May. 6th, 2011 06:40 pm
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... I am having the unhealthiest Spring I've had in ages!

I spent Easter weekend - which was a four day weekend - with some sort of stomach bug that made me very nauseous and uncomfortable every time I ate. This was especially irritating as I got taken out for dinner twice that weekend for my birthday... And I didn't even touch my Easter Egg till the following weekend!

Just as I was starting to get back to normal, my left side started feeling tender; like sunburn or a bruise just below the skin. It's very uncomfortable when I'm sitting on the bus, or when Rowan's leaning against me, or I'm walking somewhere, or... you get the idea.

So I managed to get myself an appointment with the doctor this morning, and her initial diagnosis was that this tenderness is a precursor to a bout of Shingles! *sigh* She wasn't a hundred percent certain, because I couldn't remember if I had ever had Chicken Pox as a child, but that was the only thing that made sense to her. She sent me away with a prescription for co-codamol and ibuprofen, as basic pain control's apparently the only way they treat it these days.

Spoke to my Mam when I got home, and she confirmed that I did have Chicken Pox, but I was very little at the time. I can only remember having German Measles when I was about four or five, 'cause I passed it on to my Dad; daft sod made the mistake of sitting at my feet while I convalesced on the sofa - he got sick right when he was due to take his exams!

The only problem with all this is, now that I know I'm actually coming down with something? I seem to have lost at least part of my ability to muddle along despite not feeling a hundred percent.... So now I feel somewhat like pwp. And I haven't even broken out in a rash yet - though the aches do seem to be getting kinda focused on certain points on my back...

Ah well....
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My current course is almost over now - thank god! - and I'm in the process of signing up for the new one starting in October. On looking through the application form for financial aid, I noticed for the first time that there's actually a limit to how long you can continue to study while getting help towards your course fees - on reflection, this is something of a 'duh!' moment, 'cause really! You can't expect to be able to do it in perpetuity, now can you? But this is the first time it's actually penetrated my addled brain...

So, the T&C are that you can get assistance provided your degree takes you no more than twice the time it would take if studying full time; in other words, six years. Where I run into trouble is that I'm currently on my fourth course and in the process of applying for my fifth...

Going by the way this should be done, I should be just wrapping up my final course at level two, and applying for the first of my level three courses. But of course, stupid me, I took a step back and did my third level one course, didn't I! *headsdesk*

Had I realised this, I wouldn't have bothered with this godforsaken interdisciplinary course and gotten on with the more interesting ones! Likely I'm going to have to self-fund one or two of these somehow, if I'm to get my degree at some point.

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Anyone familiar with, the audiobook section of Amazon? Is it worth becoming a member?

I'm the kind of person who enjoys physically owning books, CDs, DVDs etcetera, but I also like the portability of downloads. It's much, much trickier to copy a ripped audiobook to your MP3 player than it is to copy over a download version of it...

I'd like to build up a proper collection of audiobooks from the Who-verse and others (I used to daydream over the 'No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency' CDs in Borders...), I'm just a little light on shelf space. But I'm also a little wary about signing up to a subscription service - even temporarily.
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So, last night I took Myfanwy to bed with me, leaving the visitor outside. It did initially attempt to come into the bedroom too, but a little growling from Myfi soon dissuaded it from doing so ;-)

Since then there's been periods of hissing and growling, and periods of quiet where they've kept out of each other's sight, but thankfully no actual fighting. I did have to lock the little one in the bathroom while we went out, but other than the sink's hot tap getting knocked on for an unspecified amount of time, that seemed to go without a hitch. It was snuggled up in the sleeping box I put in there when Rowan went to check on the sound of running water.

I've sent an email to the local RSPCA, asking them for help in locating the owner, and I'll be giving the Cat Protection League a call about putting its picture up on the lost and found section of their website. I don't mind holding on to it, if we can't find who it belongs to, provided it can come to an understanding with Myfi, but still. Important to find out if the owner's out there, since it has a collar.

Still don't know the gender, since it objected very strongly to me picking it up to examine it. But at least it's not so smelly anymore!
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My neighbour knocked my door about half past nine this evening, with a black cat in her arms she'd found hanging around by the front door and mistaken for my Myfanwy.

