May. 21st, 2006 12:58 pm
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I really really hate being sick.

I also really hate the fact that when I am sick, I don't have the luxury of being able to just crawl into bed and sleep it off. I still have to do everything I normally do.

I was hoping I'd get an early night last night, but Rowan was pretty distressed that I wasn't well enough to read his bedtime story and so refused to settle down for about three hours. I turn into something of a bitch-queen when I'm sick, so the best I could do was lie on the sofa (which helped ease my headache just a little) and plead/shout at him to go to bed already! He'd have gotten a lot more smacks for his troubles if I hadn't, which would have made me feel all the worse 'cause it's not his fault any more than it's mine. He's too young to appreciate that when 'Mummah' is sick, she needs peace and quiet and for him to do as he's told.

So while I waited for him to wear himself out, I dozed on the sofa listening to the Eurovision Song Contest on the tv. It was about as normal, though I was very amused by the Finnish entry that won by a landslide. Our commentator, Terry Wogan, compared the costumes they used to Klingons and Orcs, and he was right. Though they were slightly more like those other LOTR creatures...Urigans? I think that's how you spell it.

Terry was actually pretty restrained in his commentary last night, though it was still full of his usual wit and sarcasm. His occasional comments about wanting a drink made me think it was something to do with what Mam was saying earlier - about people claiming he gets drunk during the show. See, I've always been of the opinion that he gets progressively more off his face as the night goes on, myself, considering the way he's usually talking such bollocks by the final song. And his comments about the political voting, which I totally agree with. Plus it must be a bloody hard job, trying to be funny and entertaining during those horribly dull video montages that serve as self-gratuitous adverts for the host country. But, regardless of that, Terry is a consumate professional so it was just a source of amusement for me. So hearing him so restrained last night was kinda a shame, though he still bitched about the voting.

I was totally unsurprised that we scored so badly - we really don't have a clue how to compete in Eurovision anymore. We're so scornfully dismissive of the competition - probably because we haven't come close to winning in years - that the UK entries are either half-hearted or totally innappropriate for Eurovision. There was no way a rap song about teenage angst was gonna win, come off it!

It was also kinda weird watching those pricks from 'Fathers For Justice' disrupt the National Lottery just before the competition. I'm not gonna waste what little energy I have bitching about deadbeat dads, especially since there's got to be at least a handfull in that organisation with a legitimate complaint - but honestly....I don't see what that acheived. Good on Alan Dedicot, the commentator, for keeping the Beeb from experiencing dead-air when they pulled the video feed to deal with those wankers though. And apparently the Draw Master took one of the guys down too - nice one!

Thankfully I'm feeling somewhat better today than yesterday. I don't currently have a headache, though my throat's still scratchy and it hurts when I swallow. And my back's not tender anymore, which is my warning signal that yes, I am coming down with something. I woke up yesterday a little worried that maybe the damp had spread back into my room again, but since I got progressively worse while out all day, rather than better, it was pretty obvious it's a bug. Just have to wait and see if I make it to work tomorrow.
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At least to my normal level of insanity, anyway....

Just sat through an hour of 'The Eurovision Song Contest'.....omg teh crack!!!!

Everyone's playing steel-can drums, the songs sound brain-teasingly like ones you've heard before, and the costumes? Guh...

And I am trying so hard to ignore the subtext behind the lines "Come on, come on, come on - love is all over me!" *shudder*

Made worse by the fact the singer was trying to look like some combination of Alice Cooper, Steve Tyler of Aerosmith and Justin Hawkins of The Darkness!

So now we're watching the more sane grand final of 'Hit Me Baby One More Time', where one hit wonders and faded popstars sing their greatest hit and cover a current hit of someone elses. So far we've seen Tiffany, and now 911 are singing. This is so much better....*relief*


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