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I have more virtual snowflakes - and this time I can actually thank the people responsible!

So, Diolch yn fawr i (in no particular order, 'cause I love you all!) [ profile] alryssa, [ profile] catwalksalone, [ profile] insevens a [ profile] suzvoy!

Just come home from another gig - this time at Llandaf Cathedral, here in Cardiff. I'll post more about it tomorrow - or maybe Wednesday, as Rowan has a show of his own tomorrow night - but I'll just say that tonight we were on the same billing as the Treorchy Male Voice Choir. They were absolutely awesome, and seemed quite pleased with our performances too.
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No tears this year, and minimum snark. Rowan loved his presents, and christmas lunch was...ok. Just the four of us, since Mam never bothered to actually ask Nan if she and my Uncle wanted to come over. And she's put as her Facebook status " enjoying the peace before Rowan appears for Dinner."

She then made a comment to Rowan about going home sometime after four, so we departed within the hour and had tea at home. Cauliflower-cheese bakes and oven chips. Merry Christmas.

Still, Doctor Who was fantastic.
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Thank you so much for the card and pressies Hilary! *smooches*

Rowan's put his present high up on top of the bookcase (yes, he can reach it if he climbs on the back of the sofa...) And my choklit is greatly appreciated. :-)

I've been absolutely crap at arranging cards and stuff - not even given any out at work yet. Plus I don't have most peoples' addresses and I'm really shy about asking for them. But even if I don't send any of you a card this year, I hope you have a good holiday anyway! *smooches* I've come to know some really sweet people on LJ, and I treasure every last one of you.
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Okay so I caved and went to the shops to buy stuff, instead of purchasing things of Amazon and waiting impatiently for the post.

Didn't get what I originally wanted, though, as yeah. Much more expensive. I did give in and get High School Musical 2, but only because it's High School Musical 2! I've been waiting months for it! I also got John Barrowman's new album, as it was in the January sale (a high number of new releases were, which surprised me) - it's so cool! It's been on constant repeat for the past two evenings, and I think I will be putting it in my alarm clock to go to sleep to at night, it's so soothing.

Is it wrong that I keep picturing Torchwood/Doctor Who vids I could do to the songs, though? My first listen through, the ideas were just attacking me like rabid plot bunnies! *laughs*

I almost got Bruce Springsteen's new album too, as that was also marked down (See! It's not just 'cause it was John Barrowman!)...but that would go to explain why it was out of stock! *sighs* And I haven't seen it in the other stores since.

After that I went to a couple of other places and came away with some more Doctor Who DVDs, which were marked down to a wonderful £7 each, and copies of TransAmerica and Singing In The Rain (which I love as it reminds me of my time on a Media Studies course, which touched on the history of film). And I was left with £20 out of the £80 I was given for Christmas *pleased*

Rowan did his own shopping today, and went 'mad in the aisles' at Toys R Us ;-) He came away with an electronic Bubble-catching game, some Playmobil, a Playstation 2 game and two Nintendo DS games. And he still has about £20 left over too - out of £102, for both Christmas and his birthday! I still haven't finished putting away all the stuff he got for Christmas yet....gonna have to do that tomorrow before Mel and Will come visit.

Anyone got any clue about MP4 players? We saw one in Staples today - £25 for a 2GB player, whereas in Argos they're about twice that :-/ Makes me wonder if there's not something wrong wit the one in Staples, that it's so cheap? Also, would I be able to play the files I've ripped from DVDs on an MP4 player? Or an MP3 player that has video playback?
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...and that person was my mother. *rolls eyes, sighing*

