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So! As you guys are aware, back in May we got flooded out of our flat for the second time in five years. We lost every scrap of furniture save for two desks, and even the white goods got written off this time out. In keeping with post-flood tradition, here's a picspam of the chaos, as captured by my phone.
Picspammage ahoy! )

On the upside, the council did agree to find us somewhere else to live - initially as a temporary measure, but by July we were offered the chance to stay permanently. You can bet we accepted! While the new flat's not much different in layout, and possibly even a little smaller since I can't fit a double bed in my room, it certainly feels less oppressive than the old place. The living room has a heck more light, being up on the top floor, and the ceilings are incredibly high - such a difference from being in a basement, let me tell you!

I took a whole load of photos of the flat when I first got shown around, mostly for reference purposes when planning my replacement furniture, but those aren't worth sharing. I'm one more IKEA trip away from being ready to take shareable pictures, since I need a few more bookcases! *laughs* We still have lots of boxes hanging around, and I've yet to purchase rugs (not bothering with carpets this time), but otherwise we're pretty settled now. The only headache is that when my new team manager came by for her first 1-2-1 meeting with me, she was concerned with the fact I had my workstation set up in the living room; this, she felt, was a security concern - despite the fact I don't take any calls, and keep an almost paperless workstation. In order to resolve this, I ended up having to move my system off the big desk I have set up in a really nice, well lit area of living room, and reassemble the little desk work provided in a corner of my bedroom! Where there's about as much light as the living room of my basement flat! *sigh* So I am now spending pretty much my entire day in my bedroom. You can imagine my joy...

On top of that, she also triggered a review of the policy with regards dependants being present during working hours - with the final decision that it's absolutely unacceptable without another adult to take responsibility for them. So, after a year and a half of being able to work even if Rowan's on school holidays, or sick, or there's a teacher training day, I now have to look into childcare options again! Or take unpaid leave if he's too sick to go to school *quitely fumes* It's not like I don't understand where they're coming from, I'm just so frustrated 'cause it was working so well for me! I was hoping to up my hours soon, now that I don't have to do the school run anymore, but at this rate I'll be working those extra hours just to pay for the sodding holiday camps! *sigh* I was allowed to have him home with me this summer, since the situation was under review, but not from here on out. Plus the poor sod was lonely, since he's used to having me in the living room with him, even if he has to let me to get on with my work undisturbed.

Still planning to get someplace else to live, if only to be closer to town, and hopefully have a separate room in which to work, but it's not as desperately urgent as it was in the spring. It's been lovely this last week, actually, being able to pop down to the district's shopping centre before Rowan arrives home, whenever I've needed a few bits and peices. I used to have to do that on the way home from school, which wasn't a problem as we had to get the bus from Albany Rd anyway - and I do miss having daily access to the shops there, which are so much better than around here - but it wouldn't be anywhere near as convenient from the old flat. So, y'know, every cloud and all that...
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Hylo peeps! :-) Long time no blog! lol! The downside of doing a lot of my net-lurking on my phone (which I've had for a year now! o.O) is that I rarely have the motivation to fuss around with typing up comments and posts - hence I'm even quieter than normal! *ignores the deafening applause* ;-)

Anyhoo - at some point in the last week or so, my little Tilly-Tilly Ossenfeffer reached a year old! Can't believe she's been with us for ten months already! So to mark the occasion, I'm going to pic-spam you all! lol!
Pics pics and more pics! )
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Looks like she's decided we're worth giving a trial run to!

I can haz kitteh? )
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I've been meaning to post this for a while! Just a little thing but it amuses me - I think most of my flist will understand.

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So it occurs to me that I haven't shared with you guys the pics from last years adventures with the choir at work! Despite my horror at how badly I photograph these days, I wanted to share some with you...

Spring 2009 )

Cardiff Race For Life, July 2009 )

The Institute of Directors lunch, Summer 2009 )

The Albert Hall.... )

Also, there's a clip up on YouTube of the guys at the Cardiff Mardis Gras, doing the Michael Jackson medley we're now rehearsing again for the 2010 General Meeting. I couldn't be there 'cause I was in London for Mel's hen weekend, but I wanted to share it anyway.

The sound and picture is ropey, naturally, as it was taken on someone's camera in the audience, but it apparently sounded really good if you were there. George cringes at even the mere mention of it, but I think she did well in her solo. I would have been in the group dressed in red.
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More snowy pictures! )
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Rowan in his suit for Mel's wedding on Saturday! )

When I have the time, and energy, I may relate the saga of Rowan's suit... *sigh* Such a stress...
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I installed my scanner on the laptop today, 'cause the desktop's far too old and frustrating to use now *sigh* But it has meant that I could get on with the scanning I've been meaning to do for ages!

Just uploaded a metric tonne of them to my Facebook, as they're mostly of people on there (my neice and nephews should be grateful I didn't upload all the ones I have of them...*sniggers*) but there's one or two people who are only on LJ, so...

Pictures! Get yer pictures here! )
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Rowan was invited to a birthday party today - a creepy crawly party where a guy came to show the kids spiders and lizards and snakes and stuff! *grins*

Rowan was very, very nervous about it, but didn't want to miss out on a party so we went. I made the fatal mistake of offering to stick around, so of course I then had to stay - but I can't say I minded too much. Could've done without the inevitable post-children's party headache though.

