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Getting in the car after the gig up the Rhondda tonight:
Me: "So, what did you think?"
Mam: "It was alright."
Me: "Oh. Cheers."

Paying for petrol at the supermarket Mam works for:
Mam to colleague: "Yeah, on our way home from the concert. It was fabulous!"
Me: *eyetwitch*

So yeah. That happened.
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LJ appears to be having some major downtime this evening, so it's very likely I'll be posting this the day after I write it ;-P But still...

Stuff and things happen, of course. Hard to say how interesting they are to the observer, since they're rarely very interesting to me...

In which I babble about Myfi, sucky stuff at home and work, and the choir! )
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It sounds really heartless, but for the last couple of days all that's been going through my mind - when I haven't been thinking about Symmie - is how I can go about preparing my flat for the arrival of new kittens. Obviously that won't actually happen for several months, but there suddenly seems so much to think about!

My flat is full of cables in tucked away places kittens like to go in. Plus there's plenty of surfaces to jump on that I'm going to have to tidy up and organise. I have no clue whatsoever about kitten-proofing. I haven't had to deal with kittens in fifteen years.

I keep googling kittens, and reading all the advice out there - one I looked at today even suggested my preferred brand of cat litter is unsuitable for kittens as they might mistake it for food?? :-/

Rowan asked me when we're going to get the kittens, as thinking about them has been helping him not miss Symmie too much, and I honestly couldn't answer. The flat feels so wrong without him that I would happily say "Right now!", but no. Somehow that feels wrong too, even though I've wanted some new kittens for years. We're also visiting my sister for the weekend at the end of September, and it would be cruel to get my neighbour to catsit for little fuzzballs that have only just arrived in their new home and would be totally confused by the change in carer.

The websites also advise not to get them at a time when there'll be lots going on, like near Christmas - which, of course, is when I also have to deal with Rowan's birthday so while Christmas is a quiet affair in this flat (aside from the appearance of that oh-so-fascinating Christmas tree) there may well be a bunch of eight/nine year olds descending on the flat.

Plus we're hoping to move soon. Argh! *sigh*

Sorry guys, I know this is just verbal diarrhoea. I just... there's no little furball to greet me when I get up in the morning. Or come keep me company when Rowan's in bed. Or tell me to sod off to my own bed when it gets really late.

I haven't wanted to get out of bed the last two mornings, 'cause he wouldn't be there. It hurt enough when he was in the vets. And I have to set the timer on the TV in my room, so I can have some background noise to focus on instead of the constant thoughts of Symba running through my head, or else I know I won't sleep.

Some people would think it ridiculous to feel this way about an animal, but I know at least some of you will understand. I'm going to get past it, I know that, but right now it just hurts too much.
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Even though I knew the end was coming, it somehow didn't seem real till I phoned the PDSA this morning and they told me there absolutely was no chance Symba could recover. So I arranged to go in that afternoon to say goodbye to him properly.

I'd arranged to take the day off work, 'cause I knew I wouldn't be able to cope, but I did pop down to attend the choir rehearsal at lunchtime as I desperately needed an hour's total distraction. I think that's what got me through the rest of the day, to be honest.

Mam and Dad met me afterwards, for moral support, and we made our way down to the PDSA. I let them come in with me to say goodbye to Sym, but asked to be left alone when it was actually time to put him to sleep. Mam was sobbing a little as they both petted him and the vet talked us through what was going on; she kept deferring to Mam and Dad, which was slightly irritating, but it was me who responded to her.

Mam and Dad went back out into the waiting area while I sorted out the paperwork. I then asked if I could pick Sym up - he was sprawled out on a blanket looking completely pathetic with one paw shaven, the other wrapped in gauze to keep the IV in place, and only attempted to get up twice the whole time - and cuddled him close to me as I had wanted to do for about two days. The vet then injected some saline into his IV to check the line was still okay after the position change, before administering the blue vial that would put him to sleep.

His little body relaxed almost instantly, very much like when a pet or a baby falls asleep while tucked into your shoulder. After a minute or so, the vet asked me to lay him back down so she could check his vitals, and confirmed he was gone. He looked for all the world like he was sprawled out in his bed or on the sofa, almost asleep but wanting to keep an eye on what the humans around him were up to incase he needed to move.

