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Cut for possible spoilers )

Well, we'll have to see. I have it set to be V+'d 'cause we're in the wildes of Hampshire this weekend.
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My first reaction was "Who the hell is that??" And the little montage of his previous roles didn't enlighten me much.


When I first heard they'd cast David Tennant I didn't think much of it, and I'd seen practically nothing of his before either. But by the time The Christmas Invasion was over, I'd completely fallen for his Doctor.

I'm willing to give this new guy a go. But I will miss the hell out of DavidDoc.

Oh god....

Dec. 17th, 2008 09:19 pm
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I was just watching my new DVD copy of the Tom Baker 'Who' story 'The Keeper of Traken', which is the one where Anthony Ainley takes over the role of The Master.

Right at the end of the final credits, there's a caption, dedicating the story to his memory. This is followed by a clip of Ainley, backlit all in reds and greens, grinning at the camera, before doing a thumbs-up and saying "Thanks Guv!"

Shivers down my spine. Seriously.

I didn't realise Ainley's Master had scared me that much, back in the day, to still get that reaction out of me...
gothams3rdrobin: (christmas tardis) that when they break off into the regional reports, they don't all keep to the same timetable. So while you start off watching the events at BBC Television Centre, London, when they break off to, say, Wales, there's a good chance they won't pass back to the main events in time to catch something you might be waiting for. I've missed out on things like the Eastenders Special, or the Newsreaders doing their annual song and dance, because BBC Wales were showing us a concert going on in Wrexham! *sighs*

Now, with Cable, there's an option to watch BBC England, BBC Wales, BBC Scotland and even BBC Ireland, so we can always watch BBC England and just see the London events. Normally this works fine - but this year they have John Barrowman and Gethin Jones hosting the Welsh events from the Millenium Centre!

My parents don't want to miss anything at Television Centre, so guess which channel we're watching...

Le sigh

I can't even plead with them to turn it back, 'cause they don't like John.

Ah well - the Doctor Who special is on. 'Least I haven't missed that!

EDT: Oooookay...the Christmas special should be interesting this year!
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All I can say right now is "OH MY GOD!"


That was amazing...

I think I'm going to be making use of the iPlayer a fair bit this week.
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Till today's episode of Doctor Who! *bounces impatiently*

I'm not sure how and when I'm going to get to watch it as Rowan's been playing me up all day today. I think the problem is that he's bored, but it's entirely of his own doing; he's been supposed to be cleaning his room for the last two weeks, and I've forbidden him to watch TV or play video games till the work is finished. I let him go to dance last week, for the physical outlet, but he hasn't gone this week 'cause he didn't bother to get dressed in time.

He's now outright refusing to clean his room - which means he won't be watching Who tonight. He hasn't seen it for the past fortnight; I had to watch Midnight via iPlayer on the computer, and I put him in the bath last weekend and watched Turn Left with the sound down and the subtitles on. Gonna have to do something similar today.

He's now trying to sneak out of the living room window so he can play outside....he's so blatant in his defiance.

Still - eeee! Can't wait! :-) I was squeaking and doing my happy dance watching the teaser last weekend.

Gonna be at a birthday party in the West Midlands during next week's finale! *facepalms* But at least the people we're visiting are fans too - I'll get to watch it with them after the party, which will be awesome! I haven't watched with genuine fans in ages!
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Shouldn't be a spoiler, but I'll cut it anyway. Especially since this needs to be said in very large caps...

Read more... )

Thank you. You may now return to your regularly scheduled LJ activities. :-D
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Does anyone know where you can get decent Doctor Who-themed webpage graphics?

Specifically, I'd like to find a picture of the TARDIS - on it's own, either in space or parked on some landscape or other - where it's located to one side of the image, so there's plenty of space opposite for text.

It's waaaaaaay past time I updated Rowan's section of my website.


Nov. 16th, 2007 08:28 pm
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Oh that was beautifully done! Somewhat sugary, but fantastic! My video-editor's soul was happy watching.

Oh David! Oh Peter!

Take a look, guys! - they've sensibly put it up on the website, now that it's aired. And there's Behind The Scenes too!


Oct. 6th, 2007 09:51 pm
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I had a major squee moment at lunch today!

My normal Saturday routine is to head out someplace with my mother. Today, Dad had the day off work so he came out with us. It was decided that we'd go see my grandparents in Barry, then go see my brother and his family before doing the weekly shopping.

