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My birthday yesterday. Predictably quiet, uneventful day, though the guys at work did decorate my desk for the first time in the seven years I've worked there!

Thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday, either on LJ or Facebook :-)

Rowan gave me a very cute necklace and earring set, as well as a small cuddly giraffe. :-) Mam took him to ASDA on Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago to pick them out. I had a HMV gift voucher from the guys at work, and some money off my Nan and my Bampy (my brother and sister's grandfather) - I'm thinking of putting that towards getting Band Hero *grins*. Mam and Dad are holding on to a portion of Mam's redundancy payout to cover the deposit for when I find a new place.

Rowan was the one getting all excited about my birthday, as he kept checking how many days there were left and saying how I'd look so beautiful in my pressie *affectionate eyeroll* He's not the best at keeping secrets, not unless it's really important.

Rowan's got himself a project on Berlin to complete in the next three weeks. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what he's supposed to hand in; it can either be a scrapbook, a Word document or a Powerpoint presentation - Rowan wants to do it on Powerpoint, but apparently he's not supposed to stand in front of the class and give a talk :-p I'm trying to help him as best I can without taking over completely, but it's hard to know if I'm pushing too hard and making him do too much... *sigh* I have an assignment of my own due in a couple of weeks too, which doesn't help.
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So today I turned the big three-oh. Meh :-) I'm not someone who's bothered by their age - not yet, at least. The only thing that ever bothers me about my birthday is getting through it without wanted to cry or kill someone.

Of course, it doesn't help that I still have that bug, and I've pretty much coughed my throat raw.

I spent most of my day off yesterday fruitlessly scouring town for new jeans. I used to get all my trousers at BHS, 'cause they were the only store I knew that sold jeans-type trousers in a twenty-seven inch leg - and even that's just slightly long on me (yes, I am that short). But they've stopped doing them! *pouts* And their 'petite' trousers, while more or less the right length, just didn't sit right. Anywhere else I tried either didn't do anything shorter than a twenty-nine inch leg, or yet again didn't sit right. And I refuse to believe that I may need to go a size up *scowls* I'm in two sizes bigger than I'm comfortable with, as it is.

Weirdly, though, I accidentally bought a blouse to wear tonight that's a size smaller than I usually wear - and it fits! So either my upper body is still that size (aside from my waist *scowls*) or the design is generous enough that I can get away with it. Go figure!

The meal at the Nantgarw Frankie & Bennys went quite well, thankfully. Though we did have a fair wait for our food - my uncle thinks that's cause we didn't order any starters. There were lots of birthdays at the restaurant tonight, so the recording of 'Happy Birthday' (the representatives of Mildred and Patty Hill must be making a mint of that restaurant chain) followed by Cliff Richard's 'Congratulations' got played half a dozen times over the course of our meal. Naturally my turn came, and our waiter brought over a cake Mam'd had one of her colleagues make, with a sleeping cat on the top painted to (sorta) resemble Tammie. Though, since my parents could only find a photo of him where he's sleeping facing away from the camera, she naturally got his face wrong. That's probably a good thing, since I nearly felt like crying when Rowan let slip they'd got me a cake with Tammie on it - though I was expecting a photocake. Had this cat actually resembled my 'Moggwipe', I think I might actually have cried there in the restaurant. Daft, huh?

I was a good girl and didn't open the cards Mel and Will left last Sunday till this morning. :-) I did open the card that arrived on Thursday with no stamp on it - and a snarky note from the postman, like it's my fault they forgot the sodding postage! :-p It was from my mam's mother, so meh. Not going into my issues there right now. I also had some more cards this morning; one from my brother and sister's grandfather, whom I call Bampy, with some money! *touched* Really gotta send him a thank you card - he never forgets me, and I'm terrible at remembering even my closest family. And the second was from [ profile] phoebesmum! Thank you so much, Hilary, it was perfect timing.

The other thing I did today was take Rowan to see 'Lazytown Live' at St David's Hall. Oh dear god, people! If you think Pantos are cheesy, honey you ain't seen nothing! It irritates me enough when they use small adults to play the roles of children, but seeing them strike poses and moronic facial expressions worse than you see on Barney? Oh it burns. In fairness, the guys picked to play Sportacus and Robbie Rotten were excellent; the Sportacus actor had Magnus Sheving's voice down pat, and could do all the gymnastic tricks that is the character's trademark. Though he was one of those guys who have buffed up in a way that makes their head seem disproportionately small. Robbie Rotten was so convincing that I'm still having a hard time believing it wasn't Stefan Karl himself - he had the voice and the mannerisms so completely perfect it was astounding.

Right now, I'm debating whether I'm going to watch the online stream of tonight's Doctor Who - which I missed, since I had to go out - or go to bed and listen to one of the Torchwood audio books I bought in town this afternoon with the first of my birthday money. I'd be watching Who on the TV right now if Virgin had gotten around to uploading it yet *glares at them*

Catch you guys tomorrow - hopefully I'll be feeling somewhat better...


