a year! I started it not long after seeing the filming for the final episode of Doctor Who season three, and didn't really alter it that much once I saw that episode, or when Torchwood season two started. It was always going to be an AU anyway. :-p

Wonder if I'll ever be able to finish that SN two-parter I started...I really liked that, but I think I've been writing it for too long. God, I think Rowan was still in nursery when I started it...
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Suggested by [ profile] catwalksalone:
"How about a terrifying Christmas shopping experience? No more than 2000 words."

The Fright Before Christmas )

*exhales* Hope that fits the bill. Not exactly a literary masterpiece, but then isn't that what the course is intended to help with?

Next up: [ profile] yellowseptember wants a Sentinel fic, involving a computer, a ball of string and an unusual use of a cup....

*gibbers in a corner*
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It's November now and, while I couldn't have committed to the NaNoWriMo, I do want to get on with that little writing project I talked about a couple of months back.

A few of you were happy to set me 'assignments', so who's up first? Remember that it's a fiction project, and can be on pretty much anything, so there's no need to try and think of something fandom-related for me. When I finally get on this writing course I want to do, I'm likely to have to write outside of my comfort zone, so anything goes.

I'll have a week to complete it, and you can set me a word limit if you want to.

*waits nervously* ;-)


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