Took me quite a while to leave the examining room, as I couldn't stop stroking him. But eventually I did, and Mam and Dad took me into town for something to eat. When I got home, I threw out Symba's litter tray and the cushion from his bed, as I won't be needing them anymore. Everything else of his I'm going to wash and put aside until I'm ready to get another cat.

Told Rowan what had happened once I got him home from camp - he kept nagging me to tell him how Sym was all the way home, but I really didn't want to have that conversation on the walk back to the house. We had a long cuddle on the sofa and talked about how much we loved Symba and would miss him. Hopefully he'll not be thinking too hard about it when he goes back to camp on Tuesday - I'm glad he's got the weekend to process it, and so have I.

Thank you to everyone who sent me hugs and good wishes over the last couple of days. I really appreciated the support. *hugs you all*
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Symba, 1995-2010

Gonna miss him so much....

Might say more tonight once I've explained to the human ginger rugrat.
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So, not only did I miss out on Hairspray tickets on Thursday (ah well), I've also been having a few disappointments on the house-hunting front.

Went to see a flat yesterday afternoon, a few blocks up the street from Rowan's school; not ideal, as it was a first-floor flat rather than a ground-floor, and the kitchen was rather on the small side. Other than that, it was alright, aside from the fact that it came furnished - and I already have my own furniture. Council properties don't come furnished, y'see, so I had to sort that out when I moved in. I was hoping the landlord would be willing to put the furniture in his next investment, and possibly even lower the rent accordingly, but nope. *sigh*

So I was feeling quite despondant after that, 'cause the place was in an absolutely ideal location. Whined at Mel and Will a little over text (had to buy some calltime first, but that did leave me with seven days unlimited texts so I didn't mind) then bumped into my Dad on the bus home. He wasn't as sympathetic - well, he was initially sympathetic, but quickly became dismissive of the subject :-p

Talked to Mel online yesterday evening, and she reminded me of a good website for house searches and I found a place that looks ideal. Made sure I got up early this morning to call them when they opened - only to be told that, while the place is still available, there's been some kind of personal emergency and the landlord has asked for it to be put on hold for the time being! *facepalm* They've taken my details so they can call me when it's back on again, but argh!!! Not happy!

*sigh* Right, gotta drag an unwilling eight-year-old to the supermarket now....


Apr. 22nd, 2010 06:37 pm
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Feeling rather sorry for myself tonight...

A friend of mine in work is going to see Hairspray in the Wales Millennium Centre this evening, and two of his group had to pull out at the last minute so he asked if Rowan and I would like to go along in their place.

Cool, thinks I! Yeah, it's a school night, but with tomorrow being Friday, I figure we can get away with it just this once. Only trouble is that Thursdays is when Rowan goes to Badgers, and they're just wrapping up the work towards one of their badges. Still, I provisionally accept the offer, telling Stephen I'd speak to Rowan and let him know.

Talked to Rowan when he got out of school but, while he wanted to go, he was very worried he wouldn't earn his badge if he didn't go to the Sett meeting tonight. Called my uncle on the bus home, as he runs a Badgers/Cadets group out in the Vale and he agreed that it was likely he'd miss out... *sigh*

So I had to send Stephen a text at tea time to let him know we wouldn't be joining them :-( And I so wanted to see Michael Ball - Michael Ball, people! - as Edna....

Sometimes having parental responsibilities suck....
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I currently have no internet connection at home - looks like some little shit has severed my broadband cable on the outside of the building. They can't send an engineer out till Saturday, as all today and tomorrow's callouts have been delayed 'cause of the snow, so unless I make it in to the library on Friday I won't be able to get online till then :-(

I have a sneaking suspicion that this was an act of revenge, paranoid though that sounds. My internet connection has been very spotty for the last couple of weeks, and opening websites has been a nightmare. I began to suspect that someone in my building got themselves a computer for Christmas and has been stealing my bandwidth, so I finally got around to securing my wireless router (yeah yeah, I know, I know).

It got better for a couple of days, but it was bad again this morning. I called my ISP to check if there was something wrong their end, and the woman ran a check which came back ok, so I figured it must be my ancient router finally on its last legs. Came back from town with the shiniest new router I could afford, only to find my modem flashing intermittently. Got back on the phone to my ISP, but while on hold I had a feeling and popped outside to check the cables - something similar happened last year with the cable box in my bedroom - and sure enough, the cables on my exterior wall that were in about the right place had been severed. *scowls* So I stayed on the line and reported it. The guy I spoke to ran all manner of tests, just to confirm there was no signal getting through, but eventually conceded defeat and arranged a callout for me.

