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I think I've known all of you long enough now that you may all remember this incident in September 2008, where my flat got flooded out after heavy rainfall.

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LJ appears to be having some major downtime this evening, so it's very likely I'll be posting this the day after I write it ;-P But still...

Stuff and things happen, of course. Hard to say how interesting they are to the observer, since they're rarely very interesting to me...

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It's my day off work today, but that didn't mean I got to laze around doing sod-all. I wish... ;-)

The singing group I'm involved in at work had a gig at lunchtime, at the Institute of Directors lunch in the Park Plaza hotel. We had to sing 'Somebody To Love' (Our biggest hit so far but, to be honest, it's getting old...) then we had to give a forty-second burst of the 70's theme tune 'Wonder Woman' to introduce one of the keynote speakers; Ruth Badger from 'The Apprentice'.

Yeah, I don't know who she is either. Don't worry, I don't think we're the only ones. ;-)

I was just a tad late getting there, as I wanted to drop my bag - which had my coursework in it - at my desk so I didn't have to lug it with me to the hotel. I misjudged how long it would take me to get to the office, however, due to the current bus service disruptions, and typically the lift coming back down wasn't on my side. So by the time I made it back to the lobby everyone else had already headed over the road, so I had to leg it over there. Thankfully nothing had started yet and I was settled in amongst the ranks with about five minutes to spare.

'Somebody To Love' went well, despite a really ropey rehearsal yesterday. Us Altos almost entirely forgot our harmonies, and Andrea sent me and Zoe to the back of the group to belt it out, in the hopes the others would be able to pick it up again. I was quietly freaking, as I don't get it completely right myself, but the technique seemed to work! The other advantage is that it meant I got to stand in the middle today, whereas Andrea and George had sneakily managed to get me into the front recently! ;-) I'm far, far happier in the second row, where my poor attempts at the movements aren't as obvious.

Andrea also designated me 'Section Leader' for the Altos, since the two strongest voices haven't been able to attend; Laura's been off sick, and Mel is on maternity leave. That totally freaked me out - but I don't know if this was a one-off thing or permanent. A permanent arrangement would be quite scary...dunno if I'm up to the responsibility, frankly.

'Wonder Woman' was also successful, though it was hard to hear the music so we came very close to ballsing up our entrance. We ended it with a flourish, however, turning to point at Ms Badger as we shouted out "Wonder Woman!" *chuckles*

Andrea and George seemed thrilled with us afterwards, before they headed back in to properly attend the dinner. Their company is supposed to be a motivational one, granted, but they've never bullshitted us - and are not above giving us a gentle lecture during the rehearsals- so we're sure we did a decent job at the very least.

I then retrieved my bag - should have left it at reception really, but ah well! - and grabbed a bite to eat. My plan was then to head to the Council's central housing office, to get them to stamp the OU financial support application that finally arrived in the post this morning, then go to the library for an hour or so to work on my final assignment before I had to go collect Rowan.

Ah, me and best-laid plans....

Last year, the task of getting the form signed took five minutes. I spoke to the woman on the front desk, she took it off me and headed out back to the main office, then returned with it signed and stamped. This year, the guy made me go queue at the 'Fast Track' window *snort* - I think because I couldn't remember if I still qualify for Council Tax Benefit as well as Housing Benefit (I don't, but I have done once or twice in the past, so I get confused whether I still do), and he decided it was best to make sure :-p Almost an hour later, I finally get out of there and there's barely an hour before I need to go get the bus to the school. So that put a complete kybosh on going to the library...

I have to work on the assignment through the weekend, as this one needs to be posted to Milton Keynes to be marked, rather than uploaded to the website like all the previous ones. So I have to allow for the postal system - and they're gearing up for the Christmas season by starting up their autumn industrial action :-p Apologies to anyone on my flist who may have a friend or relative working for the Royal Mail, but I've seen this too often now to not get cynical about it. A theory in the office is that they do this to ensure Christmas overtime...

It's my youngest nephew's second birthday party tomorrow, so my Saturday's going to be fairly busy. It's a very long way to my brother's house, by public transport. *sigh*
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I just spent two frickin' hours trying to install a new Yale lock on my front door, only to have to put the original, broken one back on again!

