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I absolutely have to share this - hope the US contingent of my flist can see it!

This is the video to '(Barry) Islands In The Stream', staring Bryn and Nessa from 'Gavin & Stacey', with cameos by Tom Jones and Robin Gibb, and it is fabulous!

I would like to point out that everyone except Tom Jones is exaggerating their accents - Nessa most especially. I'm pretty sure no-one in Barry said "O! What's occuring?" before the advent of 'Gavin & Stacey'.

And the opening pan across Whitmore Bay on Barry Island makes my heart glad :-) I may have lived in Cardiff since I was six, but I'm a Barry Island girl at heart.

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Tomorrow is Red Nose Day - the main event for the Comic Relief charity fundraiser. The people running the choir-group I'm part of at work arranged for us to team up with the other companies in Cardiff they're also working with, assembling down on Roald Dahl Plass to sing 'Islands In The Stream' - this year's comedy charity single (ie. the one that's not some random chart hit they've chosen in the hope of generating as many royalties as possible)

We met up for a very quick rehearsal at noon today, and even managed to learn a little harmony for the chorus! Of course, had we been able to rehearse for longer we'd have nailed it - but that's the status quo for this project. We never seem to have enough time to fully learn the three+ part harmonies. Fortnightly rehearsals are just not enough.

Anyway, this was to go ahed at about two thirty this afternoon, and was being filmed by the BBC ready to show on the main programme tomorrow night. I arranged for Mam to collect Rowan from school for me, as I knew I wouldn't be able to get across the city on time using public transport.

There were close to a hundred of us, apparently, from six or seven different offices around Cardiff, and I think we did really well all things considered! I'll find out tomorrow *grins* Doesn't matter too much if we were a little out of tune though, since that makes it all the funnier.

Not that me in a red cowboy hat and one of those stupid noses isn't funny *laughs* Though I doubt anyone'll spot me, since I was at the back.

I'm a little pissed off though, if I'm honest, by the way my parents have reacted to all this. Or not reacted, I suppose is more appropriate. We did a little performance at the Winter Wonderland in December, and neither of them even asked me how it went, let alone made an effort to come watch. And the exact same thing happened tonight. Nor have they ever asked me how the rehearsals were going - not even after we made the local evening news, and the local paper!

It was the same last Saturday, when they looked after Rowan for me in the morning so I could attend my Welsh tutorial. Not one inquiry how I got on. It's very disheartening, really.

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The sketch I was talking about last night;

Go watch, laugh your arse off! *grins* I love hearing his actual accent.

And also: Lauren Cooper meets Tony Blair!

I hate Catherine Tate's work, particularly this character, but OMG! Teh funny cannot be denied.
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Forget Girls Aloud and Sugababes' absolutely horrendous rendition of Aerosmith's classic 'Walk This Way'!

This year's real Comic Relief Single is Peter Kay's version of The Proclaimers' 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)', with Lou and Andy from Little Britain. Not only is it very funny (even though I hate Little Britain) but the video is yet again chockfull of British Celebs, half of whom I'd totally forgotten about and didn't realise were still alive! lol!

[ profile] catwalksalone, who's the one with the papiermache head, can you remember? And OMG - Rod Jane and Freddy!! I had a slight crush on Freddy when I was a kid....*hides head in shame*

I've been trying to download the video for the last couple of hours, but I think the server is overloaded. So I'll have to either wait or buy it from the shop next week.

Man, I wish I'd gotten myself a copy of Kay's 'Is This The Way To Amarillo' last time...I sent it to a friend of mine, 'cause of the sheer nostalgia factor. Plus Ronnie Corbert falling off a tramalator? Priceless!

I will forgive him for the 'Absorbaloff' if he keeps churning these out, despite how much I hate his shows. Why the hell did Comic Relief turn away from the comedy single in favour of crap by disposable pop bands? Bring back Hale & Pace's 'The Stonk' I say!
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I just enjoyed a Catherine Tate 'Am I Bovvered' sketch!!!!!

*is stunned*

I so hope that gets on YouTube - IT MUST BE SHARED!

I can almost forgive what a travesty 'The Runaway Bride' was, if it paved the way for that particular sketch staring David Tennant as 'Lauren's substitute English teacher.
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One of the managers just walked past my desk wearing a toga and a laurel wreath.... *reaches for the brain bleach*

Another manager is dressed as a rocker, yet another as Jean Paul Gaultier and one of the supervisors on my department is dressed as a clown very reminiscent of Stephen King's 'It'....

I just had my monthly appraisal with my own supervisor, who's wearing a nun's wimple.

Don't you just love Red Nose Day?

Rowan had the option of wearing pajamas to school today, but the silly sausage refused. And he doesn't own a red t-shirt, so he ended up going in his uniform. At least he's got his red nose. Me, I'm in my one decent red top - so I'm actually showing a small amount of cleavage today *shock!*

My department are off to the bowling alley after work this afternoon - I can go along too as Rowan's playing at a friend's house. A new kid started at the school a few weeks ago, and his parents are systematically inviting all his classmates to play on a friday afternoon - probably a very smart idea. I'm not sure what they're going to be like though - Isaac's mum says Nat's mum's rather loud-spoken, and they have a foreign au pair! This is very unusual in Cardiff, particuarly near Rowan's school which is full of student housing for the nearby university.

