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...hell, I haven't read any comics for ages! But I just wanted to state for the record that I have never liked the red-trousered costume for my Drakey-boy - it just looks odd without the green - and I am not at all happy to hear that the Robin in the new Young Justice cartoon is going to be Dick Grayson. :-( And he's in the new costume....

Don't get me wrong - I think Grayson is all levels of awesomesauce. But YJ is Tim's group. not Dick's. You can't have Kon, Cassie, Bart et al. without my Timmy! *scowls*

And with that, I am off to bed.
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Oh man - this is one of the most awesome short-stories I've read in a while! The Batman/Torchwood fans on my flist have got to read this!
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Ok, there's actually a lot more to this part, but for the sake of peoples' comfort levels I've edited the scene out. If it seems to stop abruptly, that's why.

It's fast getting to the part I'm struggling with - this story so needs an action scene, but I just can't write it *sigh*

Hope you like!

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Hey all...

I've been working on this fic for about six months now....not happy with it, 'cause I just can't write action scenes....*wry grin*

Wanted some feedback, so I thought I'd open it up to you guys. Let me know what you think?

It's untitled at the moment, but it's set in the Bat-verse, and is Tim/Cass.

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Did something today that I always feel bad about at this time of year.

We went out to the shops.

I've worked in customer service my entire working life, and only escaped from retail in April 2003, so I understand how awful it is to have to work on weekends normally, let alone during the holiday season. So I try to avoid shopping on bank holidays, Boxing Day etc.

But I'm having to rationalise it that we need storage for the rugrat's toys; we already have enough stuff to open a toy store, and there's a big pile in the living room that we haven't sorted away yet. Plus he'll undoubtedly be bringing just as much again home from his grandparents' place this evening. So, drastic action is required - new storage must be bought, and older lesser used toys must be put in storage.

So off we went to the stationary store, and bought a new box for his trainset, as this will free up three other boxes.

I also picked up some more box files for my comics. Will have to get some bags and boards from Kris once he restocks, so I can store them properly. Having them in carrier bags is making me very nervous.

Speaking of comics, I finally have my copy of IC#7 - to which my reaction is mixed, though I can't define why. Had a slight wibble at the panel of poor Tim huddled under a duvet, ignoring a call from a concerned Dick.

Also, the latest in the Batgirl/Robin crossover - I am so relieved, guys! I was dreading where that was going, but I'm now looking forward to the final part. The auction scenes were hysterical! *grins*

And I also have JLA Classified #2, which will help me in finishing that Tim/Cass WiP I have on my hard-drive - if I can just figure out what to have the Knight and Squire do! *laughs*

Right...busy busy busy *grins at [ profile] _nightwing_ and still fighting off this damn flu. That thread is helping enormously though!
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You keep giving me little tidbits to make me hang on another week....*flicks paperwads across the pond to New York*

This week I picked up Batgirl and Batman - and I was impressed with both!

I was unsure about the Robin/Batgirl crossover, but seeing the events of the Robin issue from Batgirl's eyes made it read easier. And it was a very good story - nice to see them working together.
I'd heard some mutterings from other fans on the DC board that there's a lot of unbalanced writing when it comes to these characters, depending on which title they appear in, due to the fact that Robin is more skilled at detective work, and Batgirl is the better fighter. But what I saw was the two of them working together, and doing it well. If that's how it's gonna be for the foreseeable future, then yay! I'm just dreading the conclusion, where they're apparently gonna be at odds with each other.

The issue of Batman was basically musings about War Games, between Bruce, Dick and Alfred, and the characterisation was good, I thought!

I also picked up the last two issues of The Flash, and the new JSA as they're Identity Crisis tie-ins. Plus I caved in and picked up Batgirl Year One - excellent read!

I also officially love my comic guy! As some of you know, I've been trying to find out information about the Knight and Squire - apparently the UK's answer to Batman and Robin. Rachel did some net searching for me on sunday, and found that they're in JLA Classified #1, so I've been trying to find a copy. Everywhere's sold out, including my friend, but he has loaned me his own personal copy!

What a sweetie!
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It's official...DC and I have now parted company where my roleplay journal is concerned....

The latest Robin was - in my opinion - absolutely awful! The characterisation was poor, the plot sucked rotten eggs, and the artwork? Jesu Grist!