I couldn't get the new lock to sit properly on the doorframe, no matter what I did. And then when I tried simply changing the barrel over, the part that goes into the handle on the inside of the door was too long!

I suspect I could probably cut that down to size, but I don't know for certain and I lack the necessary tools anyway.

I'm knackered now. And twenty quid poorer.

*sigh* I am sick of having to enter the house through the patio door 'cause the front door lock's so badly buggered. It's not covered by my insurance since, as a council tenant, I can only get a contents-only policy, and the council don't consider the locks their responsibility *fumes*
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So last night Rowan and I moved back into our flat. Out of necessity, more than anything else, as my sister and neice needed the use of Mam's spare room ready for Rowan's birthday party this morning. I'm still surrounded by boxes, but capable of moving though the flat mostly unhindered.

Mam would have liked us to move out Thursday night, and I did try, but we just weren't ready. I haven't had the time to properly unpack, with working and stuff.

Anyway, we slept here at home last night, despite all the boxes around and that sawdusty flatpack smell. I struggled out of bed this morning and began sorting through the bags of clothes Mam sent us home with. Then, while I'm pottering in the kitchen, what do I discover?

There is water leaking through my kitchen ceiling!!

I popped upstairs to my neighbour, to see if she could shed any light on it, and she's apparently got the same problem. She's also called the out-of-hours repair line, who promised to send someone out to take a looksee this morning. So I give her a key to my place so she can bring them down here too if necessary.

We went out for Rowan's party, and didn't get back till about seven this evening. Checking the crack in the ceiling's artexing, everything seems to have dried up. Once I sent Rowan to bed, I turned my desktop PC on in order to fiddle with something, and discover my keyboard is sitting in a puddle of water - the leak's gotten to the other side of the wall, into my living room! And it's slowly dripping on to my brand new desk, bookcase and carpet!

I've pulled everything forward, and put bowls down to catch the drips, but....*sigh* There's a bump on the corner of the back of my desk, from where the water's been falling on it. I am so sick of this! I wish I could get out of here, but at this point I really don't want to move for a while - this whole thing has been just as exhausting as moving to a new house.

Rowan's ten-pin bowling party went well - Mam's declaration of "We're having a traditional party next year!" aside. There were thirteen children turned up out of the fourteen invited, between the ages of four and seven; we split them into two teams, which turned out to be boys on one team and Rowan, another lad called Edward and all the girls on the second team. The boys team raced through their game and finished about half an hour before the girl-heavy team, since the girls had a habit of wandering off...*sigh* Plus two of the girls were my little neices, Jessica and Katie, neither of whom had bowled before. I did have to coax the kids off the ball-return chute a few times, and be the meany who stopped them having lightsabre battles with the glo-sticks provided, but I think everyone had a good time. I will do the picspam thing sometime soon.

I've been involved in a kind of choral group at work, which is supposed to help with motivation in the workplace. We've only been at it for the last month, but the organisers arranged for us to have a twenty-minute gig at the Winter Wonderland, outside City Hall last night. My mother was picking my sister up off the train from Devon at quarter past six, and we were scheduled to sing at six thirty - I let myself assume this meant Mam, Rowan, Sarah and Jessica would be there to watch me, but no. I think it was because Mam didn't feel she could afford for the kids to want to go on the rides and things in the fairground section. Even so, it really, really hurt. Twenty-four hours later, nobody's even asked me how we got on.

The gig itself went reasonably well - as well as can be expected considering we'd had so little rehearsal. I'm glad to be passed the christmas songs though; as cool as they can be, I get bored of them incredibly fast. We're starting on some regular songs in January, with a view to performing at the company's AGM in April, and they also have us provisionally booked to sing at a charity concert in October - at the Albert Hall!

Of course, this means I have to still be working there next winter...
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Guess what, folks - things are actually progressing! *tiny Paul Gross Arms \o/*

I had a couple of voicemails on Wednesday; one from the guy from the company that brought in the dehumidifier (henceforth to be known as Bernie from Bute, for simplicity), and a second one from a woman from the Council's maintenance team.