For obvious reasons, my Nan has been rather uncertain about her plans for today. She decided on the weekend to drop our presents of at my parents' place on Sunday, and that she would spend the day away from the house, with members of her family. We had been hoping to go see her after lunch, but she said she would be at her older brother's house since it's become something of a tradition in recent years and 'he's come to depend on it'. Seeing as my Uncle Elfed is somewhere in his seventies, it's not unreasonable. And besides, Nan's entitled to get through today in any way she chooses. When Mam called her this morning to wish her Merry Christmas, she initially didn't answer the phone and Mam had to call my Uncle's mobile to see if she was home or not. After that, Nan answered the phone, but was apparently not in a good way and didn't want to talk. She hung up on Mam, who chose to take it personally and got upset. *rolls eyes some more*

Then later Mam was trying to save some pictures off her Yahoo email account onto the computer, and was being completely blond and, as a result, very embarrassed and grumpy. For a woman who works on computers all day at work, she doesn't show any sign of technological skill at all when she's at home. This is equally frustrating for me and Dad as we know she's not stupid, and she should be able to do this stuff without even thinking. So she ended up sniffling in a corner for a good fifteen minutes because of that too. *sigh* I really wish I could spend Christmas elsewhere.

Anyway...Rowan's gotten himself a good haul, as expected; Doctor Who figures, various construction toys, plus a farm set my Grampy bought for him before he passed away. Grampy was so enthusiastic about that farm set, hoping that Rowan would remember him for it. Rowan also got a digital camera - a real one, this time, as the kiddy one we got him was useless and broke within a month when he dropped it on holiday. This one's sturdier and can take a memory card, so it won't be constantly draining the batteries trying to keep the pictures in its memory, like his old one did. :-p

I also got a new camera - chosen specifically by my Dad, 'cause my old camera started to break down on Bonfire Night. It looks good, and it's got all kinds of settings for the various situations you might take pictures, such as at parties, the beach, in the snow or at firework displays (seriously!). It even has a special setting for taking photos of babies, so you don't upset the little one with noises or a flash! Not an awful lot else of note, though my Nan did find me a teddy bear with my maiden name! *grins* And my brother's eldest boys and their sister gave me a tub of anti-wrinkle night cream....

Wonder if their mother's trying to tell me something, there?

I think, aside from my shiny new camera, the best present I've had so far came from [ profile] yellowseptember, who got me the first two volumes of Doctor Who Season two on DVD! *snugs her* I do love getting DVDs and CDs as presents. Thankfully I was also given a fairly respectable amount of money, so I can get a few of the things I wanted for myself.

Sekrit message for [ profile] phoebesmum from Rowan: Thank you for my modeling clay! It's great and I played with it after breakfast this morning.

Ah well, that's Christmas pretty much wrapped up now. Rowan's visiting with his Dad's family tomorrow, and I will no doubt be trying to avoid visiting with my mother's family....

Hope everyone else had the kind of day they wanted!
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Just like last year, I'm tracking Santa's progress on - he's currently in *checks* Bratislavia, Slovakia!

Didn't get to do any of my Christmas shopping till Friday, for financial reasons. So as soon as I'd dropped the little one off for his last day of school before the New Year, I headed into town and got stuck into it. I don't mind the crowds too much anymore, after the Christmas shopping trip I took with my friend Graham; he taught me to just relax and get on with it, and it's never bothered me since.

Didn't manage to get everything I wanted on Friday, so I ended up heading out to the Bay (though sadly the opposite side from Torchwood) on Sunday for the last few bits. That was a day and a half as the buses were absolutely crazy. Took me an hour and a half to get there, and just as long to get back. I was there for the entire afternoon, working my way through Toys R Us, then stopping in Morrisons for something to eat before working my way down the retail park looking for a specific gift in ASDA and JJB Sports, before finally finding it in Argos. Plus it was a real pea-souper; you couldn't see more than a couple of meters ahead of you in the fog, and it didn't ease off at all. It was just as foggy at five o'clock in the evening as it was at eleven thirty that morning.

I think I got all the pressies I needed to get, and I got royally fleeced at the card shop - bloody things! I have no objections to cards if there's no reason/way to get someone a present, but I do begrudge having to buy cards for people that I've also bought presents for. I hate cards in general really, though naturally I'm hypocritical enough to enjoy receiving them from friends.