I am so glad I submitted my OU assignment last night, as it was due in by noon today.

Not sure what I'm going to do with myself for the next couple of days - Rowan's been off school today because of the snow, and the city council have declared no schools are to open tomorrow either for health and safety reasons. No way I can get on with my studies with Rowan around, as I turn into the bitch queen from hell in those situations - the slightest disturbance from him and I'm snarling :-( So it's best to leave it till he's not around - unfortunately I'm generally too tired once he's gone to bed...

Well, maybe I'll be able to work on that Torchwood WiP I have. Had a look at it this morning; think I may have bitten off more than I can chew, trying to base the next part on 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' and using a transcription I found on LJ. I think I'll go freestyle next time I tackle an episode.
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I have had quite a day. Some good, some bad.

Packed Rowan off to my parents last night, as I had to be down at the Millennium Centre by ten to eight this morning; we were doing a performance for the Arts And Business Cymru conference. Took my laptop to bed stupid-early, to make sure I went to sleep at a somewhat reasonable hour, and set the alarm on my phone to 5 o'clock so I would have enough time to get sorted in the morning.

First thing I am aware of this morning is the opening bars of the 'Thursday Cheesy Song', which opens up the Chris Moyles Breakfast Show on Radio One.

At six thirty.

Alarums and Excursions )

The day takes a downturn... )

But on a positive, Rowan-related note... )
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Been a stressful week or so; my latest Welsh assignment was due on Monday night, but I couldn't access the OU's website. I emailed the assignment to my tutor, so she did at least get it on time, but that's not how you're supposed to submit it, so I don't know if she's going to be willing to mark it. Turned out the problem was with my router - it was letting me view every other website I went to, just not that one! :-/ So odd. Rebooted it on the advice of the IT helpdesk, and hey presto. *headsdesk* By then, though, it was the next day as I figured the Helpdesk was closed by the time I finished the last few tweaks on my work.

Had Tuesday off work 'cause it was Rowan's school sports day; it went well - he even won one of the races - and we managed to keep going even when it decided to lightly shower for about twenty minutes. I think we were all happy for the respite from the humidity. I'd been dreading it, though, as Rowan threw an absolute fit on the way home from school Monday night about the unfairness of having to be in the Egg & Spoon race yet again 'cause it's the hardest race in the world omg! He was hot, tired and cranky following the after-school training session with Simon, one of the coaching team for the Bluebirds, and was frustrated at missing out on taking a corner, so he had an absolute cobb on. I tried to calm him down, but he just got more cranky, so when he got the same way after football last night I just kept my mouth shut and gave him some space.

Today his class were going for a trip to the Noah's Ark zoo out near Bristol, so I had to get up early to make sure his packed lunch was made and his bag was packed - it was forcasted to be another hot day, with scattered showers, so I packed his baseball cap and thin raincoat along with his shorts for Gymnastics this evening. I collected him after a productively-poor day at work, only to be told he'd somehow left his backpack behind! *screams in frustration* Somehow, though, he still had his lunchbag!

So now the only coat he has is a padded imitation-flight jacket, 'cause he lost his winter coat in the playground about a month ago, and he's lost the shorts I bought for his gymnastics class. And it's only a couple more weeks till the summer holidays, when I've got to pay for childcare. *sighs* I am beyond mad at him.

On the upside I have choir rehearsal tomorrow - it's a pathetic thing when a fortnightly singing session is the only reason you're still in your job. Plus there's a Torchwood radio play that aired this afternoon, so I can listen to that when Rowan's in bed.

And, and, and! Torchwood: Children of Earth starts airing on Monday! \O/ I set up my digi-box Monday night to record it all - good thing too, since I'm going out on Thursday night! One of the other mums is having drinks at her house, and I'm one of the ones that got invited. I'm gonna be biting my nails waiting to get home though! *laughs*
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I just spent two frickin' hours trying to install a new Yale lock on my front door, only to have to put the original, broken one back on again!