Bernie wanted to arrange a time to come visit the flat and access the work to be done by them, and the council's inspector was also to be present. The woman was calling to make sure something was arranged, I think. So an appointment was made for Friday morning.

I was rather pissed off, considering this would be the third inspection in two months, with no work actually being done. Plus their self-imposed deadline expires tomorrow. However, the fact that Bernie came by means that we could actually arrange for his crew to get cracking.

I think I actually frightened the council inspector somewhat though! ;-) I'm pretty sure the reason why they actually got their fingers out of their collective arses this week is because Mam dragged me to see my local councillors (the grassroots politicians who work for the local Member of Parliment/Assembly Minister, and actually get stuff done) last Friday, who in turn wrote a letter to the Council expressing their dismay at my experiences. I gather that the woman who called me is a pretty big fish in the Maintenance team, and has subsequently cracked the whip ;-) She, however, tried to tell me that people have been trying to get access to the flat over the last few weeks! Complete and utter bullshit, as I said to both herself and the mouse of an inspector - though phrased slightly politer. I wasn't that nice to the inspector, in as much as I dare to be rude to anyone, and he was a little dispairing about his inability to placate me - especially, I suspect, when I was being pleasant and friendly with Bernie. But then again, he and his team at Bute jumped through hoops for me with the dehumidifier, installing it on a Saturday morning for my convenience, despite the fact they wouldn't have gotten paid for working over the weekend.

And lets face it, would you be nice to a person who is basically making a repeat of his inspection a month ago? I've been stuck in my parents spare room with my six year old son for two months now, so no, I'm not going to be in a good mood or accepting of bullshit.

Anyhoo - the end result of all this is that Bernie and his crew will be by next Friday to make a start. They're going to mould-treat and redecorate both the bedrooms (The inspector decided to allow them to do Rowan's room too as a 'goodwill gesture' *chuckles*), and reskim and emulsion the hallway. I can't wait to get rid of that bloody horrible artex in the hall.

Once that's done, I can go buy my new carpets and furniture! *cheers* I can't wait to go shopping! It's a nightmare trying to ensure I don't spend the insurance money that's been sitting in my bank account for the last week - when you see such a high figure sitting there, you can't help thinking "Oooh, I can afford to get this. And that'd be cool too..." *chuckles*

So hopefully, in two weeks or so, we can go back home!

God, I hope so.
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Water, water, everywhere...

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They have one week to come sort this out for me....
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Well fuck that for a game of soldiers...

I've been trying to get the council to come sort out my flat, and they keep turning up to inspect or whatever while I'm at work. The Council have this really irritating habit of assuming that all of their tenants are social leaches who sit around all day and claim benefits, and can therefore be dropped in on at any time.

My neighbour encouraged me to call our Housing Officer and get him out to take a look see, in the hopes he can get them to pull their fingers out. But when I called his office I was advised that this is not anything to do with him, and I need to take it up with the Maintenance supervisors. *scowls*

I got home so pissed off last night I spent a good hour ironing, to work out my frustrations. And you all know how much I destest ironing.

Finally got an inspector out to my flat this morning, and showed him the rising damp up the hallway walls and in the bedrooms. He's going to get the hallway treated, and that bloody horrible artex reskimmed as best they can, and they're gonna treat the bedrooms for mould. But, they're only going to be doing any kind of redecorating in my bedroom, not Rowan's. The reason for this is because he developed a habit of picking at his wallpaper when he was supposed to be sleeping, so it's in tatters as it is.

*urge to kill rising*

I feel like I'm being accused of pulling a fast one, to get my flat redecorated.

So not only do I have to replace my furniture and carpets - which the insurance is pretty much sorting out, thank god - I am now definitely going to have to do something about the wallpaper in Rowan's room, and the living room too as that's showing tide marks from where the paper soaked up water from the damp skirting boards.

I can't even leave it and get the hell out of there, 'cause they'd probably come chasing after me for damaging the place, since they'd then have to redecorate it ready for the next tenant.

I wish to god it wasn't coming up to Christmas time - I keep wanting to go find myself a full time job someplace other than where I am now, that would pay me enough to privately rent some little two-bedroomed place near the school. I have totally had a gutsfull of my flat and my job.


