Dec. 19th, 2011

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Hello peeps! Long time no update, huh? Been difficult to find time for anything other than micro-blogging for the last little while - my latest OU course is kicking my arse, and winter is always a hectic time anyway.

But! But but BUT!

This morning we took delivery of the first production run of our album!!! And while I can't help listening back to it and thinking "Yeah, we could have done that bit a little better...", I absolutely LOVE it! When you're right in the thick of the group you don't get to hear the whole effect.

It's not available for download yet - there's still some legal paperwork that needs to get completed, but Andrea's anticipating that being finished in January. Meantime, if anyone would like to have a listen, there's a couple of tracks available on our Soundcloud page. I'm helping to maintain it, along with one of the guys - not sure yet how the site works, but should be fun finding out!

The thing I love most about listening to the album is the memories it brings back of the two days we spent in a recording studio at Newport University; we were hot, exhausted, going hoarse and mainlining Ricola throat sweets, but having the best time ever! I also can't help trying to pick out my own voice, particularly in those moments when the Altos had a solo line. :-)

It's so cool guys! I'm on an honest-to-god album!


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