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...when I really hate sitting right in front of the Managing Director.

Any time we have an office competition, it's usually held at the MD's desk. Which means whatever's going on happens right behind me.

Today, they held a doughnut-eating competition. The idea was that you had be the first to eat two jam-filled doughnuts without licking your lips. I took part in the first round myself, managing to take one bite out of the second doughnut before I had to lick my lips.

The problem was that, while most of the rounds were held during the two hours spanning the lunch period, I only get twenty minutes for my break. And I'd just finished my break when the competition started. So I was having to try to work while all this was going on - and they were really noisy. Not to mention it was pretty claustrophobic. During the last round, someone from Sales put their bottle of water on my desk without so much as a by-your-leave, and another person kept knocking the back of my chair. I have never felt so much like my mother as I did today, wishing I could just snap at them to 'sod off already!'.

My daily productivity is probably shot to hell because of that, but it's bloody hard to justify. Especially as my manager sits right next to me and didn't seem all that bothered.

Took Rowan to the park after work, but it started to rain within minutes of getting there. We then waited almost half an hour for a bus, during which there was a torrential downpour. Neither of us had coats, but I was able to sit under the shelter while Rowan played around under my umbrella.

Tomorrow we're heading up the mountains to visit my Aunt in Brecon again. I was hoping Rowan's godmother could come with us, but she's busy this weekend *sigh*

Last night was interesting - I'm on a quest to understand/appreciate the game of Baseball. So, armed with a tape of wednesday night's Red Sox/Yankees game, I attempted to learn what I could with the help of [ profile] richardjgrayson. He assures me I'm making progress *grins* [ profile] katyanicholovna and several other members of the [ profile] jla_watchtower were also very supportive when we were later in a chatroom.

I stopped it somewhere in the fifth inning (I swear I blinked and missed the fourth), intending to go to bed, only to discover a rerun of one of last night's Sports Night episodes...this is not a good thing. I might as well have watched the entire game, for all the difference it made to the time I went to bed.

I will understand the game. *determined*
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Did something today that I always feel bad about at this time of year.

We went out to the shops.

I've worked in customer service my entire working life, and only escaped from retail in April 2003, so I understand how awful it is to have to work on weekends normally, let alone during the holiday season. So I try to avoid shopping on bank holidays, Boxing Day etc.

But I'm having to rationalise it that we need storage for the rugrat's toys; we already have enough stuff to open a toy store, and there's a big pile in the living room that we haven't sorted away yet. Plus he'll undoubtedly be bringing just as much again home from his grandparents' place this evening. So, drastic action is required - new storage must be bought, and older lesser used toys must be put in storage.

So off we went to the stationary store, and bought a new box for his trainset, as this will free up three other boxes.

I also picked up some more box files for my comics. Will have to get some bags and boards from Kris once he restocks, so I can store them properly. Having them in carrier bags is making me very nervous.

Speaking of comics, I finally have my copy of IC#7 - to which my reaction is mixed, though I can't define why. Had a slight wibble at the panel of poor Tim huddled under a duvet, ignoring a call from a concerned Dick.

Also, the latest in the Batgirl/Robin crossover - I am so relieved, guys! I was dreading where that was going, but I'm now looking forward to the final part. The auction scenes were hysterical! *grins*

And I also have JLA Classified #2, which will help me in finishing that Tim/Cass WiP I have on my hard-drive - if I can just figure out what to have the Knight and Squire do! *laughs*

Right...busy busy busy *grins at [ profile] _nightwing_ and still fighting off this damn flu. That thread is helping enormously though!


Oct. 16th, 2004 12:03 am
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I was so not expecting this to happen!
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I couldn't resist posting this...

This is from a session held on June 29th, which got alluded to in a Babs post, but I never got around to posting the actual event..

enjoy! )
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Robin, Batgirl and Catwoman! *bounces*

Ok, so they were so-so as individual issues, and the Tim/Jack confrontation...*winces* But as an ark, it's coming along nicely.

Got the Teen Titans that starts the Titans/Legion crossover too...jury's out on that one.

And in other news, Tim's having a good ol' chinwag with a genocidal alien in the cafe this afternoon...whee! *grins* Whoever he is, he's helping relieve my boredom.

And now Babs is commenting again, life is good! *grins at Rachel*
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Sheesh is work boring....

Haven't done much toward Robin's story just yet...*shame* Kinda caught up in getting a fic out of my head.

We had system problems at work yesterday morning - so bad in fact that I couldn't use my computer at all. So I killed some time jotting down more of the story, and then when we ran out of work for a while in the afternoon, I typed it up in an email message and sent it home. Not much was happening online last night either, so I wrote some more *grin* I was on a roll when I got ordered to bed by the maternal unit, since I had to be in work for eight this morning *natch*

It's still a bare-bones story, and needs some major fleshing out. The feedback I've had has been encouraging, though in agreement that it needs work. That's fine by me - I haven't written fic this steadily in three years! I was expecting to be rusty, not that I ever thought I was good.

Been playing with my new toy today too, during my lunch-hour - a little mp3 player *bounces* That annoying person in the elevator with their music up loud enough so everyone else hears it? That was me today - How did you like Guns N Roses then, folks? *grins evilly*
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Ok, so I am absolutely loving the game at the moment, and the comics are giving me tidbits to work with. Now if I can only get Drakey-boy to where I need him to be, I can get him back in the cape!

Plan of attack for the next seven days;
  • Tim encounters Shiva on the way between School and the Eyrie
  • Tim's birthday on Sept 18th, serious plot already written, with a little bit of 'awww' right at the end, as discussed with Gordon!
  • More stuff about the metagene plot, and Darla. Going to arrange for her to die shortly after the others get back from rescuing Kory, other-player-willingness permitting, as the War Crimes sub-plot with her was pretty good.

And in order to get Tim back in the Robin gig, I need Chris to be able to play again...*sigh* Can't do this without some closure on Steph-as-Robin, and the Batman's presence to offer reaction. (Yeah right, like Batman reacts to anything...*grin*)

Ah well...better get back to work!


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