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Okay, so I was sorta told off this week for not updating this thing properly recently. I guess this means I bore you for a bit about what's not been going on around here...

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Snow day!

Feb. 3rd, 2009 08:20 am
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They just announced on the radio (I'm listening to local radio today, 'cause of the snow) that Rowan's school's closed. Rowan's beside himself with joy at this, naturally! ;-)

Mean's the loss of a day's pay for me, but meh. I'd quite like the day off actually.

Now I just have to get hold of work in about an hour to let them know - calling in's getting tricky these days for some reason. I have a dickens of a job getting through.
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I woke up this morning wondering if we'd had snow overnight, but I wasn't surprised to find we hadn't. Being on the coast, it's very rare for any snow we get to actually settle - and when it does, it's generally gone by mid-afternoon.

In comparison, [ profile] thaya_rayal sent me a text this morning to gripe about having to walk to work in about eight inches of snow! *chuckles*

There were a few flurries on the way to school this morning, and we just had another batch about five minutes ago that seems to have died away. My colleagues are whinging about the lack of snow, though Personnel have issued an email about their procedures should we get 'snowed in'.

The forcasts apparently say we'll get proper snow about three o'clock this afternoon, though I have my doubts.

Yesterday was an interesting day; as long-term friends will know, Rowan goes to visit his Dad on Sundays up in the Valleys. I got a text on my phone on Tuesday to let me know that this was being thrown into uncertainty as my in-laws have separated, so Baz didn't know what the situation was going to be regarding his seeing Rowan. He told me during the brief text-conversation that ensued that my mother-in-law has moved down here, to which I 'ran for the hills' - which amused Baz *grins*

Anyway, Saturday morning I get another text to say he didn't think he'd be able to collect Rowan the next day, but he hoped to see him the week after. Later the same day I get another text offering to come down and take him to the cinema, and then on for some food, to give me some time to myself. I had a think about it, since last time this was arranged, they ended up in the flat Baz was sharing at the time; Rowan playing computer games with Baz's flatmates while Baz himself snoozed on the sofa. Rowan then got brought home, still expecting to go to the cinema, and I had to deal with the resulting disappointed tears. However, this was about two years ago. Rowan's older now and, hopefully, Baz has a better grasp of how to be a responsible adult (Don't all snort at once, RL friends! *grin*), so I agreed to it. I've always made a point of not preventing Rowan from seeing his Dad, as much as possible.

It was fascinating, really; Baz was running late as he didn't allow for the vagaries of public transport on Sundays, but he was calling me every fifteen minutes or so to keep me aprised of his progress. Then when they got on the bus home, he called again to let me know. I was quite surprised at the consideration. Rowan came home in a very good mood, talking about the movie and the visit to Pizza Hut, and he'd even conned his Dad into buying him some more Pokemon cards! *chuckles* So I think I can consider this a success.

We'll just have to see how it pans out in the future.
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Looked out my window this morning to check on the snow situation and couldn't see any real sign we'd had any more overnight, so we went through our morning routine as normal. However, when we left the house at eight thirty, it was snowing again.

Managed to get to Rowan's school before they closed the door, though I was worried they'd called a snow-day without my knowing as St Teilo's High was closed again. We picked up a load of kids from that school en route.

After that I walked to work, thinking I could go ahead with taking pictures of Gorsedd Gardens, since the snow was falling pretty thick by this time. Half way there, I realised the camera was still on the dining table from when I downloaded yesterday's photos *facepalms*

In the last half an hour, there's been a lot of fretting about how heavy the snow has gotten. A lot of schools have been closed - including Rafael's, which is just down the road from Rowan's. They haven't closed Rowan's school, but they are allowing parents to take kids home if they want to, so Mam's gone to get him. Apparently Penylan Hill's closed again too, so getting home tonight will be fun....
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So, here are the promised photos of the little 'un, taken at about eight fifteen this morning.

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(And if the corporate email censor lets this email through, I will be amazed. lol!)

So yep, as you can gather, we got snow overnight. About an inch up by me, reduced to about half an inch downtown. Everything looked absolutely beautiful when we looked out the window at seven am, which is impressive for Llanedeyrn.

Of course, getting to school/work was a nightmare. There was a crash of some kind near St Teilo's High School, which blocked off our usual route. The bus got diverted down Newport Rd and, because the Llanedeyrn roundabout was even busier than normal this morning, not even the fact we left early helped get Rowan to school on time. The bus dropped us off on Albany Rd, rather than at the bottom of Penylan Hill, so we had to walk up. Thankfully the teachers were really understanding, greeting us with "Ah! We wondered if you were going to make it!" rather than scoulding us for being late for a third consecutive day (bus was early tuesday, then overloaded on wednesday and sailed past...*grumbles*)

Didn't help that I'd had to stay listening to the local radio for as long as possible, monitoring the school closure reports for the first time since I was in education myself! *chuckles* Llanedeyrn High was closed, but there was never any mention of Rowan's school, or the other two nearby, so we headed out. Of course, once we got to Albany Rd I saw a sign saying the school there was closed. But then we passed one of the other mothers from Rowan's school, who confirmed it was still open.

I wanted to take some pictures on my walk in to work this morning - particularly of Gorsedd Gardens, outside the Museum - but I was so late, and so in need of a hot chocolate, that I opted to take the bus instead. By the time I got to the office it had started to rain rather than snow, but its not entirely cleared away yet. Very, very slushy though.

There are some awesome photos on the company intranet of the snow a year or so ago, from the roof of the Tower, but I think I'd be violating copyright if I shared them *sighs* However, I did get a few snaps of the kidlet on the way to the bus so expect a picspam at some point this evening.


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