Apr. 19th, 2008 08:13 pm
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I am now finding myself in a position that I absolutely loathe and abhor. I am simultaneously... annoyed at my mother, and feeling guilty for feeling that way 'cause OMG I must be the worst daughter on the planet :-p

I was all geared up to explain to my mother how I wanted to go to Oriental Garden for my birthday (having already told Dad on the bus yesterday, so it was likely she already knew), only to be told that she'd managed to book somewhere to eat. At the Frankie & Bennys up in Nantgarw.

Now, I have wanted to try this particular restaurant chain for a while, 'cause I've heard good things about it. But the reason Mam didn't try them as soon as she found out Cardiff Bay were fully booked, is the driving distance. It's about an hour, I think, from here to there. Plus the online reviews I've read of the Nantgarw resteraunt haven't been very inspiring.

And besides, the whole idea that we'd go to Frankie & Bennys came about as we were driving past the new one in Cardiff Bay one Saturday and Mam asked if I'd like to go there. Having not thought about my birthday much, I agreed. It was a change of scenery and, yes, I did want to try the food there.

But I had, in the space of twenty-four hours, gotten my heart set on eating at my favourite restaurant instead.

It's not as though my family don't eat chinese food. And I bet you, when the final bill's tallied up, it'll come to at least £14 per head before you count in the drinks.

Looks like it's gonna be status normal again this year...
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So, my family and I are going out for a meal next saturday.

Can't think why... ;-)

We were going to go to the new Frankie & Bennys, down the Retail Park side of Cardiff Bay, but Mam tried to call them last week to book a table and they were already fully booked! :-/ So that leaves me with the decision of where to go instead.

Now, traditionally my family have been very regular patrons of chains such as Beefeater, Harvester and Brewers Fayre. But frankly, I'm sick of them. It's been harder and harder each time to choose something from the menu I feel like trying. And they don't even do my regular fall-back of lasagne.

Where I'd really like to go is the Oriental Garden, down the other side of Cardiff Bay (y'know, the Torchwood end *wink*) as I love it there. All-you-can-eat chinese food, including prawn toast! Where can you go wrong? Of course, when I mentioned this to my Mam last week she was all "Well, I don't know if *so-and-so* would like that...", but - as Rachel pointed out over IM this afternoon - it is my birthday. We've gone to The Baron's Court for the last decade or more for Grampy and Uncle Andy's birthdays because they happened to like the place (we even went this year - I was grateful it wasn't as uncomfortable as it could have been, without Grampy there too) but I don't enjoy it there anymore.

It's not even as if I'm expecting to go for the evening sitting, which on a weekend is £13.95 a head per adult *winces* Though, if you think about it, a two or three course meal in the Harvester is probably more than that. No, I'm quite happy to go for the lunchtime session, once Rowan and I are done watching 'Lazytown' at St David's Hall.

Now if I can just talk the 'rents into it....


Apr. 27th, 2007 11:02 am
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I just got a card in the post from my Mam's former father-in-law - my Bampy - with a cheque for a tenner in it!

*is touched beyond words*

Silly old bugger....
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I have virtual balloons on my User Info - and some paid time!

Thank you very much A Nonny Mouse - I'd prefer to thank you in person though!

EDT: Plus [ profile] catwalksalone planted me a virtual tree! *bounces*
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So far, my twenty-ninth birthday is going nicely thankyouverymuch :-)

It didn't start off too fabulous, as we ran late getting to school. But we got there seconds after Mrs Davies closed the door, so that was okay. Technically I was late for work - I got there at 9.30 when we're supposed to get there five minutes before the shift starts, so we can log in and such - but it was okay also.

I was a little apprehensive, 'cause my colleagues were aware yesterday that my birthday was approaching and my current team is an evil lot. *grins* Plus a couple of them checked as I left yesterday that I was going to be in today.

However, all was cool; my workspace was still intact and there were no embarrassing photo-manips posted everywhere. Sometimes not being amongst the most popular has its advantages. *grins* About an hour into my shift, my department (all twelve of them) crowded around my desk - which is a sign of an impending presentation. The manager then wished me a happy birthday from the team and told me she didn't dare read my card aloud as there were a few nasty comments in there! *grins* This means that at least some of them like me! *laughs* On looking at them myself, there's nothing too bad in there - and I was able to snark back at a few of my colleagues, so all's good.

They got me two bars of Thornton's chocolate (which is better than a selection box as, frankly, I can't abide 'faffy chocolate'), and a £10 voucher for the HMV music store. Yay! Plus they also got me one of those bloody-gorgeous chocolate celebration cakes from Marks & Spencer; it's a large tray cake, cut into fifteen squares, covered with a very gooey icing. The first time I ever tried it I quite literally collapsed onto my desk, it was so heavenly! So I passed slices around my department when they came back from break, and kept the last two for myself *grins* My stomach hurt afterwards, but oh was it worth it!