Sep. 8th, 2008 08:06 pm
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Had to take today off work so that I could let in the people from ChemDry - a company that specialises in sorting out the aftermath of flooding. They couldn't do everything today, 'cause the Loss Adjustor hadn't been to inspect the damage, so what they did do was get my sodden carpets up and disposed of - cutting around the bookcases so the LA could see them 'in situ', or whatever the term is - and then they dried the floors as best they could with their vacuum-type thingies. They certainly had a job, seeing as the only source of power came from the plug assigned to an electric cooker - that's on a separate breaker to my other powerpoints, which is good to know.

So my flat currently has no carpets to speak of, and everything else is piled up for inspection.

I have to take tomorrow off too, as the LA has arranged to call round tomorrow. Once she's done, I can call ChemDry back to come finish the job and get rid of whatever's deemed a total loss. Hopefully the rest of the claim will proceed swiftly from there.

The other issue relates to the building, rather than the contents. I called the Council's repair line to get someone out to inspect the damage, but that can take one to five days :-/ I hope they'll do something - the wallpaper's taken a certain amount of damage where its soaked up the water along the skirting boards, and there's no way water hasn't gotten underneath my kitchen units. Plus there's the issue of the electrics - I don't know at this point if it's safe to reset the breaker for the powerpoints, though I expect so.

So there you go. Things are progressing, and hopefully we won't be forced to impose on my parents too long. Sym's still pretty distressed, and is so far not pacified by his brand new bed and scratching post. I think he's kinda enjoying getting to go outside on a whim though - I'm certainly enjoying the lack of a litter tray to clean! ;-)
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....including my carpets.

Yep, that's right, my carpets. I hadn't long done my post from last night about the really heavy rain outside, when I put my foot down from its resting place on an old CPU casing....into about an inch of water.

In the space of half an hour, water had gotten in through the patio door in the living room, and the front door (having gotten into the building underneath the security door outside) and covered the entire flat!

A couple of minutes after I realised this, while I was trying to get through to the Council's emergency repair line, the water must have gotten into the extension plug my tv equipment is plugged into, and everything but the lights went off. I'm assuming (I haven't checked at this point) that the breaker for my power points got tripped - a good thing, or I'd have been dealing with a fire too. Thankfully the lighting's on a separate breaker, or I'd have been squelching through the water to fetch the torch out of the hall cupboard.

I had problems getting hold of my parents initially, as they'd gone to bed (it was almost ten pm at this point), so I had to go get my upstairs neighbour so I could get Rowan out of the flat. The poor love didn't want to wake up though - kept trying to burrow under the duvet despite my insistence that this was an emergency. It was our neighbour also calling his name that finally got through the sleepy haze. *chuckles* I did manage to get hold of Dad soon after, and Mam was able to come get him for me. I then had to having around for the council's emergency team to come inspect the damage - by this time the water had mostly receeded.

The problem was - as some of you may recall - that every time we get a really major rainfall, there's a good chance the drains outside the flat will overflow, and I get a small moat around my flat. But the water's never actually risen high enough to get inside - until now...

My insurers are sending someone around 'soon' to inspect everything, and a firm's been assigned to see if my carpets and furniture can be salvaged - my instincts say no. My carpets are completely sodden, and my bookcases are IKEA mdf which is bound to have taken in water. Rowan's Playstation's going to be a write-off, as it was on the carpet, and there's a chance my VCR is too - not sure about the TV, cable box or DVD player (god I hope not, it's multiregional!) as I don't know what damage might have been done to the plugs via the extension lead). I'm pretty sure I've also lost my laptop, as it was stood up against the wall behind the sofa since I was using the desktop last night.

The kitchen...I dunno. The floor can be washed, but the water will have gotten underneath the units. The vacuum cleaner's probably also a write-off, as are the contents of the fridge-freezer (which, thank god, I hadn't got much in, after that last incident with the freezer).

Most of Rowan's toys are perfectly safe, as I was storing them in plastic crates (I'll be getting more of those in, trust me!) though his bedroom furniture's a little dubious. As are mine. And I've a horrid feeling there were a couple of boxes of comics on my floor... :-(

And I don't want to think about my cupboard outside the flat.