We took it back upstairs to the ground floor, to see whether it would leave or try to stay - it was even more unwilling to go back outside than Myfi was! It's very friendly, with a lovely soft coat, and I think it's only about a year old. It is wearing a decorative collar, though, so it's evident it did at least have an owner at some point. No idea of the gender - either a girl or a neutered male - it's got the stinkiest backside I have ever known, so I haven't yet checked :-p

There was no way we could leave it in the hallways, nor were we prepared to forcibly move it outside, so I allowed it to come inside with me - for tonight at least. I've put food and fresh water down for it, and it's made use of the tray while it's been here.

The only real hurdle so far has been its reaction to Myfi. She came out into the hallway at one point to investigate what I was up to, and it made low growling noises on seeing her. This progressed to hissing - initially Myfi just stared, and came over to me for reassurance. Since it actually came indoors they've been carefully dancing around each other, and the hissing and growling has been mutual. Both have even hissed directly at me a couple of times - presumably I got in the way at a delicate moment! ;-)

There's been no outright fighting, however, simply "Oi! Eff off!" hissing from about a metre away. I'm planning to take Myfi in with me when I go to bed, and leave the visitor out here - we'll have to see how that goes. Then in the morning I'll open a door and see if it wants to go. It's quite a nice night out there tonight, so I don't imagine it's looking for shelter from the cold, like Myfi was.

If it decides to stick around, I'm gonna have to make a concerted effort to find the humans that put the collar on it... In the meantime, have a couple of pictures!
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LJ appears to be having some major downtime this evening, so it's very likely I'll be posting this the day after I write it ;-P But still...

Stuff and things happen, of course. Hard to say how interesting they are to the observer, since they're rarely very interesting to me...

In which I babble about Myfi, sucky stuff at home and work, and the choir! )
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We actually had ours yesterday, 'cause Mam and Dad are both working till late this evening. Good thing too, as I am absolutely crap at making pancakes!

Yes I know it's one of the easiest-things-ever-OMG - but I tend to fail at any kind of cooking where the ingredients blend into a final, solid product. Ask me to make a stir-fry, or pasta, or something and I will serve you something reasonably edible, but cakes, omelettes, pancakes... they always come out wrong.

Anyway. There was a tradition growing up - I may well have mentioned this before - where my Mam would mix up the pancake batter, then she'd leave Dad to do the actual cooking and I would scurry back and forth between the kitchen and the front room bringing out the finished products. A few years back something changed and Mam is now the one who does all the cooking, while I still play waitress. We were talking about this last night, as Mam wasn't entirely gracious at being stuck doing it again (read: she went into the kitchen and got on with it). I went and joined her, taking responsibility for the sugar and lemon juice on the finished product. No-one told me I over-lemoned them, so all's good! :-)

I did joke that it was traditionally Rowan's job to be doing the serving, as the youngest, but that we had somehow stuck with history rather than tradition. Rowan, tucking into his pancakes - the first batch Mam made, and covered in marshmallows and strawberry ice cream sauce by me - responded with a "Nuh!" *laughs*

Once Rowan was full, and once Dad was full, Mam started on mine. While I ate mine, I stayed in the kitchen to add the sugar and lemon to Mam's. I prefer them with banana slices and maple syrup, but on Shrove Tuesday I tend to stick to the traditional currants, sugar and lemon juice. I think I ate about five in the end.... headed home feeling very bloated indeed!

Starting officially tomorrow (unofficially today - I was good till teatime!) I'm forgoing sweet stuff as much as possible until Easter Sunday. Hopefully that'll put me back on track for fixing my appalling diet! We put together a menu for our evening meals which we've been trying to follow for a couple of weeks now; we chose which main 'ingredient' we would have on which day (Pasta on monday, rice on tuesday, etc.) and then made a list of which things we both like to have with them - the idea is that I can prepare something for tea without him arguing as much. When we lived with my parents Rowan got just that little too used to having his say on everything, so it can be a battle to get him to accept when I need things to be a certain way. I did notice that the first week I followed this menu plan I was finding myself thinking of things to actually cook, rather than throw together in the oven - Thursdays, for example, is soup, because he has to go to Badgers at 6pm. I've been toying with occasionally slow-cooking some soup, instead of always opening a tin! How weird is that! *laughs*
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They're trying to introduce Facebook-style games on LJ....