I couldn't get the new lock to sit properly on the doorframe, no matter what I did. And then when I tried simply changing the barrel over, the part that goes into the handle on the inside of the door was too long!

I suspect I could probably cut that down to size, but I don't know for certain and I lack the necessary tools anyway.

I'm knackered now. And twenty quid poorer.

*sigh* I am sick of having to enter the house through the patio door 'cause the front door lock's so badly buggered. It's not covered by my insurance since, as a council tenant, I can only get a contents-only policy, and the council don't consider the locks their responsibility *fumes*
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So last night Rowan and I moved back into our flat. Out of necessity, more than anything else, as my sister and neice needed the use of Mam's spare room ready for Rowan's birthday party this morning. I'm still surrounded by boxes, but capable of moving though the flat mostly unhindered.

Mam would have liked us to move out Thursday night, and I did try, but we just weren't ready. I haven't had the time to properly unpack, with working and stuff.

Anyway, we slept here at home last night, despite all the boxes around and that sawdusty flatpack smell. I struggled out of bed this morning and began sorting through the bags of clothes Mam sent us home with. Then, while I'm pottering in the kitchen, what do I discover?

There is water leaking through my kitchen ceiling!!

I popped upstairs to my neighbour, to see if she could shed any light on it, and she's apparently got the same problem. She's also called the out-of-hours repair line, who promised to send someone out to take a looksee this morning. So I give her a key to my place so she can bring them down here too if necessary.

We went out for Rowan's party, and didn't get back till about seven this evening. Checking the crack in the ceiling's artexing, everything seems to have dried up. Once I sent Rowan to bed, I turned my desktop PC on in order to fiddle with something, and discover my keyboard is sitting in a puddle of water - the leak's gotten to the other side of the wall, into my living room! And it's slowly dripping on to my brand new desk, bookcase and carpet!

I've pulled everything forward, and put bowls down to catch the drips, but....*sigh* There's a bump on the corner of the back of my desk, from where the water's been falling on it. I am so sick of this! I wish I could get out of here, but at this point I really don't want to move for a while - this whole thing has been just as exhausting as moving to a new house.

Rowan's ten-pin bowling party went well - Mam's declaration of "We're having a traditional party next year!" aside. There were thirteen children turned up out of the fourteen invited, between the ages of four and seven; we split them into two teams, which turned out to be boys on one team and Rowan, another lad called Edward and all the girls on the second team. The boys team raced through their game and finished about half an hour before the girl-heavy team, since the girls had a habit of wandering off...*sigh* Plus two of the girls were my little neices, Jessica and Katie, neither of whom had bowled before. I did have to coax the kids off the ball-return chute a few times, and be the meany who stopped them having lightsabre battles with the glo-sticks provided, but I think everyone had a good time. I will do the picspam thing sometime soon.

I've been involved in a kind of choral group at work, which is supposed to help with motivation in the workplace. We've only been at it for the last month, but the organisers arranged for us to have a twenty-minute gig at the Winter Wonderland, outside City Hall last night. My mother was picking my sister up off the train from Devon at quarter past six, and we were scheduled to sing at six thirty - I let myself assume this meant Mam, Rowan, Sarah and Jessica would be there to watch me, but no. I think it was because Mam didn't feel she could afford for the kids to want to go on the rides and things in the fairground section. Even so, it really, really hurt. Twenty-four hours later, nobody's even asked me how we got on.

The gig itself went reasonably well - as well as can be expected considering we'd had so little rehearsal. I'm glad to be passed the christmas songs though; as cool as they can be, I get bored of them incredibly fast. We're starting on some regular songs in January, with a view to performing at the company's AGM in April, and they also have us provisionally booked to sing at a charity concert in October - at the Albert Hall!

Of course, this means I have to still be working there next winter...
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Water, water, everywhere...

Read more... )

They have one week to come sort this out for me....
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Some of you may recall my commenting on how nervous I get when we go through quiet spells on my department at work. The first time I experienced this was when they took all the email addresses off the correpondance, claiming our customers were prefering to call us instead of email.

'Meeting the needs of the business' is the corporate line on this one.

The result of this was that we found ourselves with not enough work to go around the three Customer Service teams, the Renewals team and the Reports team - who processed all the incoming documentation and chased for outstanding ones, etc. The Reports team were, at the time, considered the dregs of the E-Services department; those whose work did not meet the standard required to be on the email teams.