Not sure what we're doing this weekend - Mam wants to go car-hunting *waves flag in mock-enthusiasm* and Sunday is Mother's Day so I have Rowan home with me. Might take him out if I can afford it, but NTL/Virgin/Whatever haven't taken my direct debit yet so I don't know how much I actually have in my account. Collecting half my back-subscription from Kristian's comic shop on Wednesday didn't help much.

Can finally calm down about Comic Relief Does Fame Academy as Colin Murray got expelled in the semi-final last night, as did Shaun 'Barry from Eastenders' Williamson. That leaves Trisha Penrose and Tara Palmer-Tompkinson in the final tonight...somehow I think Tara's going to win on grounds of 'most entertaining/best improvement' even though Trish is a much, much better singer. Ah well...
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I'm sitting on my sofa right now, listening to the sounds of the Thames on my television. I can hear the traffic in the background, people walking by talking and laughing, and every so often Big Ben chimes.

Ah yes, this is what I pay my licence fee for! *laughs*

Seriously, what I am actually doing is following 'Comic Relief Does Fame Academy' on BBCinteractive. People who've had the misfortune of reading my journal for a couple of years now may remember the last time they did this, when I was manically supporting Radio One DJ Edith Bowman.

This year, her former partner on the afternoon show, Colin Murray, is taking part.

This is the closest I ever get to the reality-tv crap such as 'Big Brother' and 'I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out Of Here!'. I only ever seem to go for the music competitions, and only when there's a specific celebrity I want to support. As a rule, it seems to be Radio One DJs as I was avidly following 'Celebrity X-Factor' when Chris Moyles competed.

The difference with Fame Academy is that they're locked up in, literally, a music school and taught singing techniques and dance moves. Most of these celebs have no singing talent to begin with and go for the sympathy votes *coughTaraPalmerTompkinsoncough* or by making viewers laugh. Hell, if good old Ade Edmondson could last till the semi finals last time despite a complete lack of singing talent and a nasty case of laryngitus? Anything's possible.

I know a good percentage of the celebrity contestants this year - which makes a nice change. I do wish judges Lesley Garrett and Craig Revell-Harwood would sod off though *sigh* I can't even stand Craig when he does 'Strictly Come Dancing', and Lesley? Yeesh....

But anyway. Last time, when you called up the interactive service, you got to watch what was going on inside the Academy in between shows. When the show was on, all you'd get would be an exterior shot, and a message somewhere along the lines of 'Show currently transmitting'. When Mam wasn't home (this shows you how long ago this was....) I would watch it for as long as I could, 'cause I was enjoying seeing Edith in action.

This year they're doing something very similar. The only difference being that when the shows are transmitting (the performances on BBC1 and then the analysis on BBC3) they're included on the interactive. So if you've been glued to the live feed all day, or are watching a repeat of a particular moment from that day the Beeb found memorable, you don't miss the actual show. However, where last year you could see what was going on in the Academy between the performance and the results show an hour or so later (I remember watching Dawn French chatting to a number of the contestants last year in between shows) this time it's just that damn shot of Big Ben from the other side of the Thames *sigh*

Still, enough of my babbling about that. Colin to win!!! *laughs*

Isaac came along to Rowan's gymnastics club after school today. We all went round to Isaac's house for a cuppa to kill the hour before the club started, and Jen and I had a bit of a natter before we rounded the boys up and walked the short distance to the community centre. Isaac's used to a more sophisticated gym, so he was a bit unsure what to do with such a basic scenario (warm-up floor exercises before splitting into two groups to do either the balance beam or the box) and Rowan was rather wound up 'cause he had company. As a result, both boys were a bit unsettled.

After we left, I had to place Rowan on a delayed punishment, resulting in much tears and tantrums. When I collected him from school, his teacher walked him over to me (never a good sign in the first place) and explained to me that he'd bitten one of his classmates! *facepalms* He and this kid have had a tempestuous friendship for a couple of years now, and Gwyn apparently laughed at him over something today so that's how Rowan chose to react... Thankfully, other than a wet sleeve and a slight red mark on his arm, no actual physical harm was done to him. I was so shocked and humiliated though, so I banned him from watching TV and denied him his bedtime story and song.

Not sure what we're going to do tomorrow, as Mam will be waiting in for Nan to bring over an old bookcase/cupboard-type thing she doesn't want anymore. Nan appears to be doing some kind of decorating in her house, and has replaced her living room cupboards; it was really wierd to see the old shelving unit - that's been in the house pretty much my entire life - dismantled on the floor of the dining room.

I also had a interesting text on my phone this evening from my friend Robert in Birmingham. Long-term LJ friends of mine will also remember him as the guy with whom I went to the Queen concert in Hyde Park in 2005. He's looking to see if any of his friends want to go see The Police with him at the Birmingham NIA in September, and he included me in his group-text! *pleased* I figure this is as much of a good opportunity as the Queen concert, considing The Police are no longer actually together, so I'm giving it some serious consideration and asked him to email me the details once he knows the ticket price. Could be an awesome gig!

Ah well...the Fame Academy results show is back on again now and I'm pretty much babbling so I'm gonna stop here. I'm glad to say I'm feeling much, much better now - not that my productivity today is any indication *sigh*. My neck no longer hurts, at least.


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