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This is the mun-journal for _robin_.

This journal was intended to be mostly be about comics, and the jla_watchtower role-play game, but life never quite works out that way now does it? *grin*

So, along with the regular whinges about Life, The Universe And Everything ("Life? Don't talk to me about life....") I also post the crap I call fanfiction and gush about my favourite TV shows. At present, that's Doctor Who & Torchwood (both filmed in my home town!!!) and reruns of Sports Night and Due South.

I have a son, born in 2001, whom I frequently gripe about 'cause he's a willful, if adorable, child with a temper to match his red hair. I also have a cat who's exactly the same - even down to the marmalade coat....

PLEASE NOTE: I do not speak Russian, and I do not appreciate being randomly friended by people whose journal entries I cannot read. Please do not waste your time and mine. Thank you.


I adopted a cute lil' batman fetus
from Fetusmart! Hooray fetus!
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