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One of the guys on the next-door team is also an MLB fan - we struck up a conversation a couple of years back 'cause he was wandering around the office in a Mariners shirt (he also has a Seahawks shirt, and various other teams) - and today he brought me a gift; an actual MLB baseball that he caught at a game the other year! He and his wife were having a clearout and they have a spare, so he asked me if I wanted it! \O/ Going right onto a shelf in the glass cabinet thankyouverymuch! And no, the boy will not be permitted to play with it, no matter how much he complains!

I had an interesting start to my working day besides that; we were late getting Rowan to the sports camp, so I had to get a later bus into town but still had enough time to pop to Greggs for some breakfast - breakfast roll and a cup of tea! Nice way to start the morning. As I was walking up the steps to the building, I passed one of the Trainers for my department on her way out. She told me not to go into the building, as they were about to run a fire drill and Security would refuse to let me up anyway.

So I sat on a wall alongside the building, eating my breakfast roll while waiting for the alarm to sound. Sure enough, just as my shift should have started, off it went. I headed across the road to the assembly point and waited for some familiar faces - we take up around half the twenty-three floors in the building, so you can imagine there's quite a lot of people to evacuate. Plus, as assembled groups are wont to do, once they got across the road, most were unwilling to move much further than the curb despite the size of the 'Square' - which was, after all, the entire reason why it was chosen as our assembly point! :-p I felt so sorry for the bus drivers trying to get passed these hordes of people practically standing in the street!

I was quite content while waiting for the fire marshals to call my floor back into the building; I had a cup of tea (albeit one that could have done with a bit more sugar....) and was chatting with a colleague I get on well with, and is also in the choir with me. It didn't take long to get back to my desk, surprisingly -it usually takes quite a while queuing for the lifts back upstairs - and I was there before the rest of my team. I explained to my supervisor how I'd actually arrived on time and everything, but she was fine about it. Typical though! I could have been running late and I'd have gotten away with it! *laughs*

Not sure if Rowan's going to be going back to the camp in the summer, though *sigh* I think he's struggling to adjust to being in the 'Over Eights' group this year, with all the older kids and more physical activities. He's been very tired and grumpy most evenings, and always seems to have some complaint about how the other kids or the coaches have behaved towards him. Likely he just needs to mature a bit - the kids his age are starting to play that bit more roughly, but there are even bigger kids at the camp, and kids never seem to know how to adjust their play to accommodate the younger ones.

I imagine he'll be fine in a couple of years, when he's no longer one of the littlest. But for right now, this presents a slight childcare problem for me in the summer.

Oh, and as for this week's NCIS? Well, if Tony doesn't want to give his Timmy those Nutter Butters I know a good home for them... ;-)
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NASN are having a bit of a scheduling problem this evening...

They've been showing tonights Indians/Rays game, which was scheduled to finish by eight thirty (fifteen minutes ago) to be followed by the Orioles/Angels game.

Right now, the Indians game is in the top of the ninth, having run over somewhat.

The funny thing is that, every now and again, NASN cuts away for a brief break, returning with the Orioles game, before taking another break and returning to the Indians game! I can't believe they're trying to show both games, hoping desperately that the Indians game will finish quickly! *laughs*

When this happens on an as-live/tape delay game, they simply put up a ticker-tape message to advise they're jumping ahead to the scheduled programme, if they can't knock the schedule back enough - I guess they can't do that with two live games.

Ah well - middle of the ninth, and we just skipped over to the bottom of the first in the Orioles game. :-)

EDT: ...and the Indians game just tied at the bottom of the ninth. None out, so it might still end this inning - but seriously! This is as funny as the Caribbean league game that just would not end! ;-)
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I told him about ten minutes ago that he needs to be going to bed once the show he was watching - I Spy - finished.

The show finishes while I'm reading something, and when I look up? He's changed the channel on the cable box to the Mets/Braves game for me. Sure, it's the bottom of the ninth, but still!
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Just sent the last of the latest batch of Rowan's emails for him; this time to my sister and her family, who now live out near Alicante. I've been meaning to email them for ages, but too arse lazy, I guess.

The writing emails thing has captured his imagination, at least for the moment. *grins* He wrote to his nan, [ profile] moonanstars's son and my sister last night! I couldn't send the last one though, as I had the wrong computer turned on :-p At least their address will be in his address book from here on out, so that won't be a problem.

[ profile] yellowseptember, expect an email for you and the girls at some point this week. He didn't feel like it tonight, but he wants to write some more in a day or two. He's been such a good boy at school the last two days that I let him off the hook, and we spent the evening on his playstation instead.

Random: I sometimes question the wisdom of putting myself on the Mariners and Orioles' mailing lists for post-game scores, as I frequently get the odd email trying to promote sales and special events at their ballparks. When I'm thousands of miles away, on the wrong side of the pond...

But dammit, I like it when those post-game emails start arriving. And it's extra amusing on the rare occasions when they play each other.

Right - time I was to bed. I'm knackered!
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I've been forcefeeding Carol YouTube of the two High School Musical movies tonight, and I came across this music video of the HSM2 song 'I Don't Dance, where they've edited in footage of baseball games and MLB players mouthing along to the lyrics!



Aug. 22nd, 2007 08:06 pm
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I turned my cable over to NASN this evening, to find that the next game up was a live game from the Little League World Series!

How cool is that? Televised games from their league!

But guess what? Technical faults... *grumps* So now it's a repeated Astros/Padres game instead.

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Venezuela finally got a run in the top of the eighteenth, then the Dominican Republic just equalised in the bottom of the inning!

*hopes the guy currently at first base manages to get home and end this damn ball game!*

Much more of this and I'm gonna have to go to bed before the game ends. Six and a half hours is ridiculous! *laughs*
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I've been watching the first game of the 2007 Winter League - Dominican Republic vs Venezuela - since eight o'clock this evening.

It's now 12.15 and the game's not over yet! They're tied at two runs each, and no-one can gain that deciding run....

Started off really well in the first too; can't remember who was up at bat, but the bases were loaded. They got denied the grand slam though - or even a single run - as they all got caught out *grins*

Heh - and one day I'll even know what I'm talking about! Till then, you're stuck with me babbling. *giggles*


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