Aug. 20th, 2012 09:11 pm
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Rowan's taking a liking to watching reruns of 'Man Vs Food' and I gotta admit I'm getting quite into it too. One reason is that it's giving me ideas for my future epic tour of the US - that I will do. One day.

See, my plan is to - predictably - visit all fifty states. I don't necessarily want to spend a whole lot of time in each state, as I'll likely be under time constraints. But I want to spend at least a couple of hours in a place of interest in each state - and watching Adam Richman geek out over various resteraunts in various cities certainly helps with ideas! :-)

Rowan really wants to go to the seafood resteraunt in Seattle where they serve a seafood medley directly on to the table! lol!

I'm still very much in the early planning stages, but I know I'm going to spend a great deal of the trip in Ohio! lol! Not only will I want to hug one of my bestest friends till she pops, I want to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Plus the Gleek in me wants to get a coffee in Lima (even if the Lima Bean doesn't exist), and get my photograph taken outside a Gap store in Westerville :-D

The trip's going to be a mix of visiting friends - even if only for a coffee, checking out one or two baseball parks (I also want to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown), and checking out a few 'must-visit' eating houses :-) Now if I could just get the money together to actually do this.... bloody real life responsibilities.... *mutter mutter mutter*
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