I think we can safely conclude that my Friday ultimately blew hard, no?

So, for the time being, we're camping out at my parents' place; me, Rowan, the cat and the fish. Fun times, but I am grateful we had someplace we could go, or we'd have ended up in the council's 'doss house' for however long this takes to get sorted. I have to call the Council's repair line again first thing monday morning - which means time off work for me.

So...while I do have limited net access, thanks to my mam's laptop, I'm likely not going to be around for a while. Don't be too exciting, yeah? ;-)
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Okay so I'm feeling somewhat better today, though my stomach's still unsettled. Mam's taken Rowan to school again for me, just to be on the safe side. Determined to stay out of bed today though, and attempt to eat properly.

Of course, going back to bed's not an option anyway, since I have a plasterer from the council repairing the bathroom ceilings...*shivers* I hate having workmen around.

Hey wow...

Oct. 29th, 2007 02:50 pm
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I kinda feel like I win at Grown Up today, having got a fair amount of housework done; washed the dishes (before, alas, making more when cooking lunch), done several loads of washing, hoovered the living room...
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The council have this handy-dandy service that you can contact via a central telephone number - a local one to boot! By calling this number you can inquire about anything council-related, such as refuse collection and other public services.

When I got my new bed, I called them to arrange collection of my old one, as it was difficult for me to get it down to the city dump. They arranged this for me, but I was going to have to wait about a month; this was a PITA, but I knew I could manage.

So, last Tuesday evening, Rowan and I took the pieces of my dismantled bedframe and stacked them up inside the hut where our block's communal bin is stored. We then dragged the mattress upstairs and shoved that in there too ready for collection anytime from 7am the next day. When we left the following morning, the bedframe was still there, but the mattress was gone - "Fair enough!" thinks I, since I no longer needed it, and it wasn't in that bad a state if you can stand sleeping on a foam mattress.

On Thursday evening, the bedframe was still there, so I called the council again to remind them they were supposed to come collect it. Last thing I need is to be threatened with a fine for dumping stuff. So they noted it down and assured me they'd rearrange a collection. As of today, they still haven't come for it.

I was going to give them another day or so, but I got accosted by one of my neighbours (thankfully not in an especially hostile way) who told me the bin-men who came to clear out the block's green wheelie bin (for compostable waste and stuff that can't go in the recycling bags) refused to empty it because, apparently, I should have put the remains of my bed in there! Now bear in mind that it's a scandinavian pine double bedframe. There is no way I could have gotten the headboard, or the side-beams into the wheelie bin, let alone closed it afterwards as we're supposed to. So I told my neighbour - and the others that were nearby having a gossip - that this was in no way my fault, because they were supposed to have collected it last week - as my neighbour is well aware, since she came home when we were putting it all up there in the first place.

So anyway, I called the council again to tell them what had happened, and the guy at the call centre agreed with me that this was complete bullshit. He even told me that if he or his colleagues were to advise anything of the sort, they'd likely be sacked! Checking their records, he advised that the deadline to get it sorted is tomorrow, so we shall have to see.

Those stories plus, today is the rescheduled Sports Day at Rowan's school, and it's been looking promising despite some bad weather yesterday. But, of course, with only an hour and a half to go, what's just happened? Yep, you guessed it, it's raining! I called the school to check what's happening, and they were initially going to play it by ear as it was only a shower. But about two minutes later they called me back to say it was cancelled. Poor loves...
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Mondays are either very productive or very un-productive days for me. I have time to myself to do whatever I need, and there's not usually any urgency to return home as soon as I've dropped Rowan off at school.

Today, however, is proving to be a rather unproductive day because I'm not in an especially good mood. And I'm blaming the council for it. So I've been messing around on the internet all day, and I just ordered myself some (inexpensive) DVDs from Amazon Marketplace *winces*

The reason I'm in a bad mood is because the lock on my front door has started to play up. It's a hell of a job to get the key to fit, and my neighbour snapped my spare when she was trying to let the workmen in for me last week. Being a council tenant, most repairs are carried out for me but it would appear that locks are entirely my responsibility *grumbles* This means I have to either get a locksmith out (and I had to do that last winter when I locked myself out, so it's probably shoddy workmanship I'm dealing with now!) or try and fit a new lock myself. Which I'm really not confident about.

