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The Dave & Justin Challenge strikes again! This time: six hotdogs! With no drinks to help wash it down.

Justin managed to win, by a dog and a half, but it was a struggle. We were sure he was going to lose it after the first three. And Dave gave an almighty belch halfway! *laughs*

....I was tensing up in sympathy just watching them, so I now have a bit of a headache.

I think I need a tag specifically for those two....

Hee hee!

Jul. 18th, 2007 11:13 am
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Yet another one of the 'Dave & Justin Challenges' this morning! This time it's cola and flying saucers - which, for those who don't know, is sherbet encased in rice paper 'flying saucers'.

As you can imagine there is much burping going on! *laughs* And this time I had my camera with me, so I have both photographical and video evidence. Expect a pic/videospam this evening....

In other news, my team manager Louise is back from her secondment in Bangalore. I don't know if she's actually back to work today, especially since a lot of people will be wanting to catch up with her.

I have no lunch break today, since the 9am bus from the park very kindly chose not to arrive this morning *grumps* I knew the morning was going to well; despite a lot of rows with Rowan (not least of all over the loaf of bread in his bed....) we actually got to school before the bell this morning. So far no headache, though I'm not counting on it...


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