Rowan and I went to the cinema this afternoon, as is becoming our tradition. This year we saw 'Alvin & The Chipmunks', which was very cool :-) I always loved the tv show as a kid.

We hadn't long gotten home when Mam called to ask if we wanted to join them when they went visiting my sister-in-law and the kids (my brother was at work), so I had to quickly wrap up Katie and Aaron's presents before we left. We didn't stay long, as they wanted to get back home to watch that Joseph/Maria special *snorts* We ended up stopping off at Miss Millies for some takeout, so they didn't get back before it started, but I don't think they missed much. Didn't see Katie, as she was taking a bath with her grandmother, but we did see Aaron. He's such a bonny little thing, and was telling my Dad stories for ages *grins*

Right...I really should get on with the wrapping, now that Rowan finally seems to be asleep.... This has taken me so long Santa's been and gone from Europe and is now in the Azores! It's kinda a shame that I'm recognising repeat Santa-Cams from last year - that bloody Jonathan Ross one for a start! *scowls* You get people claiming to be military officers with NORAD all through the videos right until you get to London and you get 'Wossy' *sigh* Plus this year he's stopped off at Dundee in Scotland, Londonderry in Northern Ireland and Shannon in Eire, but not Wales? What's up with that?
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Otherwise known as 'Boxing Day' to those of us outside the welsh-speaking community (which, alas, includes me)

I wish I could say I was still all "IT'S CHRISTMAS!", but I haven't been like that for many years now. Though there was an absolutely wonderful hour Christmas Morning, when Rowan got up and discovered what Father Christmas had left for him.

He got up just a little before eight (thank goodness!) and was initially a little unsure it actually was morning (we're not in the Arctic Circle, but it's still unbearably dark around here before eight am). Once he was certain it was okay, he went into the living room while I dragged my sorry arse out of bed. From then on, every couple of minutes was "*gasp* Mummah! Look!" *grins* These fleeting moments need to be cherished.

Father Christmas left him a thank you note for the slice of chocolate cake and Shrek mug of milk, and brought him pretty much everything he asked for this year (I'm so grateful he didn't really absolutley want much!) His haul from me this year was as follows; Playmobil Pirate Ship, two Lazytown DVDs, the Lunar Jim 'Lunar Crawler' and action figure, a Cleveland Indians foam baseball bat and ball set, a catchers mitt and 'Sumsy' from Bob The Builder. Everyone else got him the usual cars, sweets, clothes etc., so he's done quite well.

Me, I got that picture of our primary school Mam got at the school fayre, a coat that doesn't fit me (despite being a size 18...I hate the fact I have to wear 20s sometimes....), some chocolates, some smellies and £20 worth of gift vouchers - one of which I had to sell to Mam 'cause I practically never shop in that particular store *rolls eyes* Plus [ profile] phoebesmum let me read one of the Sports Night fics she wrote for Christmas! That was cool.

My gift from Rowan was four Terry's Chocolate Oranges, two milk chocolate, one dark and one mint rather than orange. Mam got those for me on his behalf, and was extremely pissed off when Barrie asked him this morning what he'd given me for Christmas. After all, five year olds have loads of disposable income with which to buy presents, right?

This is somewhat of a 'Bah Humbug' post, and I apologise for that, but I don't really enjoy Christmas anymore. We had to rush through breakfast in order to get to my parents place in time to see my sister and her family (though that was nice - my adorable neice Jessica's growing up so quickly!) and then it was just the four of us for dinner. I'd barely been in the house a minute before I had to listen to Mam bitch about Dad; he was being his usual arse-lazy self, and hadn't gotten her anything for Christmas besides a card. He'd suggested they buy each other passports this year, so they'd be able to go away on holiday sometime, should the finances work in their favour. Of course, passports are expensive and require some paperwork so Mam wasn't exactly enthusiastic, and she got him a little something else anyway. He also spent most of the day sat in his chair, often asleep, leaving me to have to go help Mam in the kitchen all the time.