Management decided to condense the E-Services team into just two Customer Service teams, getting completely shot of the Renewals team I was working on, and the Reports guys became a phone team. Most of the Renewals team went onto phones teams too, and I had to move back to the Customer Service teams. This was very unpleasant and I have never felt like I fit in on the team anymore - especially since I went part-time.

I've seen E-Services slowly shrink over the past three years, with us going on the phones more and more. And I've seen the standard of the free-format (ie. those not pre-written on the system) completely plummet to a level that shames me.

Plus we're now being pressured to sell Breakdown cover and all sorts of other stupid little things that we get marked down for not doing - I get silently pissed off at the number of competitions they hold to encourage upselling that is completely phones based, when I cannot go on the telephone.

This morning, Ops Manager Andrew (he who made a fool of himself about my role-play activities) got us all together to let us know that they're gonna be making us into a telephone/reports team in the very near future - essentially making us a phones team who just happen to be answering the emails too.

Morale in E-Services essentially hit the floor. Andrew had no idea what to say to us once he'd gauged the reaction, and could only spout the corporate line as vaguely as he could. It amazes me that they ever think we buy that bullshit - they certainly wouldn't have when they were just lowly workers themselves. No-one wants to be on the phones half their shift, when they were employed to answer emails - regardless of the 'needs of the business'. We have quite a few part-timers on our department, and several of the full-timers work on a specialised report which leaves only a handful of others to go on the phones when required.

And the real kicker? At lunchtime I heard a couple of the women on my team talking about one guy who, after a long time off sick, only works till eleven thirty and doesn't go on the phones anymore. I think it's an issue with his ears. They were bitching that he should have to go on the phones just like everyone else.

So you can imagine how I felt, quietly working away in my corner. How long did it take them, I wonder, to start bitching about me once my shift finished?

I need to get out of there. A long time ago.


Oct. 18th, 2008 09:22 pm
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Someone please save me from the hell that is 'Casualty'!

God...can't believe I used to love watching this show...
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Well fuck that for a game of soldiers...

I've been trying to get the council to come sort out my flat, and they keep turning up to inspect or whatever while I'm at work. The Council have this really irritating habit of assuming that all of their tenants are social leaches who sit around all day and claim benefits, and can therefore be dropped in on at any time.

My neighbour encouraged me to call our Housing Officer and get him out to take a look see, in the hopes he can get them to pull their fingers out. But when I called his office I was advised that this is not anything to do with him, and I need to take it up with the Maintenance supervisors. *scowls*

I got home so pissed off last night I spent a good hour ironing, to work out my frustrations. And you all know how much I destest ironing.

Finally got an inspector out to my flat this morning, and showed him the rising damp up the hallway walls and in the bedrooms. He's going to get the hallway treated, and that bloody horrible artex reskimmed as best they can, and they're gonna treat the bedrooms for mould. But, they're only going to be doing any kind of redecorating in my bedroom, not Rowan's. The reason for this is because he developed a habit of picking at his wallpaper when he was supposed to be sleeping, so it's in tatters as it is.

*urge to kill rising*

I feel like I'm being accused of pulling a fast one, to get my flat redecorated.

So not only do I have to replace my furniture and carpets - which the insurance is pretty much sorting out, thank god - I am now definitely going to have to do something about the wallpaper in Rowan's room, and the living room too as that's showing tide marks from where the paper soaked up water from the damp skirting boards.

I can't even leave it and get the hell out of there, 'cause they'd probably come chasing after me for damaging the place, since they'd then have to redecorate it ready for the next tenant.

I wish to god it wasn't coming up to Christmas time - I keep wanting to go find myself a full time job someplace other than where I am now, that would pay me enough to privately rent some little two-bedroomed place near the school. I have totally had a gutsfull of my flat and my job.

Seeing red

Jul. 2nd, 2008 08:08 pm
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I was so mad at the end of work today I nearly cried.

About fifteen minutes before my shift ended, my manager handed me the final draft of my Appraisal form for this year. This not only has the comments made by the two of us, but also the department manager - the same guy who thought I was going to spend my M&S vouchers on outfits for my roleplaying :-p

When I read what he wrote, I was stunned. He pretty much stated that I need to buck my act up, not just in my productivity, but in the emails I write to customers and the quality of my work.