I'm looking forward to the end of the current Titans plotline, interesting though it is. But then on the other hand I'm dreading the next plot, as it'll deal with Tim losing Jack.

And that right there is my main beef with DC.

It's been said before, but I'll say it again 'cause I wholeheartedly believe it; TIM NEEDS PARENTS!!!

It's what makes him unique - not another clone of Dick. And if they take it too far - which they look like they're contemplating with this god-awful Bludhaven plotline - he'll turn into another Jason.

Not my Drakeyboy, thank you very much.

The only good thing this week was Birds of Prey, which was good as normal *grin* That rarely lets me down.
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I didn't have any comics come in while I was away, which is good for my bank balance, but the two I picked up this week....*sigh*

I thought Identity Crisis #6 was a waste - aside from confirming what I didn't want to accept, and a couple of interesting revelations, I didn't see much to move the plot forward. But then again, maybe the final part will make it read better. That's the trouble with mini-series - you kinda need to see all of them before you can really pass judgement.

Nightwing #99..again no plot development, and despite the mumblings in the first couple of panels, Dick still hasn't told Bruce what happened to Blockie. There was a very cool arguement/conversation between Dick and Alfred ("Richard John Grayson, get back in that bed this instant!" *grins hugely*), Tarantula *natch* asking Batman to train her, and a 'discussion' between Dick and Bruce...what happened?

And where were Cass and Tim?? Dick asked after them, but no-one would give him an answer, rather than that Batman was once again on his own looking after Gotham. I thought I might have missed something, but so far I haven't come across a Bat-title from last week that would shed some light.

If anyone can explain, I'll be grateful *smile* I can be a bit slow on the uptake at the best of times.
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I was waiting very impatiently for lunchtime today, very very aware of just what it was I was picking up.

I think fate knew this....

Got to the comic shop - and they haven't had a delivery! My friend is apparently in the middle of a nasty row with the courier who brings his delivery, 'cause he was late last week and took offence at being bawled out for it. So he threatened to not deliver until the evening this week.

The swine made good on his threat.

He turned up at twenty to eight this morning - naturally there was no-one at the shop at the time, since they don't open till ten. My friend spent the morning ringing and emailing - and has had to turn the majority of his customers away till tomorrow.

And the really sickening thing is that the same guy delivers to Forbidden Planet, which is literally just up the road, at a designated delivery time of ten thirty. So there's no real excuse for arriving that early.

Colour me obsessed/foolish/whatever - but I absolutely had to have the issues that came out today, so I called into FP on the way back to the office. But I'll still go back to my friend tomorrow and collect my subscription. Because we're friends.

So. If anyone wants a copy of Identity Crisis #5, Teen Titans 17, or the latest War Games issues (Robin 131, Gotham Knights 58 and Batgirl 57), let me know and they're yours. First come, first served.
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Okies - so I picked up the two new War Games issues today.

Am I the only one reading this who feels like it's like wading through molasses? For grief's sake people - get to the goddamn point! *rolls eyes*

I have bad feelings about the aftermath issues. Particularly the upcoming Batgirl/Robin team-up....*sigh*

However, now I have my Robin collection to hand again, it also gives me the opportunity to fill any gaps - so I picked up some old back issues as well.

Gave myself a heart attack when I saw the mark-up price of issue #1 at my friend's shop - £25 for the ordinary issue, and £35 for the special foil cover!

I have the foil cover.

Holy shit, dude!
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Ok, so I have no life! *grins* I live for thursday lunchtimes when I can run to my mate's shop and get the new comics.

Ask me if I care!

I'm feeling pretty blah about War Games, but I'm reading it for the character development it gives Tim (ie he goes back to being Robin).

The Teen Titans/Legion special wasn't all that great, except for the major Kon moment towards the end. But they did also release the Graphic Novel that came after the one I picked up on wednesday! woot! *grins* The only downside there is that it's the Brother Blood storyline, which is the point at which I started collecting the series again - but then the first part is an issue I don't have, so all's good.

Still love the issue where Gar persuades Tim to just give in and let Bart drive the Batmobile....*dies*

I also managed to retrieve my Robin collection from storage, as well as at least most of my Nightwing collection. Couldn't find Batman, though, and I was risking maternal wrath as it was....

