gothams3rdrobin: (christmas tardis) that when they break off into the regional reports, they don't all keep to the same timetable. So while you start off watching the events at BBC Television Centre, London, when they break off to, say, Wales, there's a good chance they won't pass back to the main events in time to catch something you might be waiting for. I've missed out on things like the Eastenders Special, or the Newsreaders doing their annual song and dance, because BBC Wales were showing us a concert going on in Wrexham! *sighs*

Now, with Cable, there's an option to watch BBC England, BBC Wales, BBC Scotland and even BBC Ireland, so we can always watch BBC England and just see the London events. Normally this works fine - but this year they have John Barrowman and Gethin Jones hosting the Welsh events from the Millenium Centre!

My parents don't want to miss anything at Television Centre, so guess which channel we're watching...

Le sigh

I can't even plead with them to turn it back, 'cause they don't like John.

Ah well - the Doctor Who special is on. 'Least I haven't missed that!

EDT: Oooookay...the Christmas special should be interesting this year!


Nov. 16th, 2007 08:28 pm
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Oh that was beautifully done! Somewhat sugary, but fantastic! My video-editor's soul was happy watching.

Oh David! Oh Peter!

Take a look, guys! - they've sensibly put it up on the website, now that it's aired. And there's Behind The Scenes too!
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It's that time of year again, and the Children In Need telethon is on air in just over an hour.

I'm looking forward to the BBC Newsreaders' contribution - which is always hysterical - and there's a QI special, and a Never Mind The Buzzcocks special.

Oh, and there's this Doctor Who thing on too. *shrug* ;-)

I'm taping it for my Dad, as he and Mam are going to see Joseph in the New Theatre tonight, but I'm hoping some more-technically-minded person will have it YouTube'd quickly so's I can share it with the overseas Who fans on my list. It's a multiple Doctors, with David and Peter! *cheers and bounces happily* We're a season or so overdue for a multiple-Doctor storyline, IMO.

Right - gonna go cook some tea for the little one and myself. He's been in pyjamas all day today, as part of the school's fundraising efforts :-) Should make bedtime easy enough, provided he stays clean...


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