But hey! My new bed's being delivered on friday! *relief*

Rowan's currently in deep, deep trouble as he decided to climb out of his bedroom window around nine pm on Saturday. I had no idea till the neighbours two floors up (who are the troublemakers on the block) came to let me know they'd just helped him back into his room. *facepalms* Naturally he denied it at first, but after a short interrogation he admitted what he'd done. When I told my parents the next day his excuse was "I was bored waiting."

I've got fourteen more years of this, at least.

So as you can imagine, Rowan's now grounded for a week. And Mam's cancelled her plans to drag us both down to South Devon on Saturday to visit Trago Mills again, as she wants to get some pieces she's missing from her dinner service. To be honest, that's a relief as, while I don't object to the trip, that's the night Utopia airs. I really didn't want to have to tape it to watch later when I'm knackered.

CAPTAIN JACK! *squees*


We trawled through Cardiff city centre yesterday afternoon (not making eye contact with the brass statues, kthxbye!) looking for the DVD of the He-Man/She-Ra movie 'Secret of the Sword'. I spotted it last week when we were in the Swansea Borders store (first time I'd ever been to one - and I live in the capital. Something's wrong there), but since I was already buying a copy of Roald Dahl's 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory' (compulsory reading for every child, especially those who live in Cardiff), I figured I couldn't afford it just then. So I picked it up yesterday, and we watched it before putting Rowan to bed; he loved it, and we couldn't resist sniggering at the crackiness of it. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it again after - Iesu - twenty-two years!

Still, time to go get the boy again. He's gonna be in a stinking mood once he gets home, since there'll be no TV and he'll have to clean his room. Wish me luck!
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I had plans for today, until I remembered that it was today the Council have authorized maintenance to be done on the gas pipes around here. Not only does this result in a brief disruption to the gas supply - which I can live with - but for some unknown reason they also want to move my gas meter out of the cupboard by the front door, all the way to the cupboard in the kitchen where my boiler is.

Understand that, when they built the council houses in this estate, they designed them with the intention of the meters being viewable through special glass bricks. In theory this negates the need for the meter readers to push a card through your door, should you not be at home. Of course, in the fifty years since then, this has been rendered useless in pretty much every instance. But even so, that's a hell of a distance to have to move the damn thing *grumps*

They've pulled up several of my patio slabs to lay down new pipes, and they're currently digging up the grass outside too to make a connection to wherever the gas mains is. You can imagine how upset Rowan's gonna be to find the garden completely unusable for the next however-long.

I'm also annoyed because I had to order a new bank card today. I went to check my balance in town this morning, but the machine was unable to read my card so I had to go speak to one of the personal bankers. Turns out those little chip-and-pin card readers at various establishments have been known to scratch through the magnetic strip, rendering the card useless. This is what has happened to mine - quite severely, in fact. So I have to wait for a replacement card *sighs* At least I managed to get some money out yesterday, though I haven't used the card since so I'm puzzled why it's suddenly broken on me today.

Anybody got any recommendations for a good kind of pillow? I need to replace all mine, and I would rather not buy cheap hollowfibre again 'cause they go flat as a pancake pretty quickly. One of them's completely torn into lumps. I'd also rather not get feather pillows, 'cause I've had them stab me in the face before now. And Mam's tried a memory-foam pillow recently but it's apparently not that good.

Roll on the arrival of my new bed! *waits impatiently for Argos Direct to call and arrange a delivery date*
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Today's my day off work and, because of the half-term holiday, Rowan's here too. This means I'm not going to be able to do half the things I like to do on my days off - not without feeling a little guilty, anyhow.

But on the other hand, passing up an opportunity to role-play with [ profile] richardjgrayson, [ profile] fair_witness, [ profile] yellowseptember and [ profile] daywalkermike? So not happening.

Right now, I'm waiting for Rowan to shift his cute little backside and get his clothes on so that we can go shopping for food. He would rather 'exercise' at this moment in time *sighs* I forsee smacks in his immediate future.