Shame, I wanted to find the Obeah Man story.

Spent last night reading the initial Robin mini series' and Robin and Nightwing annuals - I forgot I had the one where Dick 'marries' Emily as part of a case!

So I now have about seventy comics, if not more, to re-read! *bounces*
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Four hours till I run across town to my mate's comic shop! *bounces impatiently*

I spent last night reading the three Graphic Novels I picked up yesterday - if anyone hasn't read Young Justice - Sins of Youth....I totally recommend it!

I was giggling at it the whole night!

I may be a 'grown up' - cronologically at least - but the humour in that is soooo my style!

And 'Batboy and Robin'? *dies* Alfred's reaction was hysterical!

I was also pleased to see that I picked up on the relationship between Tim and Babs pretty well - there's a scene in NML part 3 where Batman calls them all to the clocktower for a conference, and Tim greets Babs with a peck on the cheek. Just like my Drakey-boy does! And I hadn't read that before *pleased*

Ah well...five minutes before my shift starts. I have to go dig around in my storage locker tonight - hopefully I can find the box my old Bat-books are stored in! I don't care if the parental unit gets angry with me - I need those issues dammit! I want to re-read the Obeah Man story, 'cause it's been too long.


Oct. 6th, 2004 04:54 pm
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It's all [ profile] fair_witness's fault - again! *grins*

I have a copy of Teen Titans: A Kids Game on my desk, and it's calling me....

"You don't wanna do that boring wanna read me...."


And I have an hour till I finish work....

I also have Young Justice: Sins of Youth, and part three of No Mans Land.

Why do I have to work, anyway? Can anyone remind me?

Oh yeah... the money thing....

Puss bucket...
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Robin, Batgirl and Catwoman! *bounces*

Ok, so they were so-so as individual issues, and the Tim/Jack confrontation...*winces* But as an ark, it's coming along nicely.

Got the Teen Titans that starts the Titans/Legion crossover too...jury's out on that one.

And in other news, Tim's having a good ol' chinwag with a genocidal alien in the cafe this afternoon...whee! *grins* Whoever he is, he's helping relieve my boredom.

And now Babs is commenting again, life is good! *grins at Rachel*
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You know what I hate about being home sick?

I wasn't able to go get my comics today - and the new issue of Robin is out! *cries*

Hopefully I'll be back in work tomorrow - though it was dashing around like a mad-woman wednesday lunchtime that caused me to have to take today off...

Kris does post the comics out if requested - but if I stick to calling in, I get them within hours of them arriving. Sometimes I get there so quickly, I have to help unpack the delivery! *laughs*

I think I'll go to bed now...tomorrow'll come sooner that way.

That's what they used to tell me about christmas and birthdays anyway...
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So it's wednesday, which means I start checking the DC Comics website and getting excited about picking up my comics the following day....

I'm enjoying the War Games series, as I get my Tim-fix weekly right now! *grin* And Birds of Prey rocketh muchly *nodnod*

Didn't get any more of my fic done last night, 'cause I got the opportunity to talk to my bestest friends, whom I don't get to talk to half as much as I want to, and it's extremely rare for the three of us to be online at the same time!

Rachel, hon? I can adjust the journal I have planned for saturday, so that we don't have to do the Shiva thing till next week, ok? There really is no hurry at all. *huggles*
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Ok, so I am absolutely loving the game at the moment, and the comics are giving me tidbits to work with. Now if I can only get Drakey-boy to where I need him to be, I can get him back in the cape!

Plan of attack for the next seven days;
  • Tim encounters Shiva on the way between School and the Eyrie
  • Tim's birthday on Sept 18th, serious plot already written, with a little bit of 'awww' right at the end, as discussed with Gordon!
  • More stuff about the metagene plot, and Darla. Going to arrange for her to die shortly after the others get back from rescuing Kory, other-player-willingness permitting, as the War Crimes sub-plot with her was pretty good.

And in order to get Tim back in the Robin gig, I need Chris to be able to play again...*sigh* Can't do this without some closure on Steph-as-Robin, and the Batman's presence to offer reaction. (Yeah right, like Batman reacts to anything...*grin*)

Ah well...better get back to work!


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