As it was close to lunchtime, we headed down to Barry Island before calling into my grandparents place, so as not to disturb their lunch. Initially we were going to go get a burger from the Piccolo bar, as is our tradition, but Mam wasn't feeling too clever and didn't want anything to eat. However, she did want a cuppa, so we went into Fortes cafe, opposite the once-proud but now pretty pathetic fairground. I've been going into this particular cafe on occasion since I was a little girl - probably since birth, actually.

I cheerfully pointed out to my Dad that this was the location of a shot from the final episode of last season's Doctor Who; a load of extra's came running out of the cafe when the Toclafane attacked. I can remember squeeing that the tv "Oh my god that's Barry Island!!" *laughs*

However, when we sat down, we spotted some pictures on the wall that informed us that not only was the cafe used for that scene, but also for Torchwood! The cafe Tosh and Mary were sat in during 'Greeks Bearing Gifts'!! *squees* And they also used it for episode seven of series two, but there were no photos available, understandably. Though according to the page of signatures, it's a scene between Gwen and PC Andy.

*is happily bouncing, even hours later*

It just proves that I have just got to bring Carol and Rachel & Phaed to Barry Island when they finally come visit me! *grins* Not only was it the location of the holiday camp for Sylvester's episode 'Delta & The Bannermen', but for the current series too! Yay!

Oh, and my two week old nephew, who has now been officially named Aaron (not certain of the spelling yet, but it's Ah-ron, as opposed to Air-on) continues to be absolutely gorgeous. He was much more alert today, and it's amazing how much more real he seems - if that makes sense. When he was just hours old, it felt like you were holding fine porcelain that you just must be oh so careful with. Today, everyone was much more relaxed with him. Big sister Katie is equally adorable and was naming the pictures in her book for me - such a smart little sweetie, my Katie-bear.
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Right this moment, we're watching Freema Agyeman, Martha Jones of Doctor Who, reading 'Guess How Much I Love You' for the CBeebies bedtime story.

Naturally, the YouTube of it must be shared.

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There was another attempt to hold the infant school's sports day today - and yet again it was rained out. But this time they held off cancelling for as long as they could, so I ended up not going to work.

Headed into town as normal once I'd dropped Rowan off, but instead of going to the office I went and booked an appointment at the opticians. And who should I see as I leave, but my lovely friend Graham! We used to work together at the cinema, and he was briefly Two Face for [ profile] jla_watchtower before his health got in the way.

He's looking loads better now, and has a job at the opticians - I may well see him again later when I drag Rowan to my appointment, since I couldn't get one any earlier.

Spent a great portion of the morning hunting the bookstores in town (of which there are vastly fewer than there were, thanks to this St Davids 2 redevelopment *grumbles*), looking for the book [ profile] laylee recced. Couldn't find it, as its apparently gone out of print, though WHSmiths were willing to order it in for me - if I was prepared to wait a fortnight. So I checked again and got a used copy for a fraction of the price, and hopefully it'll reach me in the next few days. *waits impatiently*

Sunday's Torchwood filming - no spoiler )

You can imagine how blue I turned the air in my room last night when I got a text to let me know there was filming down the Bay at that very moment *grumbles* No way I could have gotten down there, not with Rowan in tow (or even if Mam could have babysat - she'd have been bound to say no) so I was left sorting out my most recent comics acquisition into box files. Yay me.

There's probably more filming tonight too.

Actual Who spoiler )
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I'm in the middle of watching tonight's Doctor Who, and I am loving it!

Spoiler cut )
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You would think that, by now, I'd have posted a massive squee-fest regarding last saturday's Doctor Who.

I have no explanation as to why I haven't. Rest assured it's not because the episode was bad, because it bloody well rocked!

It was so worth waiting for, and I've watched it twice since. I love the video library my cable provider has *grins*

In case anyone hasn't seen it yet (and why the hell not???), I'm gonna cut here for spoilers.
Captain Jack!! )

I'm likely to not be able to watch tomorrow's ep till later though, as my niece Jodie is performing in a version of High School Musical. I don't know what part she has, but we're all looking forward to it.

My impatiently-awaited dvds finally arrived today *yay!* An animated movie called 'Everyone's Hero', based around the 1939 World Series, and Team Baby: MLB Baby - a pre-schooler's dvd all about baseball. *chuckles* I watched that as soon as I got home, wanting to judge how Rowan might respond to it; while it's somewhat young for him as it's aimed at infants and toddlers, I think he still enjoys pre-school tv enough that he's going to like it. Plus he'll get to sing along to 'Take Me Out To The Ballgame' during the seventh inning stretch!