Had to work my arse off today too, as I failed at productivity yesterday. I blame the team meeting we had at eleven o'clock - I haven't had to stop for one in months and months, and it was hard getting back into my stride afterwards. I think I did okay today though.

After work I collected Rowan and Isaac, who came up to us to play for the afternoon. He went home about half an hour ago (I've been writing this for the last two hours, off and on *grin*), and Mam & Dad called in with my cards and things. Tim's calling up later on this evening.

All in all not a bad day - and it's not entirely over yet. Thank you very much [ profile] laylee & [ profile] phoebesmum for the greetings - and thanks also for the very cool Batman e-card, Hilary! *hugs*
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So...I was anticpating a pretty crappy day, same as last year.

Last year, the people at work did my birthday presentation the day before, 'cause there was another girl on my team whose birthday was that day. So my own birthday went pretty much ignored, aside from a few greetings. This meant that I wasn't in an especially good mood that evening, when I had to spend it at home with my parents and the only people who came to visit was my maternal aunt and Mam's stepmother. I was almost in tears when I went online, and was cheered up by the lovely [ profile] jeditigger and [ profile] daywalkermike.

This year, [ profile] katyanicholovna was determined I wouldn't feel so down again today, so she's organised a virtual party for my RPG character at [ profile] lunatic_cafe! I'm treating it like a surprise party as, as far as my Drakey-boy knows, it's April - not September, which is when we worked out his birthday actually is! *grins*

My manager and supervisor at work apparently didn't get notified that my birthday was coming up, so there was another scramble at lunchtime to get me something - just like the year before last! *laughs* This year, however, instead of the irritating smellies I got a box of chocolates and a gift card for the dvd store.

Plus there was the absolutely adorable flower arrangement that [ profile] katyanicholovna arranged to have delivered to my office! I knew she was sending me something, so as soon as I got the email from reception I flew out of my chair like a bat out of hell! *laughs* I really didn't expect flowers - I'll have to try and post a picture of them this weekend.

After work, I headed home to do some tidying up around the flat. Mam collected Rowan for me so she could get him to sign my birthday card - he's starting to write his own name now, and he's doing great. Can already type it perfectly, and the handwriting's coming along nicely. I've had several cards, and a cheque from my grandparents. I'm gonna have to phone them at some point to thank them...I hate phones.

I also got a big surprise when I turned my mobile phone on as I left the office. I got two text messages - one from my local best friend, and the other from my former housemate. The one from Mel was a basic 'Happy Birthday, Little Legs!" *giggles* The one from Tim read "Happy birthday, beautiful. Hope you have a great day."



This completely floored me, as that's not the kind of thing he normally says to me.

It's left me with a fuzzy feeling all afternoon, and I keep checking my phone to make sure I haven't misread it....


Apr. 26th, 2006 12:29 pm
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A bouquet of flowers just got delivered to the office for me!

There's no name on the card so I don't know for sure who it's from, though I
have a couple of suspicions. Whoever it was, thank you!


Apr. 26th, 2006 12:17 am
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[ profile] phoebesmum sent me an e-card for my birthday, and folks from the [ profile] jla_watchtower just pulled me into a chatroom to sing me happy birthday! *giggles*

Thankfully there's no chance of the representatives of Mildred and Patty Hayes suing them for it! *winks*
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It's not the getting older I care about - heck, I feel young enough still. Even if my body protests sometimes.

And twenty-seven isn't old at all. Not even close.

It's just how birthdays seem to be just ordinary days now.

Started off kinda nicely. Mam got the rugrat out of bed, and brought him back in to me with two presents and cards; a dvd and a compilation cd. Ones I'd chosen myself, so pretty cool.

But aside from a gift voucher my mother's had to buy off me 'cause I'd never shop there in a million years, that's all I've had off my family. Sure, a few cards too.

My colleagues at work did a quick whip-round and got me some smellies - yeah, like I have the time or energy for long soaks in the bath with those bomb things - but they did that yesterday, cause there was another girl on my department with a birthday yesterday. So today? Bubkiss. Not even that many "Happy Birthday!" greetings.

And only one insult on the entire card - guess they really don't care that much about me.

I had to call my grandmother myself to thank her for the card and inappropriate gift voucher. Heaven forbid they call me

My mother's sister and step-mother called by this evening with cards - at Rowan's bedtime. So he was all wired up with having a new audience when he was tired, and started showing off all his books. Got him to help my aunt read 'The Hungry Catepillar', just for a little maternal gloating.

And my team started a group diet today, so I had to weigh myself at lunchtime. Your birthday is not a good time to be told you weight almost twice your 'ideal' body weight....*sigh* And I knew I was gonna be having cake this evening.

Gah - I can be selfish and self-centered sometimes. At least I have you guys *huggles* I knew a session at the Watchtower would get me through tonight.


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