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There was a signing in Borders of the audiobook 'The Sin Eaters', read by Gareth David-Lloyd, and Rowan and I headed into town to get my copy signed by him. :-)

It was due to start at one o'clock, so we headed in a few hours ahead of time, to avoid missing out again like we did the 'Children of Earth' DVD signing (Got there an hour ahead of time but they'd already capped the queue! Gutted!). They were already at capacity within the store, but there was an overflow queue outside and we managed to get more or less to the front of that; as soon as they started being able to let people in, we were in the first batch.

He was held up in traffic initially, so there was a slight delay, but once he got settled in things moved fairly quickly. We got out of the store with our prize at about two o'clock, which is pretty good!

The bouncer offered to take a photo for us with our camera, but it didn't come out! *pouts* But no point getting all depressed about it - at least I got to see him this time! Only got about a minute or so with him, naturally, but he was really friendly. Rowan was so thrilled at seeing him he was literally bouncing out of the store - such a shame we didn't manage to see John Barrowman at HMV. Strengthened my resolve to start going back to conventions as soon as I can afford it again - it's so irritating how the Torchwood cons are never anywhere near Cardiff! What is up with that?

Mel and Will are in Cardiff this weekend, and we met up with them in town afterwards. We all then headed back here so Mel could do some initial fitting for my bridesmaid dress. It was deliberately cut generously, since it's easier to take clothes in than out, and it was really heartening to see just how much they're gonna need to take it in by! :-)
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Rowan comes back from his week at my sister's in Devon tomorrow. Which is kinda a good thing 'cause, much as he may stress me out a lot, I do miss him horribly when he's not around.

I've still had to work, naturally, but it's been nice just chilling all evening afterwards. And breakfast time hasn't been nearly as rushed as usual. Today was my day off, though my alarm still went off at 6.30 as normal. I lay in bed listening to the show for a while, before turning the laptop on and watching the show for a bit - they've had video cameras in the studio all month, though I haven't had much chance to watch while Rowan's been around. It was particularly fun this week though, as John Barrowman phoned in twice about Chris's campaign to get one of his album tracks in the top ten of the download chart! *grin* He phoned today, on his way home after playing a gig on the Isle of Man last night. He was apparently picking up one of his cars - that's spent the last year being refurbished - at Birmingham airport before driving home to Cardiff for a meeting with the City Council! :-/ I'm fascinated to know what that was about!

Didn't hardly bother getting out of bed most of the day, though I did have to go to ASDA for a few supplies. Then once I'd - finally - eaten something, I headed out to the Bay to see Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. I don't really have anything to say in way of a review, but I had fun watching it.

Wandered down to the water before getting the bus home - and saw for myself that Torchwood fans really have been leaving flowers and notes and stuff outside the 'Tourist Office'. I know people will scoff and be all "He's a bloody fictional character!", and that's fine. Whatever. But I found it very touching, and I nearly cried again. *shrugs* I loved that character, as much as you can love someone who's fictional - and it's suprising just how much you actually can.

I'll probably spend tomorrow doing all the things I really should have been doing today (read: housework... *booo*) while waiting for my boy to come home. I think their train gets in some time in the early afternoon.
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Series Title: Amser A Ddengys (Time Will Tell)- part three
Story Title: Penblwydd Hapus! (Happy Birthday!) (1/1)

Rating: General at present, though may go up, but 'Adult Concepts' throughout. Slight swearing in this one.

Spoilers: AU from the start of season two, but everything is fair game.

Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Toshiko

Disclaimer: Don't own them, hope I can do a better job than Rusty *makes stabbing motions*

Summary: It's Ianto's birthday, and Jack intends to spoil him rotten.

Notes: Wrote this last summer, but didn't get it finished in time to post it for Ianto's birthday. I'm three weeks ahead of myself again this year, but I wanted to post it anyway. The last part of the story is based on something my BFF [ profile] thaya_rayal did to me! *grins*

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Series Title: Amser A Ddengys (Time Will Tell)- part two
Story Title: Y Teulu (The Family) (1/1)

Rating: General at present, though may go up, but 'Adult Concepts' throughout.

Spoilers: AU from the start of season two, but everything is fair game.

Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, plus Children Of Earth characters.

Disclaimer: Don't own them, hope I can do a better job than Rusty *makes stabbing motions*

Summary: Ianto's sister and her family are coming for dinner...

Notes: Just a short peice of fluff to introduce Rhiannon and her family to my AU. As this occurs around the time season two was kicking off, the kids are a little younger than when they appeared in 'Children Of Earth'

Ianto, calm down! It's your family, not the Prime Minister. )
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Hello there.

Just a quick note to say well done to John for such an awesome performance. I'm just really sorry about the storyline - the last two episodes had me crying with horror and grief, but I guess that's what Mr Davies wanted.

I don't know if I'll ever be able to watch Torchwood again, but I wanted John to know that I love Captain Jack very much and had been thoroughly loving the show up until now.

Hope to see him on my tv, and in concert, again in the future and the songs from the last two albums are never off my MP3 player.

lots of love and affection,
Sammi, from Cardiff.

This is the response I just got... )
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If you're on Twitter, wish @pricetom (the wonderful PC Andy Davidson) a Happy Birthday!

He's amazed and overwhelmed so far by the - much deserved - messages he's getting :-)
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Series Title: Amser A Ddengys (Time Will Tell)- part one
Story Title: Croeso Nôl (Welcome Back) (1/5)

Rating: General at present, though may go up, but 'Adult Concepts' throughout.

Spoilers: AU from the start of season two, but everything is fair game.

Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Torchwood Regulars plus - eventually - Children Of Earth characters.

Disclaimer: Don't own them, hope I can do a better job than Rusty *makes stabbing motions*

Summary: Jack's back - but has everything changed?

Notes: This story was started about two years ago, and I've been tinkering with it off and on ever since. Initially beta'd by the awesome [ profile] out_there, but RL got in the way of my editing it and it's been such a long time now I felt it would be an inconvenience to send it back for a lookover. As a result, any remaining errors etc. are entirely my own fault. Hope I didn't do too badly!

Decided to post this now, the day after 'Children Of Earth' concluded, as the fandom is seriously in need of a healthy dose of denial right about now.

Are you sure this is what you want? )
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That may well be IT. On soooo many levels.



Jul. 10th, 2009 01:15 am
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I just....


If this isn't fixed I may not watch the next season. If there is a next season.


Just because you can, Russell? Doesn't mean you should you stupid bastard.
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The mum of one of Rowan's classmates (or should that be 'a mum', since he has two...) was in a scene in tonight's Torchwood!!!

The sly cow didn't say a word! Wait till I see her in the schoolyard..... ;-)

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Been a stressful week or so; my latest Welsh assignment was due on Monday night, but I couldn't access the OU's website. I emailed the assignment to my tutor, so she did at least get it on time, but that's not how you're supposed to submit it, so I don't know if she's going to be willing to mark it. Turned out the problem was with my router - it was letting me view every other website I went to, just not that one! :-/ So odd. Rebooted it on the advice of the IT helpdesk, and hey presto. *headsdesk* By then, though, it was the next day as I figured the Helpdesk was closed by the time I finished the last few tweaks on my work.

Had Tuesday off work 'cause it was Rowan's school sports day; it went well - he even won one of the races - and we managed to keep going even when it decided to lightly shower for about twenty minutes. I think we were all happy for the respite from the humidity. I'd been dreading it, though, as Rowan threw an absolute fit on the way home from school Monday night about the unfairness of having to be in the Egg & Spoon race yet again 'cause it's the hardest race in the world omg! He was hot, tired and cranky following the after-school training session with Simon, one of the coaching team for the Bluebirds, and was frustrated at missing out on taking a corner, so he had an absolute cobb on. I tried to calm him down, but he just got more cranky, so when he got the same way after football last night I just kept my mouth shut and gave him some space.

Today his class were going for a trip to the Noah's Ark zoo out near Bristol, so I had to get up early to make sure his packed lunch was made and his bag was packed - it was forcasted to be another hot day, with scattered showers, so I packed his baseball cap and thin raincoat along with his shorts for Gymnastics this evening. I collected him after a productively-poor day at work, only to be told he'd somehow left his backpack behind! *screams in frustration* Somehow, though, he still had his lunchbag!

So now the only coat he has is a padded imitation-flight jacket, 'cause he lost his winter coat in the playground about a month ago, and he's lost the shorts I bought for his gymnastics class. And it's only a couple more weeks till the summer holidays, when I've got to pay for childcare. *sighs* I am beyond mad at him.

On the upside I have choir rehearsal tomorrow - it's a pathetic thing when a fortnightly singing session is the only reason you're still in your job. Plus there's a Torchwood radio play that aired this afternoon, so I can listen to that when Rowan's in bed.

And, and, and! Torchwood: Children of Earth starts airing on Monday! \O/ I set up my digi-box Monday night to record it all - good thing too, since I'm going out on Thursday night! One of the other mums is having drinks at her house, and I'm one of the ones that got invited. I'm gonna be biting my nails waiting to get home though! *laughs*
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The pictures of the Torchwood filming I was at two months ago...

The street in question is The Friary - a very popular filming spot for Who and TW - with all the action taking place outside Bar Ha!Ha! and The Slug & Lettuce. The back of the Cardiff Hilton is also visible on the opposite side of the street.

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Guess what I did when I finished work this afternoon!

Go on, guess!

Oh alright then - I went around the corner from my building and watched a scene from Torchwood get filmed! Staring Gwen, Rhys... and Ianto!


Cutting for those who want to avoid spoilers )

I do have some pictures, but I haven't downloaded them yet. Plus there almost always seemed to be something in the way when I tried to get a shot of Gareth *sigh*

Hee. These are times when I love my home town soooooo much!


Apr. 4th, 2008 10:08 pm
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...I'm gonna be over here in the corner, 'kay?
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Tonight's BBC3 episode of Torchwood....

There are no words to describe how awesome that was!

I'm going to be over here in the corner processing this for quite some time.
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Good grief - I haven't posted any observations about this season since episode four! What am I like?

This is going to take a while - I'll probably be settling down to watch this weeks episodes by the time I press post! :-) Anyone who hasn't read my TW reviews before: I'm not good at in-depth, insightful commentary, I'm all about the Jack/Ianto, and I tend to squee about recognising locations around my home town where the filming took place.

From 'To The Last Man' to 'Something Borrowed' )

Okay, since it's now five to eleven and I've seen the next episode too, here's my initial thoughts. Remember, this is the episode that aired on BBC3 today, so it's a week ahead of those watching on BBC2.
Episode 11: From Out Of The Rain )

On the whole I'm thoroughly enjoying this season. I can't believe it's nearly over! *whines*

I also can't believe how bloody long it took me to write this post! Seems all my posts these days take most of the night, for one reason or another. I should probably go get some sleep now - not working tomorrow, since it's Rowan's school assembly, but I still have to get up and do the school run and stuff. No rest for the wicked - or even those with no opportunity to be wicked! *chuckles*


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