In the afternoon we went to my paternal grandparent's place to see them. Grampy's somewhat upset they couldn't come to us for dinner as they have for the last several years, but his health's pretty poor right now. I still don't really know all the details, though I did learn yesterday that the cancer's spread from his prostate to his bones. He doesn't expect to be here next year, but I'm shutting that out of my mind. At his age his life expectancy is low anyway, and I was quietly relieved he was around when Rowan was born. I'm glad my maternal grandfather got to see him too, but that's by-the-by.

Mam was nearly guilted into us all going to see her sister in the evening, due to a phone call by my maternal grandfather's widow. Thankfully the fact Rowan was getting tired (and therefore somewhat disobedient), and that the rest of us weren't all that enthusiastic, talked her out of it. I do have a sneaking suspicion we'll end up going this evening though *sigh*

Haven't seen the Doctor Who Christmas Special yet, as Mam and Dad were watching Deal Or No Deal. But they did tape it for me, so I shall be watching it at some point today.

So there you go. That was my Christmas, and now I have to clean up the mess in my flat. Gonna have to get some serious sleep in tonight before work in the morning. I'm hoping to do something for New Year, since there's fireworks in the city centre again.
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Christmas went about as well as expected. Which isn't too bad really.

Rowan was slightly kind to me and didn't wake up till a little after eight this morning. He wanted to do his usual weekend routine of going into the living room on his own for a short time, while I dozed a little more, but I wouldn't let him. I didn't want to miss out on seeing him open his presents, so I encouraged him to open the gifts I'd left in his stocking at the foot of the bed.

He's never really experienced that before, so it was quite novel to him. He insisted on showing me every single Thomas The Tank Engine book as well as the toys, but wasn't too impressed with the satsuma and chocolate coin stuffed in the toe of the stocking. He's decided he doesn't like oranges (though he drank a fair bit of orange juice today) and wasn't impressed with the quality of the chocolate coin (can't argue there....)

After he'd opened all his presents, I made us both some toast and orange juice which we ate off my special christmas dinner service. Unfortunately, I only have dinner plates, side plates and tumblers, along with a platter and serving bowl, so we couldn't have cereal. Methinks I should scout around for a similar set which I can set aside especially for breakfast in future....

We then played a little before Mam came to collect us. At her place, we opened some more gifts before Rowan and I washed and changed into clean clothes (I hate not having any hot water...) before my grandparents and my uncle arrived for dinner.

The food was okay - a vast improvement on last year, 'cause I got sick on Christmas Eve and couldn't manage more than a few bites without feeling nauseated. After dinner, Uncle Andy set up Rowan's racing car game while the rest of us talked. Mam and Nan's conversation drifted into TMI at times, as they tend to do, but when they later left the table, Dad, Grampy, Uncle Andy and myself got into a discussion about books and stuff. The RPG came up in conversation too, and I gave my uncle the address of the [ profile] jla_watchtower as he and Grampy asked where on Livejournal it was.

Conversation died down for a bit when the Queen's Speech came on. Call me unpatriotic if you like, but I was relieved it only lasted about ten minutes this year. After that we all settled down to watch Shrek before Nan, Grampy and Uncle Andy went home.

This, of course, meant it was time for us to make our way across the city to my Aunt's house as we had been invited over for tea with no real option to refuse. So began several hours with members of my family who don't really give a damn about us but act oh-so-caring when in our company. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, and thankfully Rowan was really well behaved. My aunt gushed that he's a credit to me, since he behaves so well in company. Naturally I commented that he's rarely like that the rest of the time, but at least he does show some manners when he's out and about.