He was supposed to have his school's sports day on Wednesday, but it absolutely tipped down on Tuesday so they postponed it. Ironically, the weather was pretty good on Wednesday, if somewhat windy, but seeing as they were holding the event over the Recreation Grounds, it was probably wise to wait. They've rescheduled for a week Wednesday now, so fingers crossed! He's been so excited, and getting rather upset every morning when I tell him that no, it's not sports day today.

Hmmm...what else can I say? Well, I finally finished reading Eldest, which is the sequel to Eragon. My Grampy let me borrow the books, though I don't think he wants them back (which makes them feel uncomfortably like a bequeathment, but moving on...) and I started reading the Doctor Who book I bought a couple of weeks ago called The Stealers of Dreams. I haven't read a Who book in a long, long time, so I wanted to start with an Eccleston, and since this included Captain Jack...*grins* I finished it on the bus this morning, after just a week - which was kinda depressing since it took me over a month to work through Eragon and Eldest. But still, very nice little tale.

Meh, I really ought to be getting on with some housework, and I've an assignment due next week. *grumps* I'm wishing I could drop the course, since I'm too shit-scared to attend the tutorials most times, but I'm only a couple of months from the end now. Just gotta keep telling myself that. And hope I can blag my way through the end of course test...
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Utopia...there are no words! Seriously! Except the long version of OMFGWTHBBQ!!!!!1!!

I shall discuss it in slightly greater length once I have wrapped my head around its awesomeness and all the things I have learned. But for now, if you haven't seen it you bloody well should!

I'm gonna go wibble and listen to the Traveling Wilburys box-set I bought on [ profile] unkaphaed's recommendation. Very much of the yay.
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Mondays are either very productive or very un-productive days for me. I have time to myself to do whatever I need, and there's not usually any urgency to return home as soon as I've dropped Rowan off at school.

Today, however, is proving to be a rather unproductive day because I'm not in an especially good mood. And I'm blaming the council for it. So I've been messing around on the internet all day, and I just ordered myself some (inexpensive) DVDs from Amazon Marketplace *winces*

The reason I'm in a bad mood is because the lock on my front door has started to play up. It's a hell of a job to get the key to fit, and my neighbour snapped my spare when she was trying to let the workmen in for me last week. Being a council tenant, most repairs are carried out for me but it would appear that locks are entirely my responsibility *grumbles* This means I have to either get a locksmith out (and I had to do that last winter when I locked myself out, so it's probably shoddy workmanship I'm dealing with now!) or try and fit a new lock myself. Which I'm really not confident about.

But hey! My new bed's being delivered on friday! *relief*

Rowan's currently in deep, deep trouble as he decided to climb out of his bedroom window around nine pm on Saturday. I had no idea till the neighbours two floors up (who are the troublemakers on the block) came to let me know they'd just helped him back into his room. *facepalms* Naturally he denied it at first, but after a short interrogation he admitted what he'd done. When I told my parents the next day his excuse was "I was bored waiting."

I've got fourteen more years of this, at least.

So as you can imagine, Rowan's now grounded for a week. And Mam's cancelled her plans to drag us both down to South Devon on Saturday to visit Trago Mills again, as she wants to get some pieces she's missing from her dinner service. To be honest, that's a relief as, while I don't object to the trip, that's the night Utopia airs. I really didn't want to have to tape it to watch later when I'm knackered.

CAPTAIN JACK! *squees*


We trawled through Cardiff city centre yesterday afternoon (not making eye contact with the brass statues, kthxbye!) looking for the DVD of the He-Man/She-Ra movie 'Secret of the Sword'. I spotted it last week when we were in the Swansea Borders store (first time I'd ever been to one - and I live in the capital. Something's wrong there), but since I was already buying a copy of Roald Dahl's 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' (compulsory reading for every child, especially those who live in Cardiff), I figured I couldn't afford it just then. So I picked it up yesterday, and we watched it before putting Rowan to bed; he loved it, and we couldn't resist sniggering at the crackiness of it. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again after - Iesu - twenty-two years!

Still, time to go get the boy again. He's gonna be in a stinking mood once he gets home, since there'll be no TV and he'll have to clean his room. Wish me luck!
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I will never look at the statues on Queen St in the same way again.

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I'm still getting used to this whole three-day working week thing. So far, I have to admit I'm quite grateful for it. I woke up with an incredibly sore neck yesterday, but thankfully it's eased off now. With any luck it'll be a thing of the past by the time I go back to work tomorrow - which is good since I've had enough sick-time in the last six months that I'm risking a disciplinary if I call in again.

