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This is funny TV presenter Justin Lee Collins singing Neil Diamond's 'Sweet Caroline' on the Chris Moyles show this morning.

The guy's voice is amazing - his Tom Jones is fantastic too. Chris did 'Mama Told Me Not To Come' as well this morning, but that's not up there... *pouts*
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I'm waiting for Rowan to finally give up and go to sleep, so that I can go to bed myself. I have heaps to do, but I'm really not feeling up to it.

So I'm trawling through YouTube, looking for things to make me smile/laugh - and boy oh boy does John Barrowman deliver! *grins*

I'm also very fond of songs that lift my spirit, and I found a file of him singing just one such tune. So I'm posting it here for posterity. If you're not into showtunes, move along *grins*

I've watched this twice already. *happy sigh* And my Josh-snuggled-under-blankets icons are getting a fair amount of use this week, I notice...
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So my first week on the new work schedule is now over; I had today and monday off, but do you think I got much achieved? Did I 'eck-as-like! *chuckles*

I decide I'm going to do certain things during my Rowan-less time (for example, housework) and then I get distracted by something or other (usually fanfiction) and the next thing I know it's time to go get Rowan.

In my defence, I did have a fairly busy day today; I went to Iceland for some food-shopping after dropping Rowan at school this morning, then met up with a fellow french student online for a revision session. This involved me having to sign on to the evil Lyceum again, which is horrid, but it's not so bad when you're meeting up one-on-one in your own time. We managed to go over last Monday's tutorial quite nicely, and even practiced a little extra.

After that I put some towels out on the line to dry and messed around on the computer for a while. *shamed* But then my Mam called me to ask if I could go over to hers; she apparently had today off and was doing some gardening out the front, but evidently overdid it somewhat and got woozy. So she needed me to get the tools and garden-waste wheelie bin put away for her. She's done so much gardening today she's worn a chunk out of the palm of her hand - she's only fifty-three, but she's got dryer skin than someone my grandfather's age, poor love.

Once I got to the school, one of the other mothers told me that the gym class Rowan goes to on friday evenings was cancelled as the teacher was unavailable. So we ended up just going round to the Baxters' for a cuppa before heading home. Since we got back, I've brought the towels in off the line (I actually dared to leave my washing out in the communal garden while I was away - go me!) and put the hoover around. So it's not been a complete wash-out, I guess.

Been a fairly busy week all round; I only have three days a week to keep my productivity scores up at work, so if I mess up it's gonna be harder to pull myself back up again. However, I'm pretty confident I've hit my targets all week. *relief* This is despite the fact I went out on Wednesday night and didn't get home till nearly eleven thirty. What a dirty stop-out, huh? *laughs*

I dragged Tim to see Hayseed Dixie at St David's Hall. *grins* I don't know how many of my f-list have even heard of them, but they take classic rock songs like Ace of Spades and give them a Bluegrass twist on acoustic guitars, violins and banjos. They are very, very funny and extremely entertaining - they first came to my attention when listening to Chris Moyles on Radio One, as he likes to play their stuff sometimes on his breakfast show.

As well as the songs I was expecting them to play, they also did The Beatles' 'Strawberry Fields' and even Cliff Richard's 'Devil Woman'! They released a new album a fortnight ago, but I don't have it yet so I have no idea if those songs were on it - but I can live in hope! I think Tim enjoyed himself too, though he certainly wasn't expecting to. Silly sausage just went along to keep me company *is touched*

For anyone curious, here's two tracks off the CDs I already have of theirs:
Holiday - Green Day
Bad Moon Rising - Credence Clearwater Revival

(I would place this on a friends-lock, but the band's not that worried about bootlegs and things - I think they're happy for anything that brings them to more people's attention.)

It was really odd being back to work after a fortnight off though; they've messed around with the payment screens on the software we use for dealing with the policies - which may sound like nothing but is seriously off-putting while we get used to it, one of my team-mates left today for the second time, and another is expecting her fifth baby! Apparently hubby is on the waiting list, but the unexpected happened *grins* Looks like it's gonna be yet another girl too.

Felt like I was gone for five minutes when I was on my way in, but once I got there? It was like I'd been gone for a year....


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