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I was looking around and I came across the Sports Night pages on the MesmoTV app - and it had pretty much nothing on it! A handful of quotes and two group cast photos - and they didn't even have Natalie down as a character!

Well, I hope you'll agree with me that this won't do! I've spent part of the afternoon sourcing photos, uploading them and adding to the character lists, but anyone willing to give me a hand?

I plan to be on my PC for most of tomorrow sourcing due South pics for a couple of my friends - and if anyone can point me in the direction of episodes where Fraser smiles? I'd be grateful! - so I can get some screen grabs, videos and sound bites if anyone wants to suggest some.

Let's make this a damn good little mini-site, yeah?
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I actually wrote this last year, but not in time for Valentines. Technically I'm late this year too - I just never got 'round to posting this in the last couple of days.

Title: Stupid Cupid
Fandom: Sports Night
Rating: G
Pairing: You need to ask that?

Casey looked up from his computer to face the tiny woman who had just sat down in front of his desk. )


Feb. 6th, 2007 08:05 pm
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Eight PM and I've already cleared my what am I gonna do? *twiddles thumbs and ignores the fact she should be doing housework...*

Maybe now's a good time to mention a creative-type idea I had a while back; I have the entire run of Sports Night on mp3, and it occurs to me that it would be possible to piece together at least a snippet of conversation from the source material. Maybe even a small story, in a similar way to that game from 'Who's Line Is It Anyway?' where they talk only in song titles. One of the things I love to do is editing, both audio and video.

So, any SN fans on my flist want to suggest a conversation I could piece together? Reminders of where the quotes are would also be helpful.

I also have a number of Josh Charles's movies, and the first three seasons of Six Feet Under. I do not intend to go out and get Desperate Housewives, Sliders, Numb3rs and The West Wing to give me more to work with, but if people want to send me mp3's from those shows to integrate into the story? I would not object.

Oh and as an aside - I'd be grateful if Torchwood writers would realise that Splott's not the only suburb in Cardiff. Sure, it's a shit-tip and likely to be a popular place for intergalactic detrius, but so are Grangetown and Butetown - and that's only the places within walking distance of the Hub itself, which Splott is not. A little research here, people? Please?

And, despite what the Estate Agents claim, it is 'S-plot', not 'Sp-low'! *shakes head*

Finally got the contractor around to check out my faulty shower tonight. He's confirmed the unit needs replacing so, because of my working hours, they're supposed to be calling back a week Friday, when Rowan's school's closed again for teacher-training. *crosses fingers* I also need to get back onto the Council tomorrow about the drains - there is no way in hell I'm giving up a single day of Rowan's half-term break waiting in for workmen, thank you very much. I already have an unexpected appointment to keep on the Tuesday. *sigh*

Rowan went to play with Rafael while I waited in for the contractor, so I had to head back out to collect him afterwards. Had a lovely cuddle with Maria's kitten Benny, then Maria asked me if I could talk to the Royal Mail for her on the phone. She sent her eldest son - who's in the last few months of compulsory military service in Portugal - a very important letter and they're fretting that it hasn't arrived yet, despite being sent by registered mail. Maria's English is shaky at best, and she seems to have had a row with her middle son's girlfriend, so she needed my help. Thankfully I wasn't required to do all that much explaining to the agent on the phone, so my stammer wasn't an issue and we managed to work out that they tried to deliver it yesterday, but no-one was home to sign for it. Maria was very relieved!

I wonder how Rowan's gonna react when they move away in a couple of weeks...

I'm being good about watching the baseball till silly hours, at the moment. I went to bed last night at eleven, while the game was still in the eighth inning. I knew the Dominican Republic were gonna hand Venezuela their arses again anyway.

Of course, I can't promise I'll be this good when the Mariners are playing. Or the Orioles! *grins*
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A completely un-beta'd Sports Night fic (Dan/Casey, naturally) that I'm not entirely sure is finished - but every time I stare at the file in the hopes of working on it, nothing more comes. Comments/suggestions welcomed.

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In the hope of keeping [ profile] phoebesmum's 'SN fic every day in 2007' going - here's another snippet I've been tinkering with on my laptop. It even has a name! *faints in shock!*

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Today is apparently the feast day of St Hilary! There was an email about it in work couple of days ago;

This day has gained the reputation of being the coldest day of the year.

This dates back to 1086 when a great frost started spreading over the country on St Hilary's feast day. It lasted well into March, and is said to be the severest Arctic spell ever experienced in Britain!

We're all to take our scarves into work on Monday to celebrate, which will earn us a raffle ticket. The prize is a trip to the Ski & Snowboard Centre here in Cardiff (I didn't even know we had one...) Needless to say I doubt I'll bother to enter - I'd break a limb!

On the other hand, paid time off....

Anyway! As it's St Hilary's Day, here's a present for the lovely [ profile] phoebesmum!

Totally un-beta'd, possibly unfinished SN Fic - any title ideas, so I can post it to the archives? )
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This is another Sports Night fic that I worked on during bus journeys to and from work. It's been a while since I wrote it, with other stuff getting in the way.

[ profile] catwalksalone very kindly betaed for me, and made some good suggestions as well as gave some lovely feedback that made me smile. Any remaining mistakes are entirely my own!

Herein lies SN fic )

SN ficlet

Jul. 5th, 2006 11:23 pm
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Okay, thought I'd post the little Sports Night fic I've been working on during bus journeys for the last couple of weeks. It's pretty obvious what was on my mind when I got the idea for this particular story *grins wryly*

Once again I don't have a title for it, so any suggestions would be welcomed. I'll probably post it to the fanfic communities over the weekend

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This is another one I wrote some months ago, but have been tinkering with ever since.

It's a Sports Night Dan/Casey story, though there's nothing graphic. I haven't reached the point where I could write anything above a PG... *grin* I guess you could call it a song-fic - it was inspired by a song, and lines get quoted. But there's none of those irritating paragraphs that are basically just verses of the song.

[ profile] phoebesmum very kindly beta'd this for me, correcting my punctuation and offering alternative phrasing in places where I was struggling. Thank you very much hon!

Herein lies fic. )
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I wrote this about a month ago, travelling on the bus back and forth to work. I don't entirely hate it, though I think it's seriously lacking something. But then, the quality of Sports Night fic is usually pretty high so I feel a bit intimidated submitting my own crap...

This was really hard to email home after typing it up at work - bloody censorship software...*mutters*

Here be Dan and Casey.... )

Right...I really ought to go clean up some more....
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Okay, so my system has been freezing a fair amount in the last hour, and has been stuck for the last five minutes. So, to pass the time, I typed up a little SN ficlet that's been in my head since yesterday evening.

I don't have a title for it (I'm terrible at them!). It's PG, the characters involved are Dan and Casey, and it's yet again set pre-Sports Night.

here be fic... )
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I got hit with a little bit of a fic idea this morning, and there was no way I could go to bed without getting the damn thing out of my head...

So here we are. My first ever Sports Night fic, inspired by the song 'I Wanna Kiss The Bride' by Elton John. Radio One were trying to be cute/sarcastic while covering his wedding to his partner David today...

If you don't like the genre, or the pairing of Casey McCall/Dan Rydell - no need to click on the link. I'd love to know what people think though, as Sports Night's not an easy genre to write for.

Here be fic.... )


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