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Mondays are either very productive or very un-productive days for me. I have time to myself to do whatever I need, and there's not usually any urgency to return home as soon as I've dropped Rowan off at school.

Today, however, is proving to be a rather unproductive day because I'm not in an especially good mood. And I'm blaming the council for it. So I've been messing around on the internet all day, and I just ordered myself some (inexpensive) DVDs from Amazon Marketplace *winces*

The reason I'm in a bad mood is because the lock on my front door has started to play up. It's a hell of a job to get the key to fit, and my neighbour snapped my spare when she was trying to let the workmen in for me last week. Being a council tenant, most repairs are carried out for me but it would appear that locks are entirely my responsibility *grumbles* This means I have to either get a locksmith out (and I had to do that last winter when I locked myself out, so it's probably shoddy workmanship I'm dealing with now!) or try and fit a new lock myself. Which I'm really not confident about.

But hey! My new bed's being delivered on friday! *relief*

Rowan's currently in deep, deep trouble as he decided to climb out of his bedroom window around nine pm on Saturday. I had no idea till the neighbours two floors up (who are the troublemakers on the block) came to let me know they'd just helped him back into his room. *facepalms* Naturally he denied it at first, but after a short interrogation he admitted what he'd done. When I told my parents the next day his excuse was "I was bored waiting."

I've got fourteen more years of this, at least.

So as you can imagine, Rowan's now grounded for a week. And Mam's cancelled her plans to drag us both down to South Devon on Saturday to visit Trago Mills again, as she wants to get some pieces she's missing from her dinner service. To be honest, that's a relief as, while I don't object to the trip, that's the night Utopia airs. I really didn't want to have to tape it to watch later when I'm knackered.

CAPTAIN JACK! *squees*


We trawled through Cardiff city centre yesterday afternoon (not making eye contact with the brass statues, kthxbye!) looking for the DVD of the He-Man/She-Ra movie 'Secret of the Sword'. I spotted it last week when we were in the Swansea Borders store (first time I'd ever been to one - and I live in the capital. Something's wrong there), but since I was already buying a copy of Roald Dahl's 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' (compulsory reading for every child, especially those who live in Cardiff), I figured I couldn't afford it just then. So I picked it up yesterday, and we watched it before putting Rowan to bed; he loved it, and we couldn't resist sniggering at the crackiness of it. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again after - Iesu - twenty-two years!

Still, time to go get the boy again. He's gonna be in a stinking mood once he gets home, since there'll be no TV and he'll have to clean his room. Wish me luck!
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I'm coming off a burst of productivity, that's been brewing most of the afternoon.

Today was payday, such as it is, and I was obligated to head into WHSmiths for my Stargate part works. This leaves me with the dilemma of where to put the DVDs once they're out of the polythene wrapper. I only have finite shelf-space at present, and I'm itching to do a shift-around of my living room in the hopes of making room for at least one more bookcase. Though I'll confess I'll probably also have to rethink some of the furniture I have in here - like the somewhat too large dining table that was originally bought for my mother, and is now a repository of all the daily junk such as bags and mail. It's a miracle we ever get to eat dinner at the table. Seriously.

Anyway, I digress. So, I needed to make room for two more DVDs, knowing that there'd be more in the future. I contemplated putting away a set of books containing 'classic' childrens stories (which are unbelievably wordy, and don't hold Rowan's attention even though he's now able to cope with books with chapters), and even got as far as putting them in a box, but I eventually managed to put them back on the shelf.

Up till now, I've had an arrangement where all my movies are on the bookcase with the cupboard underneath, going up in BBFC certificate from U to 18, with the 18s and 15s as far out of Rowan's line of sight as I can get them. Above them were my TV-series DVDs, and the Stargate discs. The Stargates have been frustrating me as they make up various pictures when aligned properly on the shelf, and the company haven't been considerate enough to leave big enough gaps between pictures for you to break them up when you run out of space on a shelf. It's very annoying to have half a Stargate on one shelf, and the other half below but on the other side of the bookcase.

I've now got the second set of DVDs, which take up a third of a shelf so far, on the bookcase alongside. This means that the only thing breaking up the picture is the sides of the bookcases - which in itself is irritating, but it's a compromise. The rest of the shelf is taken up by my Due South boxsets, Sports Night, three seasons of Six Feet Under and my Josh Charles collection, such as it is. Underneath that is all Rowan's DVDs (aside from the movies, which have joined the regular movie shelves once more) and my music DVDs. These two shelves used to have my video tapes, which I intend to eventually replace with the DVD versions and have been moved over to join Rowan's old tapes on the CD/DVD towers matching the bookcases, either side of my telly.

You wouldn't believe I've only been collecting DVDs for six years, would you? I didn't even have a DVD player of my own till about four and a half years ago!

I still don't have enough room for my books, and the ones I have on my non-DVD bookcase are double-stacked. I'm pretty sure most of my books are still in Mam's house; I haven't seen hide nor hair of my Star Wars books since we moved in, for a start. Rowan's fast catching up with me - his collection's taking up more than three shelves at it is.

And the living room's even more of a mess than it was this morning...

le sigh

In good news, I can start looking for a new bed! \O/ I paid a cheque into the bank this morning that should clear a week Tuesday (bloody bank holidays...*mutter*). I hope I can find a decent one cheap enough to get some new bedding too, 'cause I desperately need it.

(And yes, LJ spell-checker, 'cheque' is a word! *mutters about Americanization*)
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So I went to the video store close to my office this lunchtime ( wrong...) and I picked up the Batman boxset, Justice League:Secret Origins and a John Cusack film called 'Say Anything'.

And I blame [ profile] fair_witness entirely! lol! I shouldn't get into coversations about movies and DVDs with people....*grin*

Don't know when I'll get to watch any of them, since the parental units will be home tonight, and they'd probably go nuts if they knew I'd bought them. (Sneaking them home will be tricky....)

And I don't even have any room on the shelves for them!


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