... god help us all!
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Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus, pawb! Happy St David's Day, everyone!

I didn't get to say anything yesterday because I wasn't home until midnight, and quite frankly I was too tired to make a coherent post. We had a gig at the Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen, West Wales, yesterday evening and we spent the last two hours of the day travelling.

My day mostly progressed normally; dropped Rowan off at school, went to work. Rowan and I both had Welsh rugby shirts on, and he was taking part in the school's Eisteddfod festival. Me, I didn't have anything going on at work - the only thing our 'Ministry of Fun' organised was a poetry competition about 'how great it is to be Welsh/live in Wales' *yawn*

However, at two o'clock I high-tailed it away from my desk and down the lift to join my fellow choristers on the coach that was waiting outside. I chatted to Jan in the seat behind me as we drove over to Swansea to collect the choir from our office there, then Jan moved and Zoe came to sit next to me in order to make space on the coach and we chatted for the rest of the journey. We did try and rehearse, but the CD player on the coach kept jumping. It took an hour and three quarters to get there, and we made it on time for our scheduled sound check at four o'clock - though typically they weren't ready for us. We used the time for warm ups and last minute rehearsals, though, so all's good. Though we were quite exhausted when we got done an hour later, as our routine is quite wearying, us not being professionals or anything.

We all then retreated to the Wetherspoons pub down the street for our dinner, as we had two hours to kill before we needed to get ready. And it was Steak Club night! \O/ I had a yummy rump steak with a jacket potato. Zoe and I were debating whether we wanted to get dessert too, but eventually we reasoned it would sit too heavy while we performed. The last thing you need when you're trying to sing, particularly when there's some degree of movement involved. We chose to pop into the Co-Op store next door on our way back to the theatre for some treats for the journey home.

I managed to sneak myself into the second row for this gig, much to my relief and Melissa and Zoe's slight annoyance. Mel probably because she's used to having me in the front row with her, and Zoe because she ended up in the front in my place, where she's usually near the back. Zoe thankfully didn't hold it against me, but Mel? Who knows. She attempted to 'tell' on me, likely assuming Andrea would coax me back out of my hiding place again, but she ignored it. Did make it a little harder to see her directions, but it did make it slightly easier to hear the rest of my section. If I could just have been someplace in the middle rather than right next to the sopranos, it would have been near perfect.

The gig itself seemed to go really well; Andrea was certainly very positive in her feedback, regardless of the fact her job involves motivation. I think she'd been somewhat nervous, particularly with our version of Oasis' 'Wonderwall'. And there were a couple of songs in our programme that either the Cardiff contingent or the Swansea one hadn't had enough time to polish - as is always the case, somehow. But we pulled it off. We came away thinking we were probably the high point of the show, bracketting both sides of the interval; the other acts on the bill were the Pontadulais Brass Band, and the brother of the Tenor from the GoCompare commercials (If you don't know what I mean, feel free to YouTube - it's a Marmite thing, and personally I think it's hysterical) and Andrea said we were the only one the relatively small audience cheered for. For some reason I never notice that sort of detail.

We then had to hang around till the concert was done, so we could take a bow at the end. This meant hanging around in the changing room and chatting. It got a bit warm in there with so many people milling about (Can't imagine how it would have been if we still had the numbers we did two years ago when we did the Albert Hall!) so Zoe and I followed the example of several others and hung out in the entrance way for a bit to get some fresh air. We entertained ourselves by looking at the posters for upcoming shows and thumbing through the theatre's schedule booklet.

Took us a little while to locate where the coach was parked waiting for us; while the driver was able to drop us off outside, the street arrangements in Carmarthen didn't allow for him to wait for us outside at the end of the night, so we had to try and find him. Unfortunately Andrea didn't quite manage to follow his directions properly, so we got a little bit turned around *grins*

The journey back to Swansea was a bit uncomfortable; the seats on the coach are somewhat narrow and my companion somewhat on the larger side (as, alas, am I) so I ended up sitting slightly off the seat, with the lowered arm rest digging into me. Plus the pregnant soprano I'd been stood next to for the performance was somewhat nauseous, and needed the driver to pull over at one point. Once it was just us Cardiff-iffians we were able to spread out and be more comfortable. It was quite entertaining as Tony and Richard were so exhausted they were a little punch-drunk, and the banter that flowed was on the same level as a night at the pub. There was joking, there was random breaking into song - I had a great time. It was past eleven thirty when we got back to the office, and Zoe kindly offered to drop me off on her way back home. I was so grateful, as the last bus on a Tuesday night is eleven o'clock and the taxi fare from town to mine is about twelve pounds. Thanks to Zoe I was home by midnight, eating the microwaved soup I'd picked up for my supper. Wasn't very nice though, and I wished I'd just stuck to cereal, but I hadn't banked on being able to get a proper steak dinner.

