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Rowan comes back from his week at my sister's in Devon tomorrow. Which is kinda a good thing 'cause, much as he may stress me out a lot, I do miss him horribly when he's not around.

I've still had to work, naturally, but it's been nice just chilling all evening afterwards. And breakfast time hasn't been nearly as rushed as usual. Today was my day off, though my alarm still went off at 6.30 as normal. I lay in bed listening to the show for a while, before turning the laptop on and watching the show for a bit - they've had video cameras in the studio all month, though I haven't had much chance to watch while Rowan's been around. It was particularly fun this week though, as John Barrowman phoned in twice about Chris's campaign to get one of his album tracks in the top ten of the download chart! *grin* He phoned today, on his way home after playing a gig on the Isle of Man last night. He was apparently picking up one of his cars - that's spent the last year being refurbished - at Birmingham airport before driving home to Cardiff for a meeting with the City Council! :-/ I'm fascinated to know what that was about!

Didn't hardly bother getting out of bed most of the day, though I did have to go to ASDA for a few supplies. Then once I'd - finally - eaten something, I headed out to the Bay to see Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. I don't really have anything to say in way of a review, but I had fun watching it.

Wandered down to the water before getting the bus home - and saw for myself that Torchwood fans really have been leaving flowers and notes and stuff outside the 'Tourist Office'. I know people will scoff and be all "He's a bloody fictional character!", and that's fine. Whatever. But I found it very touching, and I nearly cried again. *shrugs* I loved that character, as much as you can love someone who's fictional - and it's suprising just how much you actually can.

I'll probably spend tomorrow doing all the things I really should have been doing today (read: housework... *booo*) while waiting for my boy to come home. I think their train gets in some time in the early afternoon.
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Previously it was the New York cityscape, since that's the closest one I could see to my perception of Gotham City. However, I decided I fancied a change and went for my spiritual second home, Seattle. *grins* May even get back there for a visit again one of these days....

Well, Rowan's now officially on his summer holidays so we're gonna be spending a lot more time together over the next six weeks. Whether this is good for either person's sanity, we shall see! *laughs*

Typically, he appears to be following my father in that, no sooner had school broken up for the summer, he appears to have come down with a bug. My Dad is prone to coming down with the flu whenever he takes a week off work; it's like his body suddenly thinks "Ah! A week of rest, he's got time to actually get shot of that virus we're fighting for him!" In Rowan's case, we were driving to my grandparents house when he called out "Nana, can we get there soon please, I'm going to be sick!" Minutes later, he was, poor love.

Then, when he got home from visiting his Dad on Sunday, all he wanted to do was snuggle up to me - which is totally unlike him, as he's usually bouncing off the walls when he gets back. I had warned Baz not to let him have any sweets, but they appeared to have compromised by only giving him a small amount. *rolls eyes* The rest he brought back home with him and will now be nagging me for all week.

He's also been seriously off his food all weekend, and didn't even eat a single slice at Pizza Hut this afternoon - even though going there had been his idea in the first place. He instead made up for all the energy he didn't expend yesterday, and was completely hyperactive. Hopefully an early night tonight, as well as some medicine, will set him right for his first day at Dragon Camp tomorrow. There he'll be able to burn off any energy, especially since we're gonna have a fairly long walk there and back.

Could have strangled my mother on Saturday, regarding the Potter novel; we met up with her in the morning, since Saturdays are Mam's day to spend with Rowan, planning to do some shopping and go see my grandparents. Mam decides to go in to Barry first, even though she knows I want to go get that book. So I'm sat in the passenger seat quietly freaking, 'cause it's nearly noon by this time, but I know better than to say anything. We finally got to my Dad's ASDA at two in the afternoon and, quel surprise, they sold out at about nine am. So Mam's half-laughing at me 'cause my mood has just plummeted - and I snark back that she'd been so certain there'd still be copies left, even though I knew there was no chance. (I'd like to see her face if people were so nuts about Catrin Collier, and she was releasing the final part of a series!)

In the end I managed to pick up a copy in a little bookshop near Rowan's school, for twice the price but I didn't care by that point. So I then read it at every opportunity for the rest of the weekend - you can understand how grateful I was that Rowan went to see his Dad yesterday!