It took him quite a while to get into it - he kept sneaking out into the other room when he got overwhelmed, but would come back in when I told him what new creature was being shown. Stayed well away when the tarantulas came out though! *laughs*

I took over a hundred photos during the demonstration, but I'm not going to spam you all with them - besides, I know not everyone wants to see photos of snakes, or tarantualas. Or the millipedes that pooed on peoples arms, or the toad that wee'd all over the floor... ;-)

So, if you do want to see the pictures - and the expressions on the kids faces (I took one especially because of the look on Edith's face! *grins* Priceless!) - feel free to look here. Enjoy!
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Happy St David's Day everyone!

Since Cardiff is a city that's previously been somewhat...lacking, when it comes to keeping up with Welsh culture, this was only ever anything special when I was in school and we had the Eisteddfod competitions (I won first place once, for my Bara Brith cake!)

I'd like to do something about this, so I've been trying to think of things Rowan and I can do to mark the day. So I was pleased to learn of a St David's Day parade finishing at Cardiff Bay this afternoon. And kinda pleased that Rowan, yet again, did not go see his Dad, as it meant I could take him.

There wasn't much going on, to my disappointment, but we still had a good day. We wandered around the Bay, had chinese for lunch, then watched the parade before walking back to town to see if anything was going on at the Castle. Nothing was, but I let Rowan have a run around the grounds for a few minutes anyway.

Naturally I had my camera with me, so let the picspammage commence! *grin*

Pictures ahoy! )

I also took some random pics around the Bay itself, including Torchwood's local pub and the Tesco Ianto shops at most often ;-) But I'm so knackered I'm not gonna bother with that tonight.
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The pictures of the Torchwood filming I was at two months ago...

The street in question is The Friary - a very popular filming spot for Who and TW - with all the action taking place outside Bar Ha!Ha! and The Slug & Lettuce. The back of the Cardiff Hilton is also visible on the opposite side of the street.

Read more... )
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So I am waaaay overdue with this one! *grins* But I'm working with an aging laptop that seems to want to process everything at a snails pace (I get virtual memory warnings really quickly, when all I'm doing is surfing LJ and checking my email *sighs*) and there have been occasions when I've taken more photos.

But I think I have them all uploaded now, so let's be getting on with it, shall we?

Rowan's Sports Day )

The Staff Children's Summer Party )

Legoland Windsor! )

The Norman clan's Doctor Who experience )

I do have more, but frankly, I'm knackered now! Been at this for forty-five minutes, and that's not including the afternoon spent uploading these things! *laughs* I may do a third, random picspam at some future date.
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Tomorrow, Cardiff City FC face Portsmouth in the FA Cup Final, at Wembley - for the first time in over eighty years.

I'm not at all into football, but that doesn't stop me feeling a little excited still. I've spent some time over the last week, taking a couple of photos around town for [ profile] alryssa, who is a Bluebirds fan, so she can see - to a limited extent - what's been going on.

It's not much, but still!

Do the Ayatollah! )

Good luck Cardiff! Pob lwc Caerdydd! :-D


Apr. 6th, 2008 11:24 pm
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A week late, but this is me! ;-)

The sekrit Hampshire trip! )

Random Rowan-pics )

Photos around Barry Island )
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This weekend we've had a special guest come to stay with Rowan - Hiking Harry, the class bear!

Hiking Harry gets to visit with one of the class each weekend, as a treat for doing well over the week at school. Rowan's been wanting to have him for months, to the point of frustrated tears some friday afternoons; last friday, Miss James told him that she really wanted to send Harry home with him, but he was going to need to concentrate better in class. This week, he's done superbly every day, and so she kept her promise.

Harry comes with a special travelling bag, which contains his journal. This is full of pictures and comments about what he's gotten up to on his weekend trips. To that end, I put this together - hopefully I can talk my mother into getting it printed off for me this evening.

Here's some of the pictures that didn't make the cut onto the journal entry, along with another of Rowan's little videoblogs;
picspam ahoy! )
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Here in Cardiff we have a special New Years celebration known as The Calennig. Nothing major on a cultural scale, just another excuse for fairground rides and stage shows around the Civic Centre. There's also a Winter Wonderland for the children, which includes a special ice rink, and a giant ferris wheel.

This year Mel, Will, Mel's brother Chris and I took Rowan to the Calennig for the first time. We even managed to stay right the way to midnight, with the only tears from the rugrat being over rides and the fact he didn't want to have to say goodbye to his godparents.

Before the Calennig, there was a free Fire Show at the castle. I ended up taking Rowan alone, as Mel developed a migraine in the afternoon, but the music's baseline was so powerful it would not have been a good place for her to be. It was a tad disappointing, as it only lasted half an hour, but the entertainment from Cirque Bijou was pretty spectacular.

Pics from the Fire Show )
The Calennig )
General picspam from the night )
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A picspam before I go collapse in bed!

Read more... )
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Is it me, or is there a problem with LJ's pic server? I haven't been able to upload a pic to it in months....

Anyhoo, here we go with some photobucket files instead!
Aldershot! )


Oct. 21st, 2007 04:46 pm
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I've been scanning photos this afternoon...

Rowan with Teal'c! )

Sleepy-time with Aunty Mel! )

Aaah! It's a snake! )

Does this person look familiar? )


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