He was somewhat overwhelmed by Christmas, as usual. It's not easy when you have your birthday and Christmas just fourteen days apart (I also know three people born on the 27th - I'd imagine that's even more overwhelming). He got a lot of toys - mostly cars and other assorted vehicles. I just hope I can find the room for everything. I'm not sure if he'll be bringing anything back when he visits with his father tomorrow, as he didn't have anything with him when he returned after his birthday. I don't really have any clue what my in-laws have in their house for him to play with.

I'm all on my todd this evening, as Rowan decided he wanted to sleep at his grandparents tonight. So I'm gonna go make the most of having the bed to myself for the whole night. Knowing my luck I'll oversleep tomorrow.... I'm not sure what I'll be doing while he's up in the Valleys, though something tells me I'll probably end up tagging along with my parents while they go hit the sales. Mam wants a wireless router so she can use her laptop to go on the internet, so they're definitely headed for PC World tomorrow.

Before I go, I just wanna share these song lyrics with you guys. It's a parody of Eminiem's 'Stan' by Radio One DJ Chris Moyles, called 'Stanta'. I don't think it really needs much explanation, but it is damn funny! Anyone offended by 'Stan' shouldn't worry - hell, I'm probably the most likely person on my flist to take offence at Eminem's stuff, and I actually like some of his songs!

If anyone wants to hear it, surf over to the Sound Vault and it's available.
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*eyes time* Yes, I really am still up. Didn't plan to be, but there you are.

Started wrapping up the presents, only to find my Dad's is missing....Have since been scouring the flat for it - it has to be in the living room somewhere! - and letting the [ profile] jla_watchtower folk calm me down. They offered helpful suggestions, but alas...

I'll find it on December 28th, mark my words....

Everything else is wrapped, cards are written and table is laid for breakfast. Let's hope I manage to get a little sleep before the rugrat wakes up....

Nadolig Llawen, fy ffrindiau! Merry Christmas, my friends!
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Did something today that I always feel bad about at this time of year.

We went out to the shops.

I've worked in customer service my entire working life, and only escaped from retail in April 2003, so I understand how awful it is to have to work on weekends normally, let alone during the holiday season. So I try to avoid shopping on bank holidays, Boxing Day etc.

But I'm having to rationalise it that we need storage for the rugrat's toys; we already have enough stuff to open a toy store, and there's a big pile in the living room that we haven't sorted away yet. Plus he'll undoubtedly be bringing just as much again home from his grandparents' place this evening. So, drastic action is required - new storage must be bought, and older lesser used toys must be put in storage.

So off we went to the stationary store, and bought a new box for his trainset, as this will free up three other boxes.

I also picked up some more box files for my comics. Will have to get some bags and boards from Kris once he restocks, so I can store them properly. Having them in carrier bags is making me very nervous.

Speaking of comics, I finally have my copy of IC#7 - to which my reaction is mixed, though I can't define why. Had a slight wibble at the panel of poor Tim huddled under a duvet, ignoring a call from a concerned Dick.

Also, the latest in the Batgirl/Robin crossover - I am so relieved, guys! I was dreading where that was going, but I'm now looking forward to the final part. The auction scenes were hysterical! *grins*

And I also have JLA Classified #2, which will help me in finishing that Tim/Cass WiP I have on my hard-drive - if I can just figure out what to have the Knight and Squire do! *laughs*

Right...busy busy busy *grins at [ profile] _nightwing_ and still fighting off this damn flu. That thread is helping enormously though!
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Hope everyone's had a good day!

Well, that's it - it's pretty much over for me now. After all, in this house Christmas pretty much ends when the dinner dishes are cleared away.

don't click if you don't want to read a whinge )

So what did I get for Christmas? Well, aside from the usual smellies, I got some incense stuff - which I guess is an interesting variation. I also got a new toilet bag, since my shampoo bottle leaked inside my old, beloved one - which ruined it since it's a henna shampoo and the bag wasn't washable. I also got the Star Wars box set from my grandparents, which is cool, and a new top which I wore today.

Still - Merry Christmas everyone, and a safe, happy New Year!


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