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I am trying to stay awake today through various forms of sugar-rush; last night was the much-anticipated Queen gig here at the Cardiff International Arena (or the CIA, to the amusement of many), and it was fantastic! The only downside is that my friend Robert, who'd come all the way down from Staffordshire to go to the show with me, had to be at work this morning (he's a school teacher) and therefore had to leave Cardiff by 5.30! *blinks blearily*

I was relieved that we were able to put him up for the night, since his family have always been so very accomodating when I've visited them, but it did mean sacrificing my not-so-comfy bed in the spare room to go share with Mam in her stupidly-high double bed. I don't share beds well anymore.

Plus Mam's a really bad sleeper anyway, so not only did my going to bed disturb her, but when her lamp automatically went off at one am (and I was able to start switching my brain off to sleep) something disturbed her and she ended up having to turn the light back on again so she could read some more *facepalms. As a result, I had four hours or so of very light dozing and I've felt like crap all day since. I could have gone back to bed once I'd dropped Rowan off, since I took today off to recover from the gig (my work stats are always tricky at the best of times) but that tends to make me feel even more rubbish. So I'm keeping myself awake by reading and munching on Pringles and sour cream & chive dip....something my friend Donna introduced me to when I visited her in Seattle many moons ago. I also have some coconut macaroons, as I was craving coconut when I went to Tesco for the sausages for tonights tea and some milk (we just had enough to go around this morning!).

Anyway, the gig; Read more... )

All in all it was a fab night and I am so glad I got to see them again - and with good company. We ended up wandering around town for at least an hour afterwards - not a good thing at about eleven at night, but we were okay - as the queue for the carpark was at least a hundred deep, and that was just at the pay machine! So we decided to go get a drink in MaccyD's, since even if we did wait and queue for god knows how long, we'd still have been at an almost constant standstill for ages afterwards trying to leave the carpark! When we got back, there was still a long queue, but it wasn't as bad. We got home at midnight, after the gig kicked out at about ten thirty... We then chatted over a cuppa for about three quarters of an hour before calling it a night, since Robert had to be leaving so early. Once he was gone, I didn't see the point going back to bed for an hour, so I made a start on Rowan's packed lunch for school and popped on the computer for a little while to keep awake *grins at [ profile] alryssa, [ profile] lithera and everyone else who was in the chatroom this morning*

Ugh...about an hour before I have to be on the bus to get Rowan again. Then, once I've made tonight's dinner of bangers and mash, I intend to settle down with my new Torchwood book that arrived in the post this morning :-) I've been impatiently waiting for the bloody thing for a fortnight, and I guarantee you I'll have finished it by Friday!

Pringle anyone? *grins*
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(Yes, I know, adding e's on the ends of words doesn't make it Olde English, but it amuses me *grins*)

I'm pretty remiss at posting at the moment, but I do have stuff worth noting down in this journal; during the month of July, I do appear to have been making a passable imitation at having *looks around shiftily* a life!

So...what happened?

Sports Day! (as opposed to Sports Night...?) )

A birthday party in Staffordshire, England )

The Athletics )

School's Out For Summer! )

The wildes of Hampshire, and tricksy peoples... )

I have pictures to go with what I've been up to, but I think I will save that for a separate picspam post.

I'm gonna stop here, since it's taken me an hour and half to write this much! *grins* But before I go, Mel has asked if I would mind 'pimping' her out to my f-list to see if any of you guys would be interested in chatting to her over LJ, since she hears so many good things about you guys. (This is, you understand, why this post is friends-only, since I've been randomly friended by some unfamiliar people myself recently - usually people with journals full of Russian, strangely...) Who knows, it might encourage her to post more! *chuckles*

So, if you're interested, please feel free to add [ profile] thaya_rayal to your flist and introduce yourself; she's really friendly, and is interested in things like sci-fi, cooking, woolcraft, jewelery making, medieval re-enactment...loads!
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I can has Queen tickets!!!

I got a group-text from my mate Robert, seeing if anyone wanted to go with him to one of their gigs, in either Birmingham or Nottingham, in October. Of course I was interested - even if I am skint - but I also noticed there was a gig here in Cardiff a few days earlier, and mentioned that'd be easier for me.

Apparently no-one else got back to him about tickets, so he's decided to pop down here for the Cardiff gig instead! *bounces*

He's ordered the tickets already, so all I have to do is scrape together the money to pay him back!


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