Jan. 24th, 2008 08:46 pm
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This has been a crappy week so far. Lets hope it gets better from here.

(That sounds blasé, but honestly? I have nothing constructive to say. My priority now is my friends, who are stressed as hell.)

A belated Happy Birthday to [ profile] catwalksalone and [ profile] lordessrenegade. Hope you had great birthdays!

I would like to properly introduce the non-roleplaying half of my flist to [ profile] alryssa - the reason I am on Livejournal in the first place (Yep, it's all her fault...). I met her at tertiary college in Autumn 1995, having been introduced by [ profile] thaya_rayal, and the three of us have been inseparable ever since. Apart from the fact they've both, y'know, left the country! *glares at them affectionately* LJ is how I keep tabs on how my little sister is getting on, way over there on the other side of that too-bloody-big ocean, and I miss the hell out of her. *snugs her*

So there you are! *grins*

I will be posting about last night's Torchwood, but right now I'm both too tired and too cold. My boiler's developed a fault, so I've not had heat or hot water since yesterday, but there's an engineer coming tomorrow. I downloaded the .pdf for my boiler - which was only installed in January 2006 (man, remember that week or so of hell when I had no kitchen or bathroom while the council did their refit?) but the FAQs and stuff didn't really help. So I bit the bullet and called the actual manfacturer's Customer Care line rather than wait till today to call the council, and since they couldn't give me a definite appointment time for today, they're sending someone tomorrow. In the meantime it took four refills of the kettle to wash my dishes and I am freezing!

Not-so-sekrit message to the Bat-Clan: You guys up for that snowball fight this weekend? I may not be able to RP for shit these days, but I think we all need some actual pretendy fun-time games. Just us and some snow, with no plot beats to hit. Sound good?
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As most of you know, I'm involved in an LJ roleplay game, based on the DC Comics universe, where I play Robin the Boy Wonder (yeah yeah, yuck it up now - I know how ridiculous it is for a nearly-thirty year old Welsh woman to play a seventeen year old East-Coast kid who dresses in green tights every night, but it's damn fun!)

The game's been ongoing for a long long time now, and I wanted to kinda have a holding-post for the scenes I've enjoyed the most. I may even turn them into fic at some point, to help with the writers block.

This list is a work in progress, 'cause it'd gonna take me a while to work through the Robin tag on [ profile] jla_watchtower. Plus I'm having to work backwards...

Life In The Bat-Clan )

Here A Robin, There A Robin... )

The Ongoing Saga of Robin and Batgirl )

Mary Grayson )

Capecon! )

Pathetic Attempts At Action Scenes... )

Callie Doesn't Live Here Anymore (feat. Static Shock!) )

The Olympics )

Other stuff I've not organised yet )

And because it's cute... )

I have such a headache right now.


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