While all this was going on, Rowan was enjoying a sleepover at his friend Lewis's house. My parents are enjoying another holiday in Gibraltar this week (and rubbing everyone's noses in it over Facebook *wink*) so even my usual rather limited childcare options weren't available. Thankfully my high-school friend Gawain is working locally this week, so his wife - who I've also gotten to be good friends with now that our sons are in school together - was able to cope with a fifth child in the house and agreed to babysit for me. She took him to school this morning too - which is a good thing because I slept right through my alarm this morning! I think my brain subconciously knew I'd taken the rest of the week off work to work on my assignment that's due on Friday, and subsequently allowed me to sleep in. Didn't get as much done today as I would have liked, but I'm back on the school run tomorrow morning and that makes it easier to get into the library and get stuck in.
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I was in the middle of cooking tea this evening when the whole flat plunged into darkness. As did everywhere else for at least a block, and there was an alarm whining away in the distance.

So I turned the stove off, and dug the torch out of the cupboard so I could rummage for the candles I'd also stashed in there for just such an occasion. Then Rowan held the torch for me so I could see to light the candle. I only have one candlestick at the moment, but thankfully I don't have many problems working in low light. A year working as a cinema usher is good practise for that :-)

This also had an added advantage of proving to Rowan how sensible I was refusing to tell him where the torch was stored, during one of his moments of obsessively asking for it - had he gotten his hands on it, not only would I not know where it was, it would likely be out of power too.

Finished cooking our pasta by the light of our single candle, which was an experience! Turned out to also be a very good thing that my biggest burner on the stove doesn't work properly, since the cooker requires a source of electricity to light the gas. Since that particular burner seems to have a fault in that area, I own one of those clicky lighter thingies, enabling me to continue to cook!

So, once food was ready, Rowan and I huddled up on the sofa in the front room, with the candle on the coffee table and 'Hunchback of Notre Dame' on the laptop. We were about forty-five minutes in to the film when the power came back on, thank god! So the contents of my freezer should be absolutely fine.

I was very relieved to get through the experience with no difficulty - the last time this happened Rowan was in bed and I was hanging around with nothing to do and only the street lights to see by. Didn't even have those tonight!

So now I can relax with NCIS as usual - hey Hilary, the 'worst psychiatrist ever' is in Gibbs' interrogation room right at this moment! lol! - and I'm not going to miss tonight's Glee! \O/ Got a gig tomorrow night in Carmarthen, so I need to get clothes ready for that too - Rowan gets to sleep over at a friend's house since I'm not likely to get home till gone midnight :-/
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A New York accent? Seriously? *is floored in hysterics*

What American accent do you have?
Created by Xavier on

New York City. You are most definitely from New York City. Not New Jersey, not Connecticut. If you are from Jersey then you can probably get into New York City in 10 minutes or less.

Take this quiz now - it's easy!
We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?

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I was fully expecting to get woken up early this morning by a frantic nine year old demanding to know where his video games had gone.

Over the last couple of weeks, he's snuck one of our DS's into bed with him - including finding them from their hiding places in my room. I always catch him out, even if he does manage to get away with it till the next morning, and he always gets banned from playing on them for a week. Unfortunately, he is so impatient he kept sneaking them back into his room before his ban was due to be lifted, thereby extending it.

On Friday evening, I warned him that if he did it one more time I was going to box up all his DS, Wii and PS2 games, and lock him out of the computer (Love Windows 7!). So when I caught him out again last night, that's exactly what I did. The only games on the shelves at the moment are the ones I play.

However, instead of kicking up a fuss, he merely made the best of it and entertained himself with my Wii Fit and Band Hero. The only wobbly he threw was around half past two this afternoon, when he tried to log into the PC and found himself locked out.