Not that I'm a serial sick-taker, you understand. It's just that the company rules are rather strict on such things.

I was all ready to settle down for a day of feeling sorry for myself, complete with a tin of chocolates and my Sports Night DVDs, when Tim turned up unannounced. We watched 'Thespis', then headed out into town for some lunch. I was grateful for his company as, while it is nice to have the day to yourself to wallow once in a while, I was instead able to forget about my sore neck and enjoy having adult company.

I can be grouchy when I'm sick - especially when combined with Lady Pains, but those haven't yet fully kicked in - and I get overly irritated with Rowan's need for my attention, poor love. So it was a good thing he was out for the day.

Saturday was kinda wierd; we went to Brecon to see my aunt and uncle, and it was a gorgeous day. Even Rowan commented on how beautiful the Beacons looked, despite being disappointed at the lack of waterfalls along the way. Not surprising though, since we've had practically no rainfall the last few weeks, till today. The cafe/chip shop was almost dead for the first hour we were there, so we got to chat properly for a change, and Rowan was following my uncle around like a shadow. He sat on the windowsill behind the take-away counter for a surprisingly long time, just watching Uncle John as he prepared for the lunchtime rush.

Trouble was that one of the girls who worked there, with whom Rowan's very friendly, had been giving them trouble for the past week. Again. And she was spending the morning hiding in the kitchen, supposedly doing the washing up. However, at noon the cutlery tray was down to a handful of spoons and exactly two knives and forks. As the last hour progressed I could see Uncle John getting more and more irritated with her - particularly as she hovered around the cafe's coffee machine talking to Rowan and the girl who started at noon. I felt awfully embarrassed that maybe Rowan was distracting them both, but Aunty Anne assured me he wasn't doing anything wrong. Mam pressed me a few times to ask Uncle John for some food, since I was hungry, but I didn't feel I could with the mood he was in. It's not like he'd yell at me - he never, ever has, to the best of my knowledge - but I really didn't want to bother him. Mam must have felt the same, mind, as she didn't have anything either. We ended up getting some chips in Merthyr and eating them as we drove back to Cardiff - they were vastly inferior to Uncle John's too, way way to chunky. It was like eating julienne'd roast potato.

Ended up watching Doctor Who at Mam's, much to her dismay, as they'd scheduled it earlier than normal. Not entirely sure if I liked the episode, but hopefully part two will redeem it. Probably time to retire the Daleks though, if that's the best they can come up with - plus, seriously, how many more times can you seemingly wipe them all out only to bring them back again?

Funny hearing Doctor Griffen from Holby City with an American accent though! *grins*

Was supposed to meet up with my fellow OU student again for another study session this morning, but the desktop was playing me up. Sometimes AVG likes to argue with my email software, completely locking up the system for ten or fifteen minutes at a time. By the time I'd fired up the laptop instead, she'd signed off on the assumption I couldn't make it, so we've rescheduled now.

I'm getting rather restless these days, like I need to be doing something. I have an assigment due soon, of course, but that's not the something I feel the need to be doing. I've had an idea for a Torchwood snippet that I'd like to write, and a two-part Sports Night story that I've been working on for about a year now, but my muse is still being a selfish *censored* and ignoring me. Plus I'm missing Drakey-boy something fierce, but I don't know if I have energy to go back to the game yet.

Right...gotta go get Rowan from school in a little under an hour, so I need to go make a start on the Bolognase I plan to serve for tea. Not that I expect Rowan'll eat it, the picky bugger. Still not sure exactly how to make it (one of those times when I feel like I never actually learned to cook, growing up) so I tend to just grab various ingredients and mix them together. Who knows, maybe with [ profile] geek_cooks I'll figure it out before long! I learned heaps just on that first day, and my pasta dishes should show some improvement soon. *crosses fingers*
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So our two week holiday is just about over....where the heck does the time go?
cut for length and picspammage )

Ah well, better get on with the day, I guess. Rowan's now watching 'In The Night Garden' again on CBeebies - if you thought the Tellitubbies was bad, oh my god you'd be wrong....*sighs* Thank goodness I can read fic to distract myself.

My flist was pretty long, since I'd had company for several days and therefore unable to get online. Well done to all those on my flist who posted fic this week - loved every single one of them! Great to see so many Sports Night stories this week.

Pasg Hapus, pawb (Happy Easter everyone) - even if it is about a week late!


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