Now, my productivity has always been a problem, I won't deny it. But the reason I'm still with the company after five years is because of the high quality of my work. I never get less than ninety-five percent for each piece of work they assess, and I never get any errors registered against me. So how the hell can he say the quality of my work is poor?

I told my manager when I handed the form back that I needed to talk to her about his comments tomorrow. I knew damn well if I tried to address it right then I would end up crying - I may still do tomorrow, but I had to give myself the time to process it.

Oh, and one of my objectives for the coming year is to 'raise my profile' within the team :-p Like hell...
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I'm a naturally quiet person, unless I know you really well. Then, if our friendship allows it, I can get very affectionately cheeky and enjoy a spot of banter. Not saying I'm any good at it, but I try.

I try this once in a while at work, jumping into open conversations with the odd comment - be it an attempt at wit, a personal anecdote or the answer to some question or other. But pretty much all my life people have seemed to make assumptions about me, never taking the time to get to know me. I really don't know why that is.

In the last couple of months, not only have I been told I'm weird by someone who hasn't had much contact with me till recently, I've also had a lot of remarks regarding my eagerness to eat. So much so that I've chosen to stop eating entirely during working hours (but don't worry, I am making sure I eat before and after - I have no intention of developing an eating disorder, thanks)

A couple of weeks ago we had a buffet laid on for us, and the person who told me I was weird made a comment that she was surprised I wasn't the first in line. This hurt so much that I deliberately held back the following week when we had a pizza delivery as the winners of a team competition.

Yesterday I attended a presentation for those who have reached their five year anniversary in the company, where we were given a special glass paperweight (the VIP Exec who gave them out dropped mine! *shakes head* Good thing it didn't get damaged) and some Marks & Spencer vouchers, and tea and cakes were laid on for after. I decide to risk getting something from the refreshment table, but right behind me is my supervisor and our Operations manager, who start in on comments like "Oh here we go - remember, you can only have one cake!"


It's mostly meant in fun, but seriously, how the hell did I get such a reputation? I know I used to get pretty impatient for the trolley to turn up, but that was my breakfast most mornings. And my blood sugar levels were often dropping by mid-afternoon so a snack from the second run-through was always welcome. Plus, it's not like I was constantly raiding the snacks in the incentives cupboard.

And today the same Operations Manager managed to make a fool of himself when he came by to ask how I'd spent the M&S vouchers (he's friendly-nosy like that, not rude-nosy) and said he was surprised I hadn't used them to buy outfits for my online stuff. I questioned what he was on about, and he admitted that he thought my online role-playing was, essentially, CosPlay with webcams! I had to laugh as I explained it's basically creative writing, and he did seem suitably embarrassed, but honestly!

We're not supposed to keep our heads down and not interact with the rest of the team, but if they're gonna get such weird impressions of me? I think I will.


Jun. 22nd, 2008 11:29 am
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I hate hate hate laundry day!

This morning looked pretty promising, with clear blue skies, so I decided it was worth taking a chance on washing my towels today. By the time the first load was out of the machine, it wasn't looking quite as clear, and it was very windy, but I figured I could still get away with it.

Just as I'm getting the second load of towels out of the machine, Rowan comes in to tell me the washing line has fallen over!

*pulls hair out in frustration*

The only thing I can think of is that the large number of floods we've had in the garden of late must have dislodged the concrete holding the pole in place, as it's cracked into three peices. Combine that with the weight of the towels and the pole snapped clean off.

So we then had to transfer two loads of towels to one of the lines outside the bedrooms - which, if you remember from my rant a couple of weeks back, only gets direct sunlight till about one in the afternoon. After that I take Rowan to Mam's, so his dad can collect him. When I get back, guess what?

The second line has also snapped!!!

I refuse to believe it's due to the weight of the towels, as I've done this kind of wash many, many times and I always leave at least one line of space between each towel so's not to damage the line. So I then had to transfer it all over to the next line in the row - the only other one that isn't damaged in some way or other, and is too high for me to reach the top three rows. *scowls*

I have our clothes in the machine now, and it looks like I'm going to have to tumble dry them. I suppose I could sneak them over to one of the lines outside the other block, but I really don't want to deal with any tenant selfish enough to complain about it.



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