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I tend to think of a million things to waffle about on here, when I'm away from my computer... :-p Then, on the increasingly rare occasions I'm actually sat at a computer (I do a lot on my phone these days, and typing on that thing is tedious) I'm either too distracted by the various things I want to read, or I've gotten it into my head that what I wanted to say isn't interesting enough to post.

This is, I realise, my own blog and I'm as free as everyone else to write whatever the hell I like. And I would like to get back into the habit of writing up notable things that go on in my life - if only to convince myself that I do sorta have one. I just don't tend to... *hands*

Anyway, the most interesting thing that's been happening recently involves the choir. Or rather, choirs plural. I'm still rehearsing with the choir at work on Thursday lunchtimes as I have been since 2009, but a few months ago the company that runs it also started up a 'Superchoir' that meets on Wednesday evenings. This is made up of anyone from the existing corporate choirs who wants to meet up with others, and any friends or family also interested in taking part. It's doing okay, and is hella fun, though we are seriously lacking in male voices. As in, we have just three! But, in fairness they do manage to make one hell of a noise! Richard from my office is one of them, and the poor love has to sing Bass when he's normally a Tenor. My fellow altos Zoe and Janet, and second sopranos Rachel and Jo also go, and it's great to spend more time with them - we sing from seven till eight, then retire to the bar of the hotel we rehearse at for some drinks.

We had a joint gig on Thursday afternoon, as those of you who have me friended on FB and Twitter may have noticed. It was really nice to get together with both choirs for the first time, and I hope we get to do it again often! It was at the DeCourseys manor house, out in Pentyrch, which was kinda nice, but it was a nightmare leaving! The coach was supposed to come for us at 2:45, but at three o'clock there was no sign of it. The more leadership types amongst us were on their mobiles, phoning the office and the coach company to see what was happening, and we were told the driver thought we were to be collected at 3:45! :-p They assured us he was on his way, but we were kept waiting till about 4:15 - and then he got stuck in the country lane due to the number of cars parked illegally by the event attendees. I was going quietly nuts as I had no-one to pick Rowan up from school for me! We had made arrangements that if I wasn't there at hometime (there was the possibility I'd be maybe ten minutes or so late due to traffic) he was to go down to the library and wait for me. But in the end I didn't get to him till five o'clock! Thankfully he was perfectly happy messing around on the computers - he had about five minutes access left and was playing a maths game on his school's website :-) He also had the very smart idea, once he'd been there for about half an hour, to write on my FB wall to check where I was, which - since I was now certain where he was, and that he was safe enough - gave me the ability to communicate with him. Just that one time, I was kinda happy my sister made him an FB account...

If I'd made it to school at hometime, he would have sulked since he was looking forward to getting some computer time in! lol!

Of course, it wasn't all stress. After all, what does a choir do when they're stuck somewhere with nothing to do? Why, they sing of course! :-D I have close to a dozen recordings, but that was the one that had the least mistakes and picked up all the harmonies the clearest. I was stood amongst my fellow altos - not deliberately, it just worked out that way - with some of the guys just behind me, but the sopranos were a metre or so away so their parts aren't as clear.

Since I was the one holding my phone, my voice is clearest on most of the recordings, which was a bit frustrating. Sure, I like to record myself singing to check how I'm getting on with my attempts to follow an online vocal course, but it was surprising to me how flat I was going, despite being pretty well warmed up after the gig. It was worst down in the low notes, which got me wondering whether there truly was something to people saying I should have a go singing second soprano. Back when we started, my voice was suffering from lack of use, so my range was shockingly small and alto was where I felt the most comfortable. I still feel comfortable there, and a lot of the songs I sing for pleasure are written by/for male tenors who can get up into the alto range themselves, but now I'm working harder on my vocal lessons I have found myself better able to sing soprano parts. I'm not saying I'm any good - I still don't like singing in my head voice - but I've been going through the second soprano lines for the choir and they're surprisingly easy. I'm only really uncomfortable when there's only a single soprano line, so the first soprano range is taken into account. Makes me wonder if I should move sections, but I'm very close to my fellow altos... *sigh* I don't mind the idea of learning a new part for every single song in our repetoire - it would be something of a fun challenge - but there are times when the altos treat me like some kind of 'leader', and I kinda like that. Having said that, if I'm screwing up the harmonies without realising it? That doesn't bare thinking about.

We had the very great pleasure of attending the evening party of our director Andrea's wedding last Saturday, down the Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay. It was a fun night - Rowan didn't want to go home till about 10:30! We also got to hear Andrea sing properly for the first time in three years - she's usually joining in with us, but this time she sang two songs especially for her new husband and she was amazing, just like we knew she was. After that we did a kind of flash mob. Rowan got to join in on that one, which was fun. It was also hilarious when we arrived; the dress code was loose - fifties 'if you dare' - and Rowan wanted to wear a waistcoat, so I'd gotten him a matching waistcoat and trousers; He's outgrowing his trousers anyway, so I'd have had to buy him tidy ones in any case. However, Tony from the office choir interpreted the dress code a little looser than most, turning up in jeans and a polo shirt. He took one look at Rowan, all dapper in his waistcoat, shirt and tie, and remarked "Well, that's me shown up!" lol! Very proud Mammy moment that one, and since I'd managed to find a decent dress in the sales, I didn't feel like too much of a slob myself!

We also recently took part in a karaoke night in the Lucky Voice booths of Tiger Tiger, to raise money for Ty Hafen, and it was one of the most fun nights I've had in ages. Karaoke in three to five part harmony is something that needs to be experienced! Naturally a lot of our song selections were the choir repetoire - hence the harmonies - but we had fun messing around with other songs too. We took over several rooms, and I hung out with a combination of work/superchoir members until the numbers dwindled enough that we only needed one room. We're doing it again at the end of the month, and I can't wait! Any chance to sing, especially with people who won't tell me to shut up! lol!
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