Might not sound like he's being punished, based on his behaviour today, but trust me. The remaining games will lose their appeal very, very quickly - I expect he'll start to kick off tomorrow after he gets home from holiday camp. But in the meantime it's been quite surprising how accepting he's been of the situation.

Right now I'm just hoping he'll go to sleep - camp opens at 8.15 am for breakfast...
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... to officially say hi to a recent addition to my flist - [ profile] femsc! Some of you will already know Fran through my Facebook, but I wanted to introduce her properly.

In particular I think [ profile] catwalksalone would enjoy meeting you, Fran! She recently began an eagerly awaited foray into the world of Archery!

I first met Fran when I was about five years old, when my parents threw a party for Dad's new classmates when he began his Theology diploma. I was holed away in the sitting room while everyone partied in the dining room, 'cause I'd been hit by a car on the way to school that morning. Fran was one of the few who took the time to come and say hello to the pathetic little creature whose face was so swollen she could only manage to eat savoury rice, with some warm lemon curd for pudding.

Oh and before I forget again; thank you to those who left me cute little gifts on my profile in the last little while, [ profile] laylee and [ profile] alryssa in particular. I am so crap at remembering to say thanks! *smacks hand*
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So, we were expecting Myfi to have had some kittens around New Year, yet here we are in February and she's still a big furry lump.

I phoned the PDSA a fortnight ago, when I figured she must be a little past her due date, and they told me to wait and keep an eye on her since I had no way of knowing when the date of conception was. But then days passed and she hadn't even made any sign of wanting to nest. I was getting increasingly worried, as it's very dangerous to leave them go overdue.

Called the PDSA again Monday night and explained the situation again, and they finally agreed it would be a good idea for them to take a look at her. So an appointment was made for Wednesday night, and Rowan and I hauled her across town after I'd collected him from school. We were late arriving, despite giving ourselves an hour's travel time, as traffic was horrendous. This meant we had to see the nurse instead of the vet. At first she was a little bit condescending, all "Well, if she was pregnant she'd have either had them by now, or she and they would all be dead!" When I told her about how the locum vet had agreed with the diagnosis in mid-December, she admitted that it can be easy to mistake deposits in the colon for kittens! I pressed her for an explanation for Myfi's sharp weight gain and the way her abdomen is distended, but neither she nor the vet she asked to pop in for a moment could give me any answers. I was then asked to bring her back in on Friday morning.

This left me worrying somewhat for the next day or so, about what might be wrong that they weren't prepared to tell me that night. I was also rather frustrated as I had an assignment due Friday night, and I could have done with the library time, but what can you do?

Got up at the crack of dawn Friday morning to bundle her back into her box, and send Rowan off to Mam's so she could do the school run for me. We were still just a little bit late for our appointment, 'cause two buses didn't show, but we'd barely registered at reception when we were called in to the consulting room. The vet we saw this time was a woman who'd seen Myfanwy the first couple of times, for her initial health check and when she had a bit of a bad stomach. She's a little hard to understand, as her accent's a bit thick, but she's been helpful before. I recall she was rather unsure if Myfi was pregnant, back in November, but it was such early days anyway.

So, she has a look at her and her opinion was that she has merely filled out a fair bit. Apparently her weight has barely changed in the last couple of months (my Wii-Fit says she's gained two pounds, but obviously I'm more inclined to trust the vet's scales) and the vet couldn't feel anything in her abdomen other than fat! *eyeroll* Why couldn't they have told me this Wednesday night??

So there we are! Obviously I'm disappointed that the kittens I was eagerly awaiting will never materialise, and I'm very irritated at the wasted time Friday morning, but the important thing is that she's apparently okay otherwise. I was frightened that it was something serious, like a tumour or a tapeworm.

Last night was the first in weeks that she's not slept on my bed; I was letting her stay in with me as additional comfort, but if all she is is fat then I don't need to. I wasn't sleeping completely well with her on the bed with me. She did give a couple of little cries, finding the door too tightly closed for her to push it open, but they were only really token protests thankfully! She's quite a chilled out cat, on the whole.
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Rowan came out at hometime this evening sobbing his little heart out...