Once we get back, I have cleaning to do. The flat's once again had its very own moat for the last week or so, due to problems with the outside drains and, because I'm the basement flat, this also meant my bath had about an inch of water in it. This time out even my sink was having trouble draining. Thankfully this was fixed yesterday - we'll wait and see how long for - so I now have to scrub the bath clean. I wasn't in the mood last night, especially after joining Mam and Rowan for the second half of the 'Paddy The Clown' show at the Sherman Theatre after work - Rowan loved it, but Iesu what an awful production!

However, passing the New Theatre on the way there, I did notice that Kai Owens - poor, mistreated Rhys from Torchwood - is in this year's Panto. *grins* Not as cool as John Barrowman last year *sighs mournfully at missing that* but the fangirl in me is pleased.

It occurs to me that I've so far neglected to mention how we spent Bank Holiday Monday; it was a very good, if exhausting day - we caught the train to a part of Cardiff called Radyr, then walked along the Taff Trail to Castell Coch, in Tongwynlais. It was a long walk, and uphill the last part of the way, but we all enjoyed ourselves. I have picspammage, which I will sort out later when I'm not having to yell at Rowan to put his underpants on instead of tossing them up to the ceiling.

Catch you later, fy ffrindiau!
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It's half-term, so Rowan and I have the week off! Got several activities planned - including a trip to the bowling alley with his best friend Isaac on Wednesday - but how much of it we get done relies entirely on my bank balance.

So...Friday we waited in for a plumber/electrician to come replace my shower unit. Had to call the company at about one in the afternoon to chase them up, but he did come out and replaced the thing pretty quickly. However (didn't you just know that was coming?) the new shower was also spraying out only scalding hot water. So, obviously, the unit itself was not faulty.

It turns out that when they did the refit in my bathroom, the guy who installed the shower in the first place plumbed it up to the hot water pipe. So the shower was trying to heat up water that was already very hot! *facepalms* As a result, the guy had to come back again first thing next morning (dragged me out of bed at quarter past eight...) and get underneath the bath to replumb it all. It was a really tight squeeze under there too, bless.

He said he'll try and come back monday morning with some sort of plumbers tool that would hopefully clear whatever's blocking the bathroom drains, so he's not put the side panel back on the bath yet. I hope he does, as I've had to get Rowan to promise not to investigate under there, and we're keeping the door shut to stop Symba getting in there too.

Saturday afternoon, we met up with Tim for pizza before a trip to the movies; Rowan and I went to see Charlottes Web, while Tim met up with his brother to see Hot Fuzz. I ate more pizza than the boys did, which made me feel like a right pig even though I only had three slices. But then again, we'd had starters too *smacks lips* Mmmm...garlic bread....

Today Rowan went to see the in-laws as usual. Dad was home today too, so we ended up talking until about two this afternoon. So by the time I got back home, I wasn't in the mood to do any housework, though I will have to do some laundry this evening. Plus I had some computer problems thanks to the latest set of Windows Updates, which must have downloaded while Rowan was playing on this thing yesterday. Had to restart the machine to get the downloads installed properly, and thankfully it's working okay now. *sigh and sporks XP* I wonder what'll happen once Microsoft abandon XP in the hopes they can force us all to upgrade to Vista.... I think I'll probably have let Rowan have this PC for himself by then, and gotten myself a new one.

Right, time to go wait for Rowan to get back. Not entirely sure what I'm going to do with him tomorrow, though I think he'll probably want to go out to the park or something. That'll depend on the weather of course - it's bloody horrible standing around watching your kid play on the slides and things when it's freezing cold.
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Made yet another call to the Council about my bath. It's not fully draining anymore, so it's impossible to do anything other than strip-wash or clean my hair under the tap without going over to my mother's house to use her facilities.

The person at the callcentre has sent the order over again with 'high priority' and I have to give them till tuesday *fumes*


I've also got workmen coming to repair my shower on Friday. What's the betting they'll refuse to do it due to health and safety, 'cause of the inch of dirty water in the bathtub?

Oh my head I'm saying things that would make a sailor blush....


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