*chuckles* I just got a phonecall from [ profile] thaya_rayal to yell abuse at me for not telling her James Marsters is filming for Torchwood at the moment - serves you right for running away to England cariad! *teases* So, especially for her, here's the link to the news item where I found out about it;

Apparently Gareth David Lloyd (the gorgeous Ianto) has annoyed some of his fans by not turning up to the Bad Wolf convention in Birmingham this weekend. Some say he's claiming 'prior commitments', but there's footage of him at Marsters' gig down the Bay, a little worse the wear for drink (this gig has also gotten me in Thaya's bad books! *giggles*). Though if you bear in mind that the floods all over the country have pretty much blocked the routes between Cardiff and Birmingham, is anyone surprised he stayed home?

Ah well...better see if the laundry's done. Since I dropped everything to read that book, I've had to get all the housework done this afternoon/evening. Just my ironing to do now, once the dryer's finished.


Jul. 22nd, 2007 10:43 pm
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Finished it at five past ten this evening.

Awesome read, and that's all I'm prepared to say.
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Dear F-List,

Y'know, I've seen several posts today which basically go like this;

"Um...about this whole Harry Potter thing? Really couldn't care less - please don't hate me?"

Or variations on the "So not interested" theme.

You know what, guys? That's totally cool with me, and anyone who tells you otherwise? Ignore them.

I will always encourage people to give the series a go, but ultimately people either like it or they don't. Mileage will always vary.

Enjoy your weekend, whatever you choose to do with it.

Much love,
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This is probably completely redundant, as my f-list are an extremely considerate bunch whom I don't believe would ever post spoilers. But, having said that, I am buying the new book tomorrow and would like to make it to the end without being spoiled, thank you kindly!

My intention, as much as possible, is to spend the next three days reading it without stopping. Not one hundred percent feasible, since I also have Rowan to consider, but I'm going to try dammit! I may well still be sniffing around the internet between reads, being the net-addict that I am, but don't expect to see me around much at all.

It was fun when The Goblet Of Fire came out, as half my office was reading it in the breaks, and there were many, many cries of "No! Don't tell me, I haven't gotten to that part yet!" *laughs* I don't recall as much of that two years ago, when Half-Blood Prince came out, but I guess that just shows the change in dynamic at my office. Or at least, my perception of it. Might be different this time though - Jon's been reading The Philosopher's Stone this week, to see what all the fuss is about. He's got a long way to go before he catches up, but his wife - who used to be on our department - is into the series too.

I'm disgusted to hear about the US and French newspapers who have already printed reviews and spoilers - how the hell did they get a copy in the first place? Surely they shouldn't have one yet, or at least be under legal contract not to print their reviews till after the release date. Rowling's people ought to sue, in my opinion.

In other news, had to replace the entire contents of my freezer this morning thanks to my beloved son. We had ice cream last night, and he was giving me grief over finishing his dinner before he could eat his, so I put his bowl in the freezer so it would keep till he was done. When he later finished, I allowed him to go retrieve it and, unbeknownst to me, he didn't close the door quite tight enough so it was sloooooowly defrosting all night. All the ice cream was soft, and the vegetables etc. were all loose, so I chucked it all to be on the safe side - including a brand new, unopened bag of chicken pieces for stirfries that cost me £3.50 *sigh* This meant a trip to Iceland to restock pretty much everything, but thankfully it didn't come to as much as it could have done. Plus they do free delivery, which is very much of the yay since there's no way I could have gotten that much home on the bus. When I was done in there I nipped into Tesco two doors down for some milk, bread, and two tubs of Ben & Jerrys; they're on half-price till the end of the month. No way am I turning down the best ice-cream ever, when it's less than two quid a pot!

Right, I'm going back to kicking this damn PC doesn't want to burn some DVDs I'm trying to make for a friend. *scowls darkly*
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I have a ton of housework to do, and I need to make sure I stay awake as I am sleepy as hell.

I went out last night to see Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix with Graham and some of his work colleagues, and went to Bar Icon for a drink afterwards so I didn't get home till about eleven thirty. Which isn't exactly late, but Rowan was over his nan's and I have difficulty going to bed at a reasonable hour when he's not home. I really can't explain it. Plus I had to make sure I was over there to collect him at seven thirty, so Mam could get to work by eight (Her job officially starts at nine, but she has this tendency to want to make herself indispensable, so she goes in early). Ended up down near Rowan's school with over forty-five minutes to kill, so we went to the cafe for breakfast.

I'm not going to give any spoilers about the movie - not least of all because I'm rubbish at that stuff, as my Who/Torchwood posts prove - but I will say that it was awesome! Loved every minute of it.

Cutting the rest of it because I are longwinded )

Anyway, I think I've waffled on enough for now and the housework's not doing itself dammit! *sigh*

*hugs [ profile] thaya_rayal, just 'cause, and [ profile] yellowseptember because yay! She's back from hols!*


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