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Tonight's Daily Show? Is the one that aired on September 10th.

That I saw on September 11th....


On the other hand, I do like the bit with Senator Craig's mensroom fubar....
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I don't know why, exactly, but I started reading Pundit Round Table fic this morning.... I think I've read pretty much everything [ profile] scrunchy has posted, and I've enjoyed it!

The fact it's sorta RPS has me a little uncomfortable, but somehow it doesn't. Go figure. It also makes me think a little of Dan & Casey - especially with the 'Five Things...' that include Sports Night - and that's always very much of the yay.

It was a little odd at first, considering I have barely no clue who these people actually are - and maybe that's why I could read it without feeling too odd. But by lunchtime I had to go search the interwebs for episodes of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and YouTube clips of Keith Olbermann and Anderson Cooper. Lots of fun! *grin*

Does this mean I'm now a Pundits fan? *ponders*

The living room's been a complete cacophony all day, as we've had Nick Jr on the TV, Radio 1 on my laptop and Rowan's been playing computer games on the desktop PC. Somehow I've coped though.

He's now delighted that NTL/Virgin/Uncle Tom Cobbley has finally gotten Nick Jr 2 on their channel listings, after so long watching the ads for it. Now he doesn't have to wait till he's somewhere with Sky to see it.

I'm not sure if this is going to prove to be a good thing...

Now I need to go see if I can not screw up making jacket potatoes for tea....wish me luck!


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