They're studying the Victorians in school at the moment, and tomorrow they're having a special Victorian Day. We've had to track down flat caps and waistcoats for them to wear - I'm glad one of the other mothers knew exactly where to get some cheap caps!

It seems the subject today was corporal punishment within schools, and the idea of canning freaked Rowan out so much he apparently hid under the table! And he was so worried he's going to get the cane tomorrow that he was almost completely inconsolable at the end of the day.

His headmaster tried to reassure him while we were in the office paying for next week's school dinners, explaining all about how it's been illegal since 1982 - exactly as I'd already tried to tell him - but he still wasn't entirely reassured. So I took him upstairs to his classroom to talk directly to his teacher.

His teacher this year is slightly older than he's had over the last few years, so she's much more no-nonsense and her reaction was "Oh for heaven's sake Rowan!" *grins*

I really tried hard not to find it funny - he is quite a sensitive soul - but seriously! We did talk about how his fear was perhaps a sign that he ought to behave better in class... ;-)

I'm currently yelling at him to get a shift on, as he has to get ready for Inspection at the St John Ambulance tonight. He's just - finally! - gotten out of the bath and now he has to get into his uniform. I swear, if he makes the same fuss when he's dressing up in his Victorian clothes tomorrow he won't live to see his tenth birthday....
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Okay, so I was sorta told off this week for not updating this thing properly recently. I guess this means I bore you for a bit about what's not been going on around here...

Cut to save the flists )


Dec. 3rd, 2010 07:52 pm
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Take a look at this little video, guys - would you agree with me that my houseguest has been a naughty girl? ;-)
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So tonight we braved the ice and took our house guest down to the PDSA hospital down the Bay for a check up. We had a bit of a mare with the buses, so we were late, but thankfully they weren't busy tonight.

Myfanwy is apparently in very decent health, with no indication of fleas or worms - though I already suspected that - but has been sent home with the appropriate treatments regardless. She weighs over four and half kilos, the little tub! *laughs*

She wasn't tagged by a previous owner, so we have to wait and see if the ad I put out gets any response.

I noticed her rear portions appear to have spread over the weekend, so I discussed with the vet the possibility that she's pregnant. She couldn't tell just from having a quick feel, though apparently her mammary glands are enlarged. This means that either she is, or she's had a litter in the past. The only way to be sure would be to get a private vet to give her a scan, so I basically have to play the waiting game - if she gets noticeably bigger, or produces kittens some time in January, then I will have my answer! *laughs*

Poor love was shivering in the carry box - less so on the way back, but it was still vibrating in my hand. She's since had a hearty meal - followed by a protest pwp over the edge of her tray :-/ So classy, Miss Myfanwy, really... She then had a cwtch with me for a little while, before snuggling down in her bed. I think she's already forgiven me... ;-)
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Looks like she's decided we're worth giving a trial run to!

I can haz kitteh? )


Nov. 19th, 2010 08:56 pm
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There's a young black cat - female, I think - hanging around the block this week. It's an absolute cuddle-bug, and just laps up attention.

First ran into it on Wednesday evening; I was taking some rubbish out to the bins as my neighbour was walking in, and she asked me if I wanted to adopt a cat. This cat had been looking to her for affection, and she thought it might be stray. So I spent a little time fussing the cat and it was very friendly - it would have let me skritch it all night, I think!

I was a bit anxious about the idea of bringing it into the flat, 'cause I don't have any adult cat food in, nor do I have any litter. But I decided to test how desperate the cat was for somewhere to sleep, by standing in the open security door making welcoming noises. It wouldn't come through the door, so I figured it must have a home but just be looking for attention and food. It looks quite healthy as well, with a lovely coat, so I don't think its suffering any.

Rowan and I got home tonight, and the same cat was heading up the embankment past us. I clicked a little greeting to it and it came running over for a fuss, following us back to the block, but heading in the opposite direction when we got to the garden fence. About ten minutes later I was taking some more bags up, and it was still hanging around. So I fussed it some more, and picked it up for a long cuddle. It was lovely :-)

It followed me back to the door, so I did the same as the other night and stood in the open doorway making welcoming overtures. This time it actually came into the hallway, but was very skitish and darted back out at the slightest noise or indication the door was closing.

I'm really not sure what to make of it. It's either desperate for attention, but distrustful, or it has a home and is just incredibly friendly.


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