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Cut for whinging )

Rowan's birthday! )

Well, I'm just a barrel of laughs tonight, aren't I! *smiles sardonically* Better go to bed and hope I'll wake up in a better mood tomorrow! I have video footage of Rowan's school Christmas concert - in which he was awesome, by the way! - but I have yet to download it to the computer. Will post it as soon as I get around to doing that.
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Actually? Yes you do...

We're having our team christmas meal this afternoon - at the chinese resteraunt in, appropriately, Canton. (This is a district in Cardiff, by the way) As a result, no-one can concentrate and things have gotten rather...silly.

About the least crude thing that's been going on involves internal emails. Now, we're not supposed to walk away from our desks without locking our PCs, for security reasons. In this department, if you do this someone else will invariably sneak over to your desk and send a silly email to the rest of the team. This has progressed to such a level today that you daren't even turn away from your PC! *laughs*

Ah well...twenty minutes to go. I am starving! No-one got a lunchbreak today since we're finishing early, and I realised about half an hour ago that it shouldn't need to apply to me since I'm basically working my normal shift today *facepalms*
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Well, that was foolish....

Work Christmas party last night - dragged the lovely Graham with me, kicking and screaming! *joke*

Was a good night, actually - better than last year, definitely. They actually managed to keep their promise of a karaoke machine this year! Graham signed up instantly, and belted out a wonderful rendition of 'New York New York' - everyone enjoyed it so much they were singing along! After about an hour's deliberation over the song list, I finally settled on Lutricia McNeal's 'Ain't That Just The Way' for my first ever karaoke song. Had a shaky start, till I could find the correct key, but I soon found my stride and began to enjoy it. Refused to be nervous or embarrassed - I knew I was gonna be slightly better than most of the people stepping up to the mike anyway, so what was the point?

We danced a little, ate julienne vegetables, and messed around on the casio (fun money only). Neither of us had anything stronger to drink than cola, and it was nice to spend time with someone who wasn't trying to badger me into drinking alcohol. But then, my friends don't do that to me, just my colleagues.

Called Mam to come fetch us at about eleven, after watching with almost train-wreck fasination at the antics of one of the sales managers and two of his staff, cavorting to the strains of 'Santa Baby' - wasn't as bad as last year though, thank goodness. Though I think I could have done without 'The Full Trunkie'...I see some of those guys several times a week...

When I got home, I watched UK Food with my parents for a while, and then went online for a little while once they'd gone to bed. Hadn't intended to stay long, but just wanted to wear my head out before sleep. I tend to come home from parties physically exhausted, but not mentally.

I finally call it a night at almost 3am....

Woke up with a headache this morning though, which wasn't fun. And I've been trying to fight off sleep all day - shame the rugrat didn't feel the same...


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